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  • “Sooo I’m in china, with a very limited amount of my own tea from home. I pretty much threw in some tea bags at the last minute and a few teas that are nearing sip down. It’s not going to be...” Read full tasting note
  • “Having a Nordic mug of this along with some brownies I made last night. Ugh, the brownies are so ridiculously sweet. While shopping at Costco, a friend of my mom’s plopped this huge box of...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m finishing the last of Florence as a celebration of the end of my summer semester and mixing it with the last bits of both Rani and Makalbari Assams. The result: Possibly the most perfect mix...” Read full tasting note
  • “One pot of tea closer to killing this one. Not that I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but it is quite old and has lost its spark to me. Now I it’s just the latest in a group of teas that I am excited...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

Since we can’t always be sipping hot cocoa while sitting in the Palazzo della Signoria, we can sip this decadent blend of chocolate and hazelnut and dream we are there.

About Harney & Sons View company

Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

320 Tasting Notes

382 tasting notes

I am not gonna lie, I was full to the brim with admiration for the tastiness and awesomeness of this tea. It smells DIVINE, it tastes amazing and it is lovely and awesome, although I’m gonna have to find some Toppo and eat it before I can confirm the resemblance. It is a sacrifice, but one I am willing to make.

Anyway, I was gonna wax poetic about every aspect of this tea and how its subtlety was a lovely change form other dessert teas I have tried and how I have to buy a whole thing of it right NAO. But…I got into a particularly bad pug and not even the amazingness of Florence can counter the frustration and general put-upon-ness I am feeling right now. AND the worst part is that I am blowing it way out of proportion because a stupid offhand remark from one of the worst offenders happened to evoke an…unpleasant memory.

I sulk now. But Florence is delicious!

(Note: you will never see me give out a 100 because I will always be all like “but what if some even MORE awesome tea comes up later? what will I give THAT?” Yeah, it’ll probably never happen, but WHAT IF IT DOES?)

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Lol. You never fail to crack me up. I stopped playing WoW because I’m west coast on a west coast realm and yet, every damn guild I was in was made up of mostly central or east coast time players who started raiding while I was still at work. So I was relegated to pugs or filling in when people had to drop out and ugh, what a disappointment. Finally I realized I was stressing over my supposed escapism and I just stopped showing up. The moral of the story is: you should NOT let these bozos spoil Florence for you!


Yah, my guild starts raiding pretty early too (6pm) but that’s the only time we could get the majority of our members to agree on. I tried really hard to rise above! But…ugh, it was just an unfortunate turn of phrase. At least I’ll be ready if it happens again.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add this to the note: If you did not understand paragraph 2 because you did not know what a pug is OR think I am talking about a small dog, congratulations! you probably have a life :D


LOL! I shouldn’t be congratulated: at the beginning of the paragraph I was like “is that a drug term?” Then I figured out that it’s not and felt extra unhip. Then I read __Morgana__’s note and it all clicked into place. ;)

As for your last paragraph: it put me in mind of the scene from This is Spinal Tap where there’s the discussion about amps going to 11. My personal theory is that if that particular tea rating paradox occurs, then Steepster will implode. foop!


Haha, that you mentioned the amp going to 11. My BF uses that example all the time for when you can’t get someone to see the logic of a situation. But isn’t is just a 10 crossed out with an 11 painted in? No, its 11. Lol.


oh and Rabs, pug = pick up group. Defined as an inherently unreliable and disorganized group of players in a MMORPG supposedly trying to make it through a dungeon, usually unsuccesfully and with a lot of annoying behavior and name calling ensuing.


It’s been several years since I played Dark Age of Camelot (yes, you WoWers feel free to roll your eyes), so I was rusty on some of the terms. I was part of a dying guild, so I’d only been a part of 2 pugs which were pretty meh. I preferred solo or duo quests and enjoyed being a blacksmith and taking armor/weapon requests.

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187 tasting notes

Helloooooo, Florence!

I’m of Italian descent, although I’ve never been to Italy. I don’t belong on Jersey Shore – I’m pale as a ghost, actually. I didn’t buy a sample of this one because it was labeled Florence. Random fact: Firenze is my favorite Italian word. Rather, I bought it for the flavor profile, which sounded delicious and sort of like a Nutella tea.

As soon as I ripped the tabs off the sampler, I could smell the goodness within. And sure enough, this one smells absolutely delicious. Like chocolate and hazelnut, with the tiniest bit of black tea smell underneath. It’s really strong and potent and wonderful. Everyone came in the kitchen after they caught a whiff of it to smell the dry leaves.

The leaves look like a fairly standard black. I steeped this up and watched as the tea darkened to a beautiful cocoa-brown. And it smells awesome. The chocolate and hazelnut combine together, and both aromas are really authentic and true to their real-life, non-tea-related counterparts. But it also smells strongly of black tea, which is always a huge plus for me! If I wanted an all-cocoa drink, I’d drink drinking chocolate.

The taste at first actually shocked me! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this. I’m actually pleasantly surprised! What first hits you is the real nuttiness of the hazelnut. And if anyone has tasted hazelnut before, it’s really that signature, kind of bitter, kind of sweet nut-like taste that manifests in the flavor profile of this tea. This gives was to a rich chocolate taste. The tea isn’t creamy, but it almost fools you into thinking it is, the way these two interweave. The black tea base isn’t assertive, but it’s definitely there, supporting the dueling, wonderful flavors.

This is probably the best chocolate-flavored tea I’ve had. I could see this one being really good with milk, but I’ll probably never do that. My mom keeps stealing sips, even though she’s allergic to caffeine. She says it’s her favorite tea that she’s tasted from my batch. But then again, she’s a chocolate addict, and loves Ferraro Rocher chocolates, so… this was a match made in heaven for her!

I’m not the hugest fan of chocolate + tea in general, I’m finding, but Harney has real success with the flavors that are at play here. It tastes true and real and nowhere near artificial, and it’s really lovely to sip. Especially on a cold and snow(?!) filled day like today!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec
Harney & Sons The Store

Our Florence blend is an amazing feat! It really does hit the spot, without being fake or outrageously sweet. I don’t drink many flavored teas, but what I like about ours is the aroma is authentic, but the flavor isn’t overpowering.

Did any of our other flavored teas interest you? I could help you pick out the next sample if you wanted!


Sounds delicious! Florence remains my favorite place in Italy, of the places I’ve been often or long enough to form an opinion. Good to know the tea may do the namesake justice! Definitely going to have to go on the shopping list.


AH! Makes me wanna go back! And have a spoonful of nutella to go w/:)


I love nutella! I love Italy! (my family is italian) I love tasting the tea in my flavored black teas! Perhaps this needs to go on my list…and perhaps I need to visit Florence again. hmm…. :)


@Harney, I’ve actually got Tokyo, Bangkok, and Paris here as well, hehe! I actually have waaay too much tea to buy more right now (I ordered 14 samples last time I ordered from Harney).

@sophistre, my sister brought home beautiful pictures of Italy, Florence specifically. I think she liked Siena the best though? I can’t remember now…

Cofftea and Laura, nutella is like, one of those amazing spreads that you can just eat out of the jar!


teaplz, that’s my favorite way! On graham crackers is nice too. I’ve found putting it on anything else just ruins the sinfulness LOL:)


You guys just inspired me to make a Nutella Swirl Pound Cake for my coworkers birthday tomorrow – totally changed my baking plans because I MUST have nutella ASAP!



Oooh! You could always steep this tea in some milk and then let cool for frosting:)

Harney & Sons The Store

A great recipe for Tea Buttercream frosting is such:

7 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter
3.5 Tablespoons milk
1-2 teaspoons tea
2 egg yolks
1/4 cup granulated sugar

Soften the butter. Pour the milk into a saucepan and boil. Add tea and turn off heat. Steam for about 10 minutes. Break egg yolks into a bowl, add sugar and whisk till about white. Add milk/tea mixture via strainer, and push the leaves to get all the flavor out. Mix thoroughly. Return total mixture to heat, simmering it till it becomes thick and creamy. Pour mixture into a separate bowl, allowing it to cool. Using an electric hand beater, begin to beat mixture, adding the butter in 3rds. By the time you add the last portion of butter, the frosting should begin to take form. Beat to texture desired, and voila! Amazing Tea buttercream frosting! I used this when I made macaroons at the Tea Shop over the holidays, it’s PHENOMENAL!


That looks amazing! Harney & Sons The Store – you are such a great addition to Steepster! Thank you!!!


Harney & Sons The Store, could you please post this in the cooking w/ tea thread? I don’t want this to get lost in the mass amount of future tasting notes :)


Awesome frosting recipe! I don’t know what I could put it on top of, but it really does sound yummy. And I’m pretty sure that Florence would taste good in it!

Jacqueline, yay! I’m happy I was able to inspire you, because Nutella is ALWAYS an awesome treat!


Teaplz – I have an idea for the frosting – simple but good chocolate cupcakes, Florence tea buttercream frosting, a single hazelnut on top as garnish.


Mmm, that tea sounds so good! I’m not the least bit Italian but I am terribly addicted to Nutella. XD


I love this one! I need a tin of this. I had this tea three days straight when I had the sampler. It was just soooooo delicious!


Great review. I love Florence tea and am about to post a review of how it tastes iced.

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429 tasting notes

I smell cocoa. I’m brewing this tea and it actually smells like cocoa. If I put my nose a little closer to the cup, I also get hazelnut. My first taste was of cocoa, hazelnuts and black tea. I’m drinking it w/o milk or sugar. Right now I’m thinking how happy I am for buying a whole tin of this instead of a sample. This tea just tastes wonderful. The reviews on this tea convinced me to try it. I’m very glad that I did.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

This is the one tea I’ve been craving time after time. It doesn’t help that I have a picture of Florence hanging in my room. I’m tempted to just throw in a Harney order to pick up a tin of this.

Teaplz look what you did! You introduced me to so many companies =P Which one’s next?


I’m still trying to figure out who to blame my tea cravings on.

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4847 tasting notes

Delicious. I am going to increase the rating on this one a little…

I love the hazelnut flavor in this tea. It really adds something to the chocolate. Nice.


MmHm Indeed! I’m not even a fan of hazelnuts, but mixed with chocolate & tea it’s a winning combo ..

This was my favourite out of a bunch of H&S sample sachets, and I hope like mad my order of more arrives tomorrow as I really need another fix :D


I prefer my chocolate blend, but since I’m not actively blending anymore, I must admit that this one is pretty good.


I miss my stash of Florence! It’s YUMMY!

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648 tasting notes

I still have sooooo much of this. I never loved it.

I enjoy it now more than before, but 4oz was way too much. And I have to drink it.

Not sure if I just don’t LOVE H&S’s chocolate flavour, or maybe that the hazelnut in this one isn’t striking me the way it should, I definitely don’t get “Nutella” when I drink this tea.

I think the hazelnut just has a bit of an odd taste to it or something. I will keep drinking it though, I have no choice!

Anyone want some Florence?

ETA Oh yeah – forgot to add that I’m officially starting a sipdown mission of my older teas. I was doing it unofficially but now it’s crackdown time on account of the massive load of new tea I’ve got coming to me in July.

ETAX2 this was my 300th tasting note. D’oh. :/


Good for you! I’m turning some of my older flavoured greens into ice tea and I’m icing some of my Oolong’s or I’ll never get through them ( though I might experiment with reroasting some of them).


Yaaay for 300!


congrats on 300. very impressive. Good luck on official sipdown mission;)


Great mission! And happy 300th :-)


Yay 300! :)

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172 tasting notes

It’s hurricane madness over here on the east coast! We’re in the beginning stages of the storm and people are freaking out. There have been emergency broadcasts on virtually every channel, stores everywhere are closed and sold out of virtually every commodity, I have off school today and tomorrow and everyone’s locking themselves in their houses and preparing for the worst.

In the midst of all this insanity, I thought a cup of tea was in order. I haven’t had much luck with this one so far, but with the low price of it in mind I suppose it’s not so bad. I’ve just found that with this one and Boston the flavors just seem very artificial. But today it’s behaving a little better. I added sugar this time and it’s pretty decent. It’s reminding me of a cup of hot chocolate with a little bit of nut and tea flavor mixed in.

Hesper June

Stay Safe, Friend!
All of you folks on the east coast are in our thoughts and prayers.


Definitely time for a cup of tea! Be careful out there!

Charles Thomas Draper

I evacuated from Margate, NJ yesterday to higher ground. The pics I’m seeing are frightening and the storm center is still 5 hours away.


How close to the coast are you specifically. Hope all is well for you, keep us updated.


I’m in southeastern PA, so we’ll definitely have it a little easier than New Jersey. But thanks everyone, I’m sure everything will be fine. Where did you evacuate to, Charles?


Wishing safety to all of you affected by this nasty storm…


stay safe

Charles Thomas Draper

I’m offshore in Egg Harbor Twp at a hotel with my dogs


All the best to you! Keep us posted on the What tea to drink during the hurricane thread discussion!

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525 tasting notes

So when I last reviewed this, I didn’t really like it all too much. Honestly, I still don’t see where the hazelnut is at. It’s only mildly chocolatey too. Non-flavored teas seem to taste more like chocolate than this one. In the end, it’s just a black tea that tastes a bit dessert-y.
Today, however, I finally finished off the last of my tin. I had bought it for my husband (then boyfriend) on our first Christmas. Back then, everyone I knew received tea as a gift at some point for some reason. Had I known my fella then the way I know him now, I’d have known that tea would be a waste of a gift. This guy feels neutral about tea at best. So our tin of Florence is actually almost as old as our relationship. Ah memories.

Anyway, he asked for some hot tea to help with his studies and it seemed like a good time to put this tea to rest before it started tasting too old (it’s already almost 6). I liked it okay, but it just doesn’t taste like chocolate and hazelnut. It never did. Husband made a sad face when I told him that was the last of his 1st Christmas gift from me. I said I could get more if he wanted, but he replied that we have more than enough tea as it is. haha.

Good bye Florence. Thanks for the memories. :)


Great tasting note! Thanks for sharing your story. :D

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221 tasting notes

The aroma of the leaves is faint, if you bury your nose right in the tin you can make out a hint of chocolate. The resulting infusion has a promising hazelnut on the nose, but falls flat on the first sip. A smooth, medium-bodied black tea with a ghost of chocolate flavour, which I could just be imagining due to my desperation to taste something, anything!

This is the second Harney & Sons tea that I’ve tried that hasn’t had much flavour to it, contrary to the other tasting notes, so I’m starting to wonder if this is a freshness issue. The leaf is packed loose in the tin (other companies I buy tins from will seal the tea in a bag inside the tin) and there is a best before date for August 2010. A “packed on” date would be much more helpful to me really, is this tea a year old or 5 years old? Just how airtight are the tins? Why isn’t there a decent stockist here? Why am I poking around on Steepster instead of sewing my dress?
So many questions, I’m not sure there are answers…

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad experience with Florence. I think it’s one of the richer teas out there. I recently tried a tea that has a great reputation and many accolades and I suspected that something had happened to the tea. Somebody perhaps kept it in a plastic bag on a hot windowsill or found it in an attic. I heard someplace—cannot remember where—that the numbers on the Harney’s tins, which appear to be dates, are actually some sort of production number.

But maybe that’s an urban legend.


Oh, so sad that you didn’t enjoy this tea – it’s one of my favorites! But maybe you are onto something with the expiration date. Are you ordering directly from Harney & Son’s website or another provider (e.g., Amazon)?


Whoa… I almost took a double take on this rating. Too sad! :,(

Miss Sweet

There is a printed sticker on the bottom of the tin which actually says “best before”, but again its frustrating not knowing how long they think their tea is good for!
I buy from a local department store that carries a range of the Harney teas, I suspect it probably has something to do with the tea not being sealed properly inside the tin, shortening its shelf life. They have a NZ based distributor, but if I buy direct from them it will be the same tea that the department store gets.
I’m so bummed, this tea sounds like its meant to be really delicious and I just wasted $20! :(


You could always try sending Emeric a PM.


Totally off topic (my apologies, you must hear this all the time) but I saw LOTR I, II, III and fell in love with NZ. One of my kids went there to visit and came back with amazing landscape photos from the ground & air! The other one only made it to Australia but didn’t to NZ :( Simply lovely!


I have a friend (one of my ex’s actually) who’s grandfather and aunt live there- they were there for Christmas.


I would love to visit – but it’s an 18 hour flight! Can you imagine being on a plane for 18 hours?


I am sad that it seems to be falling flat for you and i like how you point out the packing vagueness – it is hard for you to gauge the freshness of it – any idea on how bad the cost would be to ship you a sample size? those are plastic mylar sealed bags…

Miss Sweet

Haha yeah I hear the LOTR thing a lot. You get used to 18hr+ flights living here and wanting to travel anywhere, being so isolated from the entire world has a lot of downsides!

@AmazonV I’m not sure the main Harney site ships here, will have to get in touch. Interestingly enough the refill bags for the tins are much cheaper than from the NZ distributor, shipping costs would probably make it similar costwise but I’d be guarunteed freshness. Oh the things I have to do for decent tea!


Sorry the tea was bit stale. We do want our friends at the end of the world to have great teas. Please send me your email and I will get some to you.
Best Regards,
[email protected]


Miss Sweet, Some of the H&S teas do come bagged and in the tin. I have ordered from them several times and on one of my later orders (Lung Ching) it was bagged inside the tin.

Miss Sweet

@Mike_Harney Wow thanks so much, have flicked you an email!

@SoccorMom Oh good to know- I’ve never bought the loose leaf before, maybe they’ve changed how they package the tins :)

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161 tasting notes

Oh Florence, you smell divine. I’m glad that you didn’t seem to mind me constantly smelling you. I tried steeping you like other black teas, but you didn’t seem to take kindly to that sort of treatment. You hid your flavors from me and barely held yourself together. You should know that I rarely “do subtle”. I thought our relationship might be short lived, but I had a “Plan B”. For my next cup, I added another teaspoon of you to the same leaves from my first attempt. This seemed to suit you. You had a perfect ratio of chocolaty goodness, and your hazelnut taste was bitter and nutty…but tasteful. If I close my eyes and try not to think too hard, the black tea fades away and you are nothing but creamy chocolate in my mouth. It’s cool though. I’m in to a little trickery every once and a while. I thought my constant drinking of strong Yunnan blacks was going to ruin my taste for you, but you still prevailed. You just needed a little bulking up. I really wanted to try you with a little milk and sugar, but you seem too shy for that. I have just enough to make a few more cups. Since I have to double up your leaf every time I want a cup, I fear we do not have long together. I promise, however, to make the most of it.


I miss this from my stash…


LOL loved the post I too had a cuppa Florence this morning thanks to AmazonV for sending me a big sample.
Tea=Bliss, I think I might have to go ahead and place an order of this one I don’t want to miss this one!

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158 tasting notes

This is the first time I’ve had Florence since I purchased my Breville. And WOW. I didn’t realize how good this tea was. I was having one of those nights, and Florence made me feel a little bit better. (Thanks Erin!) It made me realize I need to restock asap. Then before I tried to sleep I just managed to catch Frank’s post on Facebook that he’d added some more Banana Bread and my drug of choice, Cinnamon Roll. !!!!!!!!!
Boy was I excited. So excited that I placed an order for several, then panicked and realized that I needed even MORE……and placed a second order right in a row.
My name’s Ashley, and I’m an addict.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

THANK YOU Ashley for this note, as I got to go order my first bag of cinnamon roll and pancake breakfast! I’m a 52 teas virgin, and there’s only a few bags left, and I owe you my life now. haha!

Ashley Bain

Yay!! 52 Teas virgin? Message me with me your address and I’ll send you a sample package :), as I’ve been on a 52 Teas buying binge lately.
I was excited to snatch some Pancake Breakfast for the first time, too! Woot!!

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