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  • “Sooo I’m in china, with a very limited amount of my own tea from home. I pretty much threw in some tea bags at the last minute and a few teas that are nearing sip down. It’s not going...” Read full tasting note
  • “Having a Nordic mug of this along with some brownies I made last night. Ugh, the brownies are so ridiculously sweet. While shopping at Costco, a friend of my mom’s plopped this huge box of...” Read full tasting note
  • “I’m finishing the last of Florence as a celebration of the end of my summer semester and mixing it with the last bits of both Rani and Makalbari Assams. The result: Possibly the most perfect...” Read full tasting note
  • “One pot of tea closer to killing this one. Not that I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but it is quite old and has lost its spark to me. Now I it’s just the latest in a group of teas that...” Read full tasting note

From Harney & Sons

Since we can’t always be sipping hot cocoa while sitting in the Palazzo della Signoria, we can sip this decadent blend of chocolate and hazelnut and dream we are there.

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Since 1983 Harney & Sons has been the source for fine teas. We travel the globe to find the best teas and accept only the exceptional. We put our years of experience to work to bring you the best Single-Estate teas, and blends beyond compare.

318 Tasting Notes

8220 tasting notes

Sooo I’m in china, with a very limited amount of my own tea from home. I pretty much threw in some tea bags at the last minute and a few teas that are nearing sip down. It’s not going to be enough to get me through my entire time here, but im hoping that by the time the second week rolls around ill have purchased some new teas to take home with me :)

I woke up at 4:30 am here and haven’t managed to get back to sleep so I am just saying to hell with it and I’m going to get this day started. First some tea while I lounge about in this giant hotel room and te its a quick swim before breakfast #1. Apparently they also serve tea here every day in the executive lounge in the afternoon so ill be checking that out today for sure!

So far I’ve had only “Chinese tea” on the plane (they would give me nothing more specific than that) which turned out to be a mouthful of jasmine green something or other ickyness. That being said, I’m totally bringing home some “jasmin tee” in bag form for someone to try lol go go hotel room tea!

Edit: oh yeah…sip down! Haha


I wonder why the default Chinese tea seems to be jasmine, much like the default Japanese tea seems to be genmaicha.


I’m sure there’s a reason…if I uncover it ill let you know haha


The idea of “breakfast #1” seems to indicate there is a “breakfast #2” in the future. I like this vacation already. :)


Are you traveling for fun or for work? Sounds like an interesting trip already!


Oh there is Nicole…if I keep getting up this early it’ll be get up, go swim, whirlpool, sauna, breakfast 1, shower, plan the day, breakfast 2, go out…lunch, afternoon tea, swim, whirlpool, sauna….dinner, relax, evening snack…bed lol. At least on the weekend.

Work days will be sucker but hopefully still involve tea and swimming at least once haha

Ellyn – work for 2 weeks. Even though its Sunday we’re working this afternoon and because of the time difference I suspect ill be working a bit in the evenings during the week too. Lots of busy work but its still an experience that I won’t forget


Is your bed round?? LOL take some pics!!


You know how to travel. :)


I would suspect that the added flavors in jasmine and toasted rice hide the inferiority of the actual tea they are serving. But that just might be me being a pessimist. Plus it’s traditional but not “boring” like plain tea would be to non tea drinkers.


Also, have fun in China!


Haha IB…I have and will, ill upload when I get home since there’s no Facebook.
@ mercury could be but even at the tea bar downstairs they had “oolong, jAsmin and green” lol


So descriptive. haha I find that most Chinese people feel about tea the way westerners feel about wine. Some people are hardcore while others know there’s more to it, but don’t care to get into the details. For example, tell me it’s a sweet white wine, and I’m good. I don’t care how long it spent in a barrel or exactly which vineyard the grapes came from. For many people in China, tell them it’s a green tea and that’s all they want to know. But maybe the guy working the tea bar has more details for you. :)

Terri HarpLady

Are you gonna try to visit little tea shops, like the ones David talks about?

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1569 tasting notes

Having a Nordic mug of this along with some brownies I made last night. Ugh, the brownies are so ridiculously sweet. While shopping at Costco, a friend of my mom’s plopped this huge box of Ghirardelli brownie mix into my mom’s cart and told her that she must try them (even though our family has never really been crazy over brownies), so I took a couple bags home with me. Long story short, yeah, totally ridiculously sweet. I’m freezing the rest.

At least Florence isn’t too too sweet (but still wishing this had more hazelnut!). I can’t imagine drinking, say, David’s Red Velvet Cake with one of these brownies. Instant diabetic coma.


Florence sounds good with brownies!


It is! Despite the crazy sweetness of the brownies, they still really enhanced the flavour of the tea. :)


We love Ghirardelli brownie mix! (Of course, this time of year, I could take Hershey’s syrup intravenously.)


I just simply adore this tea. :) Glad the brownies helped, even if the sweetness was off the charts!


I’d give my fellow Steepsterites the rest of the pan if I could. :)

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1015 tasting notes

I’m finishing the last of Florence as a celebration of the end of my summer semester and mixing it with the last bits of both Rani and Makalbari Assams.
The result: Possibly the most perfect mix of caffeine and chocolate tea ever created.
Seriously delicious. Florence will forever have a place in my heart.

5 min, 0 sec

Interesting idea, I have Florence and many assams so I’m going to have to try this one.

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2185 tasting notes

One pot of tea closer to killing this one. Not that I don’t enjoy it, because I do, but it is quite old and has lost its spark to me. Now I it’s just the latest in a group of teas that I am excited to sipdown and clean out my cupboard. In one week I leave for Europe and in two weeks I will be buying a stupid amount of tea in Paris. Quite happy with where my cupboard is right now, but a few more sipdowns before I go would be great. Go go go!


That is so exciting!

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1779 tasting notes

I made two cups of SoHo today and dumped both. The first was really flat and awful, so I thought I’d make it again with better results. Well – it was marginally better.

But THIS cup has renewed my faith in H&S teas. I made it super strong and poured into 250ml of milk and frothed it up. YES. I love it.


Oh no! I think we are the opposite in our love of Harney teas because SoHo is my favorite and I just can’t seem to get this one to work for me.


Well when I first bought then I loved all of them. It’s only since I moved to ON that they seemed flat. I was worried that maybe the move did something, but you seemed happy with the ones I passed on, and now this one tastes fine, so Idk what’s going on.

Maybe Florence needs a little milk?


Cavo…maybe it’s the water here heh


Nooooooo! I’m going back to BC. :P


Do you have a brita? I find it’s making a huge difference, even though the water here is super soft. There’s just so much chlorine. I miss the aquifer water we had when I was growing up!


Yeah we had a Brita jug, but now we have the filter that goes directly on the tap. I need to make sure I’m always filling my kettle with that water instead of the tap water. (I get impatient? But once I finally get a nice variable temp water I’ve proimsed to not put tap water in it. :P)


Cavo, I ended up bringing your box with me. It traveled back to Markham haha. Anyways, I will probably drink one of the Harney teas at some point this weekend and if I taste a difference I will let you know because then it might actually be the water.


Hahah. You’ve got your own traveling tea box I guess! I’ll keep an eye on your notes to see if it’s the water or not. And I’ll do a better job of using filtered water for my tea. :P

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2816 tasting notes

I never thought I would see the day that I finished this off…

EPIC sipdown, I bought 8 oz. of this tea and it’s probably been 4 years. I doubt I will get more of this anytime soon. Just glad it’s out of my cupboard, finally!!!!


Wow, congratulations! And here I was so proud of finishing 4 oz. which felt like it took forever.


I don’t think I will ever buy another large quantity of tea like that again!


I have a 4 oz of a different Harney tea…wonder how long it will take!


That may depend on how many other teas you have now ;)


I have maybe three teas in that quantity. Two of them I kind of want to last forever, and the third is Thai iced tea blend, which goes fast, as it calls for 3tbsp per cup for really strong flash brewing.

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6770 tasting notes

Ahhhhh! Thanks to Hesper June I am able to add a bit of this to my stash! It’s been toooo long since my last cup of this stuff! I remember really liking it. The Chocolate and Hazelnut aroma is just what I need today! See previous notes…

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2215 tasting notes

This was the final tea at our tea time today. When I first bought it, I had to have milk and sugar with it and thought I could never ever possibly enjoy this plain. Well, guess what? I drink it plain now! Funny, but I also find myself preferring unflavored teas more and more, which is also where I started, I just like so many more of them now.


It’s fun when you realize that your tastes have grown with your tea drinking. I’m amazed of what I will drink now vs what I would barely drink when I was smaller.

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2978 tasting notes

Problem: It’s cold and I’m having a chocolate craving, but I don’t want to put fat/sugar/calories into my body

Solution: Florence!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Had a similar dilemma last night, but the tea didn’t work … ended up snarfing up a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake anyway. (Yeah, it’s rushing the season, but they’re best right after Halloween :)


Haha! Christmas Tree Cakes – I haven’t had one of those in forever. I’m not sure that I want to tarnish my memory of them by actually tasting one as an adult, though. :)


OMG, I agree VegTea! but as soon as gmathis mentioned them, I suddenly got a sonsory memory. I can remember every texture of the hard icing, sprinkles, cake and cream… and I can almost conjure up the flavor. But I do think I’ll keep that experience in memory and not try to relive it!

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283 tasting notes

Good-bye, Florence! We shall meet again as soon as I return to Canada and I can place a new Harney order.

I have been denying myself cups of this because I had so little left. But today I needed a good mug. Nothing too finicky and nothing too fancy that would make me break out the more delicate (read:tiny) cups. I wanted to curl up with a comforting mug not a posh saucer and teacup and not those bubble cups. You know how certain teas you drink out of certain vessels? I would never make a big mug of a red robe or other oolong. Big mug for me means dessert tea. So with a sigh I picked up the near empty tin of what continues to be my favourite chocolate tea and settled in for the afternoon. Book, American horror story season 1 (Dylan McDermott, yo!), Skype with my mom…

I am leaving next week so I can’t order any tea. I’m also starting to worry about my Black Friday order. I thought it had plenty of time to get here but alas I am down to four business days left and no package. Not to mention that I’m drooling over those teas (eight candles!) and am so disappointed each day I get home to find them not here. Sigh.

PS. Anyone else still waiting on BF orders? It seems everyone got theirs but me.


where are you off to now?


Sounds to me like the PERFECT DAY, yay for you :-)
Awwww, love, love that show…and Dylan, OMG! This guy is over 50, can you believe! So darn fine…


I’m going to Romania. It’s been 12 years since my last visit there, my mom is so excited she started making food in July, I swear.


@theteafairy I know, right? You should be watching “hostages” if you like mcdillet


Oh, what do you think, I AM!!! I’ll even admit that after the first few episodes, the only reason I continued watching was because of him, but later on, it turned out to be pretty good. Most likely to be cancelled though…


My bf orders have arrived, and I suspect yours should very very soon! but, well, you know how crazy I am about the mail, so you know I know how you feel.


that sounds amazing nxtdoor…and yeah hostages will likely be cancelled but for now…yes pls! :)


Oh no, why are you guys saying that about hostages? Have you heard rumours? I heard nothing. Poor guy… All his 1 season shows. “Big shots” he was in, died after a season. Then he didn’t go back in American horror story for second season (except for voice credits) and now hostages!


Poor ratings apparently…you know how networks are these days…But you never know, fingers crossed!
have you watched AHS 2? Don’t want to give you any spoilers if you didn’t, but he did go back, didn’t he??


Have a great time!


AHS2 is freaking me right out! I’m only on e3, I had to stop watching last night, I couldn’t handle it. Will watch for sure but need small doses. Unlike AHS1 where I watched over and over.


Ahahaha! Yes, I was able to watch the whole thing this summer. And yes, it’s a lot darker and spookier… hold on and keep watching cause he does come back…eventually :-) I say no more!!!!


Holy crap, I hope you’re enjoying Europe!

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