Jumpy Monkey

Tea type
Yerba maté Tea
Almonds, Carob, Chicory, Coffee Beans, Green Yerba Mate, Roasted Yerba Mate, Vanilla Flavour, White Chocolate
Artificial, Burnt, Coffee, Cocoa, Almond, White Chocolate, Vanilla, Wet Wood, Earth, Bitter, Dirt, Chocolate, Nuts, Nutty, Hay, Wood, Cream, Grass, Sweet, Espresso
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Loose Leaf
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200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec 6 g 12 oz / 348 ml

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This brew gives you a tasty boost with a unique combination of exotic ingredients. It combines four types of coffee beans with Argentinian maté, and laces them with carob, white chocolate and chicory. The result is sweet, rich and deliciously satisfying. Plus it’s a sweet treat you can enjoy guilt-free, since this blend has virtually no calories. No wonder they say maté makes you efficient.

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166 Tasting Notes

3249 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (198)

I actually searched “sipdown” when I tried to find this tea. Luckily I realized what I was doing and was able to find the tea.

Though I enjoyed this, I am not particularly sad to see it go. I wanted banana but instead I got a sweet and nutty coffee tea. Every now and then I catch some of the creamy white chocolate but mostly the mate and coffee come together to produce a pretty roasty cup of tea. Not bad, just not something I would want all that often.

And of course, coffee is not a flavor option either.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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580 tasting notes

2-3 TB for a gourd, 1 packet stevia (equals 2 tsp sugar)

New batch — ai! David, what happened?? This is all bitter and harsh, and even extra stevia ain’t helping. My darling Jumpy Monkey has jumped away? Oooohh, it pains me, but I gotta haul the rating wayyyy down here.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 30 sec

No good! Jumpy Monkey is so tasty!
Demand an exchange.


Oh, that was one of the ones I wanted to order. I hope they reblend it nicely by the time I order.

Michelle Butler Hallett

I think it’s the coffee beans. The first infusion is quite bitter and acidic. Second, third and fourth much, much better. But holy face, that first infusion is nasty. Never used to be.

Michelle Butler Hallett

I should mention that I reported this problem to David’sTea, and they quickly offered to send me a replacement. We’re talking a 250g bag here. Great customer service.

Michelle Butler Hallett

When I hauled the rating down on this batch, it was doen to 34.

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470 tasting notes

Today is one of those days where I have no idea what kind of tea I want to drink. I’m also a little grumpy—apparently there are 3 boxes full of tea waiting for me at the post office, but instead of trying to deliver them they just left a slip in my box. They don’t like walking up to my apartment (4th floor, no elevator) so they fake-deliver all the time. It’s quite annoying.

Anyway, I was digging through my sample box to see if anything struck my fancy and I remembered that I had this in my Around the World sampler. I adore David’s Coffee Pu’erh (so much that I have to ration it out or I’d drink a cup every day), so I thought this might be similar. I’ve never had mate before, but I’d never tasted pu’erh before the Coffee Pu’erh so hey, why not try it out today? It’s hot, muggy, and I need to try some tea before I go crazy trying to guess what boxes are being held hostage.

The ingredient list sounds a little odd—white chocolate? I actually hate white chocolate, but I couldn’t see any in my little tin. It also smelled kind of weird, bitter and not at all like coffee. Then it brewed so clear I would have guessed it was a white-based blend. Not great signs, but I drank it anyway of course. And wow, it’s delicious! A little bitter from the coffee, a bit woodsy from the mate, but rich like a latte with undertones of chocolate and almond. With milk and sugar it’s like a lower-calorie, lighter version of a fancy coffee drink.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

do you live next door to two nerdy type scientists?


Haha, sadly no, I actually don’t even know who my neighbors are.


Um grumpy muggy jumpy monkey! Have a nice weekend!


lol fake delivering that made me laugh for some reason!

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283 tasting notes

If you subconsciously associate the “Chunky Monkey” ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s with this tea, well… Try not to.

I had a visions of a sweet almond caramel nutty tea, maybe even banana. You see, I was so certain what it would taste like that my mind just glossed over the ingredients when I read them online before buying. Because I must have read them, I’ve been looking at this tea for a good few weeks now.

So I bring this home last night (along with forever nuts and a few others) and I just got around to making it. Stick my nose in the bag and I see something very similar to North African mint. I see some green grass looking things, brown tea leaves and so on. If you have both these teas, go look at them now. They both even have cloves. You will see what I mean. Now the smell. Mostly cloves. Let me tell you, I’ve been drinking strictly coffee until about a month ago. This stuff does NOT smell like coffee. I just get cloves and some grass.

So I brew it even though I’m already sceptical. I brewed using their instructions. Des it taste like coffee? Nope. I can’t tell a predominant flavour, it all kinda blends for me. I do taste the clove though. Not overpowering, more like a…. "What is that taste back there? "

I don’t hate it but it’s so very far from what I thought it would be that it will take a few cups to decide if or how much I like it.


“What is that taste back there?” Mate?


Clove! Lol


Sorry, I misread that. LOL I still don’t get much or any clove in this tea. I am still fascinated how everyone’s tastes are different


I guess if there’s a particular ingredient one is used to more than others, you will pick it up faster. the proper way to infuse the milk for bechemel sauce is by way of a studded onion. (take onion, stick bay leaves on it with the aid of cloves). Also can’t say I’m a fan of cloves so I’ll find it even if it’s faint. I can put cumin in my burgers and Jen won’t have a clue it’s in there. But I can taste it because I love cumin. End of unsolicited lesson. :)


It kind of tastes like a dude who has been outside all day…

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8269 tasting notes

mwahahaha sipdown! I can say that ‘cause i added it to my cupboard last night and now i’m drinking it grin I’ve had a few cups of this now and I don’t hate it. I don’t LOVE it..but it’s not a bad cup of mate/coffee type beverage. I’m sure my taste buds are still broken as well since my other half had a sip and was like dear god what IS that grossness lol. But that makes this just fine by me haha.

Thanks to Raritea for the sample! :)


Jumpy Monkey was my first mate. Love it!


Boxermama – it might be the only mate i’ve had that i’m ok with, though still not my fav kind of tea i’m learning :)


I’m like that with Guayusa. So far I only like Good Morning Sunshine.

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97 tasting notes

All I can really say about this tea is “eh”.
I wanted more chocolate and less gritty nutty taste. :( It didn’t really taste like much of anything but grainy almonds, which I don’t mind, but it’s not what I was expecting. Almost grassy. I don’t want to be drinking grass. I detected no chocolate or even coffee for that matter.


Boiling 6 min, 0 sec
Roswell Strange

The name of this one always makes me think there should be bananas. Banana, coffee, chocolate, and almonds sounds like a great idea to me…


I totally see what you mean! It would be 10x better with some bananas or some sort of fruit…it needs a natural sweetness of some sort to it.


Yah, I totally expected banana in this one because I kept thinking of chunky monkey from Ben and Jerry’s (ice cream, not tea). Anyway… It was a no go for me


Ha ha ha… I immediately thought of chunky monkey too! When you call something monkey it better got bananas in it… lol

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1779 tasting notes

And another sipdown! (I brewed these last two timolinos just for the sipdowns. :P Now I’ll have plenty of room for the tea I ordered from Della Terra and Bluebird)

This one is pretty good but as far as Yerbe mate teas go, I think I like Chocolate Rocket better! Maybe I’ll add a dash a milk…


oh, wow! You’re rocking through sipdowns. I need to catch up ;)


I was lucky. Those three were nearly done so I picked them. I ended up trading a bunch I wasn’t keen on too. Now… I can relax until my orders cone in!


never relax! that’s when the tea orders strike from behind!


:P Judging by your tea count, I’d better take your advice!


Cavo… seriously. small amounts of tea are my friend now. it’s like 1 whole ounce!?! but that’s so much!


Haha, I now consider to be anything more than 2 cups’ worth to be “a lot”. Best advice: if a tea you like is easily available, stick to 25g or less amounts (unless you literally drink it all the time). That way when you find something better, you’re not stuck with a ton! And swap! Swap swap swap to try new things! Don’t let your cupboard get like mine… Sil’s is nothing… (and I’ve only been really into tea for about 15 months).


I totally understand that! I went from buying tins full of tea, to 2 oz, and now that’s way too much. I think 30-50g is pretty good, depending on the tea.


I’m beginning to lean to smaller amounts at one time too. I tend to feel bad when I swap away the teas I don’t like but there’s usually someone out there who’ll like it (hopefully).

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552 tasting notes

I’m not quite sure what to think about this tea. On one hand, it looks like just a jumble of nuts and something that looks like grass. On the other hand, it smells wonderful and I can pick out the smell of the yerba mate.

I brewed it for five minutes. I can taste the earthy mate and it was nice. I think that there were some coffee beans in there and maybe some chocolate. It was a comforting drink

I have one more serving so am going to try it again with some milk
Maybe I’ll get a stronger flavor out of it next time.


This was certainly an odd one! not sure I like it myself


I think I figured out what was off that I was tasting. There are some coffee beans in there! I do know that a yerba mate blend didn’t effect me like straight yerba mate normally does.

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318 tasting notes

Prebagged impulse by at the David’s store.


Interesting. Strong smell of coffee and chocolate. Brew is a little bit weak but I’ve been finding that David’s are better with more tea, so that might have something to do with it.

I don’t dislike it, but it’s not a huge favorite.


I’ve also been finding that using more tea is beter with David’s teas. I used to notice it at the end of a sample, when there’s more than usual left, but not enough to leave behind, so I would just dump it all in.


Yeah, definitely. I was in the store, and the guy was pitching the Perfect Spoon, which is ~2.5 tsp, I think. And he said one of those was good for a cup… which is about twice as much as I use per cup.


i’m pretty sure the perfect spoon is 1.5 tsp. i use that for my mugs and q-teapots which are 12-14 oz. but maybe i’ll try using it for 8 oz and see how things change! hmmmm. interesting.


That’s what I thought the perfect spoon was, and that’s what Teavana’s perfect spoon is, but the guy in the store said 2.5. He might have been wrong though. No idea!

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1683 tasting notes

I had this plan to buy a bunch of Chocolate Rocket… since I really do need a mate at work but for some reason “Jumpy Monkey” came out of my mouth instead!! I wish I knew how that happened. Still, I’m glad it did… as I hadn’t tried this one yet. After my Matechino nightmare from Tea Emporium, this one scared me a little. The ingredients and smell are rather similar…
Thankfully, this tea is milder and smoother. It may even go well with milk!
Next week I can actually afford to keep some milk around in the office fridge since I’ll be around more- what a relief that will be! Maybe I’ll buy a frother to make lattes.
A Jumpy Latte??? Ah yes, I suspect this one will grow on me :)


Jumpy Monkey came out of my mouth last time I asked for Chocolate Rocket, too! I think Jumpy Monkey’s just the effect we’re looking for.


LOL seriously?? wow this tea has some powers. Hmmm. and I agree, it is just what I was looking for :)


I haven’t tried this one but I keep calling Chocolate Rocket “Chocolate Monkey” so I can see this happening to me also. LOL.


I think it’s because Chocolate Rocket tastes like bananas to me… which reminds me of monkeys!


LOL love it :P


I just got a small sample of this as part of my DAVIDs Christmas basket from a friend! I have yet to try it, maybe tomorrow while curled in my new bed reading…


oooh enjoy!! I could go for a cuppa right now but I left my stash at work. Oh well, monday morning will be here soon enough :)

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