Southern Belle

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Cream, Peach, Smoke, Vanilla, Yogurt
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She’s a peach.

If you order a cup of tea in the south, don’t expect a piping hot mug. Southern iced tea comes tall, sweet, and extra cold. And that’s just how this fruity black tea is best enjoyed. With big sweet pieces of peach, creamy yogurt drops, and sweet stevia leaf, it’s the perfect companion to a big bowl of peach cobbler on a warm September day. One sip and you’ll swear you’ve been transported to a porch swing in Georgia. Seersucker suit and panama hat not included.

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71 Tasting Notes

3160 tasting notes

Strraaange. This one tastes like smoky peach today. Not sure why; it’s in its DT bag and therefore shouldn’t have been contaminated. Ah well. I’m definitely not feeling DT’s peachy flavourings anymore, so am not liking this one as much as I originally did (but the smokiness is an interesting twist!)

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I just spent 40 freaking minutes stirring a dark roux for gumbo and managed to burn my finger in the process – note to self and others, roux gets VERY hot, do not try to taste test it with finger out of pan!

With that said, I needed a cup of tea (when do I not need a cup of tea?) right now, but not hot and I didn’t have any cold steeping action going on in the fridge.

I steeped 2t of Southern Belle with half the hot water I normally use, 4 lumps of rock sugar. Poured over a glass of ice.

MAGICAL! Creamy, peachy black tea…. though she’s not as pretty of a cup of tea with all the white speckles that were once yogurt drops.

Iced 5 min, 0 sec

Oh man I want some gumbo now… Only had it once it my life but it was soo good, nice and spicy.


I loooooove gumbo, unfortunately it does not love me. lol. What does Southern Belle taste like?

Oolong Owl

it’s a black tea with peaches, yogurt drops and stevia. It’s slightly sweet, peachy and very creamy. It’s an online exclusive unfortunately.

I love gumbo too! Pain in the butt to make but worth it!

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807 tasting notes

Wow another win with me and DT today! Thank you Cedes for this sample! I rather like this one a lot!
Its creamy, sweet, and note I do not normally like the Stevia in DT but this is fitting here!
I could drink more of this! There is even a wine like flavor to it.
Very nice.
Thanks again Cedes!


I’m glad you like it!


:) Thanks so much!


Lol no problems :)


I’ve got a big pitcher of this in my fridge! Also really tasty when mixed as the water base for matcha =)


Wow REALLY Lynne-tea?? That is so cool! What an idea!!

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1220 tasting notes

I tried making this cold, but it still is just so gross. It just tastes like a really bad, cheap alcohol drink. If the stevia and/or the yogurt drops just weren’t here this might not be so horrible. I don’t mind stevia most of the time but it just does not work in this tea.

I’m not even sure why I grabbed this tea since I’ve been making peach this and that all day and now it’s ruined the good taste of peach I had. I’ve made a syrup for soda and a peach rosemary jam so far, and next up is jalapeno and peach.

Onto the swap list this goes, and into the sink the rest of the glass goes.


jalapeno and peach OMG YUM!


It’s waaaay spicy but so good, I’m hoping as the jam sets, the sugars bring it down a notch. I probably shouldn’t have followed the recipe for a jam that gets cooked since all mine are freezer jams so I don’t have to go through that boiling waterbath stuff.

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6770 tasting notes

Amanda sent me some of this one and it smells really yummy!

Much like a Creamy Peach Smoothie or Shake!

Once infused this is a green-orange-brown type color interrupted by floaties and textures galore! I will chalk it up to the Yogurt chips! This has a black tea base but it could have easily fooled me! It’s extremely weak for a black tea base.

The peach and yogurt pair for a lovely creamy flavor that is for sure! The stevia leaf gives it a bit of sweet but not all that much of an over-all contribution. Nor does the flower ingredients – but that’s ok with me.

The peach flavor is right-on but there are other factors in this tea that doesn’t seem to shine thru much or at all. Having said that – the overall peach-goodness is nice!

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470 tasting notes

For some reason I got this confused with Prairie Berry and made it as one of my cold brews last night because I was craving berry tea. Why I thought this was a berry tea I’m not sure—did those two come out the same time? Either way I really like Prairie Berry yet I seem not to have logged it. Mysterious!

Anyway, I got a sample of this from TeaEqualsBliss—either from our swap or the TTB, which arrived together. I really need to start logging my samples when I get them so I can keep track of everything, sigh. I’m so unorganized! I used to have a spreadsheet for all my teas (well I guess I still do), but I stopped logging teas in it once I got to 300. Laziness and tea organization do not go well together.

Anyway, this tea! It’s peach. Very peach. I don’t mind peach teas but they are not my favorite, unless it’s peach from Lupicia which seems… I don’t know, riper than other peach flavorings? Peach can be so terribly generic tasting, it’s one of those really popular flavors and almost any bottled/canned iced tea will have a peach variation. So sometimes I just feel peached-out!

This isn’t bad, just not what I was in the mood for. It is nicely creamy but not as creamy as I had hoped—I think a hint of vanilla would do wonders here. I have enough for one more cup so I’ll have to try again when I am in more of a peach mood!


Haha, I think these two came out like, 10 months apart! SB was a TOTM in 2011? And Prairie Berry came out sometime in fall 2012-ish, I think.

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218 tasting notes

Having some of this today as its a sad, tired Friday-day. Added extra sugar as while I don’t think the tea needs it, my inability to stay awake does. Yummy and peachey and soothing to my Friday-itis.

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709 tasting notes

When I first read about this tea, it sounded like a Zing Me substitute. When I smelled it, I was convinced. The staffer at my local DT also agrees. This is Zing Me, minus ginger and with the addition of yogurt, which I love. It lends a creaminess that put me in mind of a peach Campino hard candy, if anyone remembers those. I really enjoy it, and think that it is an acceptable Zing Me substitute. Also, it seems to be really hard to over-steep as this one was in the cup for at least 7 minutes and didn’t get bitter at all. After one sip, I bought 50 grams to take home. Yup.


Oh yeeeah Campinos!! It really does taste like one.


This one is so GOOD! I wish they’d brought this one out as the August tea of the month. The weather is getting cold here fast and I am not ready to try this one hot. Though my friend loved it as a latte yesterday!


I’ve been told that it is to stick around, especially since it is basically a Zing Me replacement, if that helps. : )


It is so great hot. I have heard people having a problem with the yogurt going “Funny” in it but I have not had that issue yet. My cousin picked me up 100g today. Yay. Now to try it iced.


I just got a twitter back from DAVIDs saying it will be a permanent tea!!! hehehe


I have a couple of their teas with a yogurt in it and I haven’t had a problem with it yet. Well, it makes the top of the tea look a bit like a small oil slick, just like the chocolate pieces do, but that’s pure aesthetics. I love the yogurt bits in this and Lime Gelato!

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264 tasting notes

I needed a comfort tea so I decided creamy peach would be perfect.
Liquor: I think my palate has been tuned to natural teas a lot more lately so I can definitely taste a bit of an artificial flavour now, but I don’t mind it. It really is not blowing my socks off like it originally did… Perhaps it was due to my absentmindedness and failure to closely watch steep times. It’s nice though – peachy cream. I can taste a semi-decent black base that is slightly smokey/malty. Nice. Okay it’s growing on me again. To be honest – I like this more than Long Life Oolong. A lot more… Especially the aftertaste. The aftertaste alone makes me want to drink this tea more.


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253 tasting notes

In the dry mix you can definitely smell the peaches and yogurt, not sure how it will translate when steeped.

Hot: Not really what I was expecting… maybe I crave more peach and less yogurt? And the black tea base isn’t really strong enough, in my opinion. Maybe it will turn out better if I leave it in the fridge for a while…

Cold: Okay, I’m not sure what’s going on, but it appears the yogurt drops have reconstituted and there are now weird floaty bits all over. Not really putting me in the mood to drink it. Upon sipping (apprehensively, I might add) I do get a bit more peach, but still not enough black tea and the stevia is giving me a strange aftertaste. Gosh, why did I buy 50g of this??

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I definitely don’t think the yogurt would hold up well to icing, as it would only be ‘liquid’ when hot. With my yogurt and chocolate teas I like to drink them as ot as I can for the full flavour. If you happen to have any unflavoured black tea lying around, you could try adding a bit (maybe 1/2 tsp per cup) to “tea” it up some. Of course, you can always pick out the yogurt drops too. : ) Hope you can find some way to enjoy it!


Uniquity: I will have to try both your suggestions, picking out the yogurt & mixing in a plain black. Plus, I suppose I could always serve this tea when guests come over…


I find if I use a paper tea sac then there is no yogurt bit problem, that’s what I do when I’m icing it for sure, as I think this tea is best iced :)


Daisy: Maybe that’s what I’ll do… I normally use a mesh strainer.


I do this for my read my lips as well, more because I can’t get the red candy out of my trainer very easily haha n_n;

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