Fireside S'mores Tea

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Black Oolong Blend
Black Tea, Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Peels, Marigold Petals, Marshmallow, Oolong Tea
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195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 45 sec

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From Teaopia

Love S`Mores? We love them so much that we made it into a tea! A delectable combination of Black Tea, Oolong Tea, Pai Mu Tan White Tea, Mini Marshmallows, Cocoa Peel, Chocolate Drops, Hazelnut Brittle, Pomegranate Flower Blossoms and Marigold Flower Petals. Indulge in this delicious tea. Make it into a steamed tea latte for an over the top, guilt free treat!

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38 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

This is a backlog from yesterday afternoon, when I made my first-ever visit to Teaopia! Picked this one up for 50% off, plus a couple other teas (not on sale).

I’ll need to write a proper review later, but in spite of this tea smelling pretty delicious (reminded me a bit of Creamy Nut Oolong, perhaps some of the same flavourings?) and being chock full of ultra-mini marshmallows, I hardly got any flavour from it. And I used a LOT of tea! And then used another 1.5 tsp because I couldn’t taste much. Very disappointing. I hope it was a taste bud issue. Either way, I have TONS to experiment with now….

(Ok, I just tried some of yesterday’s tea that was still in my Timolino, and it was better than I remember. So I have hope for next time, although I did use a LOT of tea for that infusion. And, the mini marshmallows left my infuser rather grungy, which was irritating to clean.)

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I’ll give you some when we get together!!


Hmm that is odd. I have only tried it Once and though the flavour was light, it was certainly there!


I hope subsequent tastings are an improvement!

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1680 tasting notes

Nice!! I like it! It really hit my chocolate craving. With some milk and sugar, the piping hot cup tastes kindof earthy though. Almost like a caramel rooibos but that could also be the hazelnut, maybe? As it cools down, the nutty chocolate comes out more, and once the heat is gone it very much reminds me of chocolate milk. There are sips where I also tasted some malty marshmallow as well.
I like it, but more than the chocolate orange tea? Hmmm, maybe not. I’ll have to see what happens next time I try it.
Now that the eeeeevil Teavana has officially taken over, I need to try all the Teaopia blends again and see what I should stock up on before they disappear forever! :/


This looks so interesting. How can I pass up a smores tea?!


hehe I know right?! so satisfying :)

Dylan Oxford

That just really makes me want to start a company called Teagri-la, or Tealysium.


If you have a bunch of this and are willing to bring along a sample, it totally sounds interesting! :D


Dylan, ha! well Teaopia did sue because their logos were so similar… I guess their names aren’t that far of either :P
Kristaleyn, this was just a to go cup sadly! :(


Yum! This makes me want to try it.. and reminds me of another tea I really want to try that also has marshmallows (toasted marshmallow tea by adagio).


Indiglobloom – totally fine! You never know :D


Lynne-tea- Mmmm that sounds yummy!!
Kristaleyn- tis true! always a good idea to ask in this community lol

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2216 tasting notes

Finally finished up this sample from Heather.

I really wish this tea were still available. I like it. A lot. I even picked the mini marshmallows out of the leaves to float in my mug. That’s dedication.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Way to be on the dedication haha. I haven’t tried this one. Would you say it’s better than Della Terra’s?


I can’t have Della Terra’s because of the cookies. :)


Oh yeah! Derrrrr, sorry. I read this one’s taste doesn’t live up to its awesome smell.


I’d definitely like it better if it were more black tea and maybe a little smoky stuff mixed in. But otherwise I like the flavours. :) I was thinking if mixing my own, but idk what to do about the graham crackers. Rooibos I guess? And where do I find eensy weensy marshmallows? :)

Fjellrev is EVIL. There is so much to choose from, and all of their stuff is very fresh.


Oh. My. God.


I can’t figure out shipping to Canada. They do it, but do I need to fill out a cart to find out how much? (OMG, 1lb of mini marshmallows!!!)


I don’t remember how much it is to ship out one thing. I’m worried it would be like $15+. I’ve made a couple orders so far but usually make it worthwhile and order like $120+ worth of stuff. Shipping would then come to around $26 but if you break it down, it evens out since you’re getting a lot of stuff and everything’s reasonably priced.


Too bad their prices for freeze dried things are so high. Or else I could buy ALL the Christmas presents.


The shipping costs deterred me from Nuts, so I went with Unfortunately, free shipping in Canada only clicks in at $100 (however my order got here in two days).


Thanks, MissB! :) The $27.95 shipping made me close the site.


Hmm. They’re more random organic and natural fancy pants stuff. And unfortunately for them, a lot of the prices I saw in my quick scroll through are higher than Whole Paycheque Foods.


Ha! I’ve yet to go to whole paycheck. I’m sure when the one opens up at Brentwood, I’ll make the trek. If the prices are that high though, well… boooo.


I go downtown a lot, and usually go to the tiny one on Robson near Denman. Today I got lemons the size of ORANGES. So fun. :D Oh, and the one on Cambie has loose leaf teas. Or had as of a couple months ago. A really decent silver needle for SUPER cheap.


I think Megan, in PF has some left. I think that she got a lot when she worked there during the transition. You might ask her.


Hmm. I could, or I could have loads of fun making my own blend. :D I think I can order the marshmallows through Amazon, and then I get a HUGE amount of them. Whee, mini dried marshmallows!

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1220 tasting notes

Thanks, Kittenna!

Well, I don’t taste anything. I’m waiting and waiting for a flavor but it’s doing nothing for me. I only steeped it for 3 minutes, though that’s what the instructions say…3-4…wah.
It’s like maybe someone sprinkled graham cracker in watered down tea, but that’s about it.

Judging from some other notes, it seems this is common. Blah. I would try it again with more leaf and more time, but I want to move on to another type of tea.

Here is a picture of unnamed baby bird:
We’re listening to James Bond themes now.


awww… what a cute bird!! :D


I find this one is too astringent for me. Must be the mix of different tea types.


Adorable bird!

Hesper June

Such a cutie!


I love your buuurd


So cute!

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514 tasting notes

Travelling tea box!
How fun! I wish I could join the next one but funds just aren’t on my side lately, however, after taking part in one I can truly say that it is an AMAZING experience – not to be missed! ee!

I think I should have used more leaf for more flavour, however the small amount of flavour I did get was yummy! The marshmallows were perfect, and I love the balance of chocolate and graham. Sadly it was a bit watery (should have read the reviews first) – but I now know why this is a Teaopia tea to be missed!

I only have just over a teaspoon left, so I’ll mix it with Della Terra Smores tea because they will mix poifectly! :D


I love this one. I got a big bag of it when they marked it dow 75%…how could I resist, right? Sadly, it is already dwindling, and I’ll be sad when it is gone for sure.

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807 tasting notes

Thank you to Indigobloom for this wonderful sample! I have not had a lot of Teaopia teas but this one is really quite good!
It has a nice marshmallow creaminess with an almost toffee like flavor that is soothing and sweet.
I also could totally get the graham cracker flavor in it which I happen to LOVE!
Thank you so much IB for this sample!

Daniel Scott

Yeah, love this one! I wasn’t super impressed with it at first, as I’ve had better “chocolate” teas, but it grew on me so much as a comfort tea.

Are you near a Teaopia? If you’re still by a store with stock, they have tins of this one on 75% off.


No I am in Topeka, Kansas – we have NO – NONENADDA tea houses here or shops not even in our ONE mall lol
And yes there are far better chocolate teas but I found it to not be just a chocolate tea and the other flavors did carry the chocolate through :)


This one certainly does grow on you! What?! No tea shops! That would be hard to choose teas to your liking!


75%?! agh I got mine at 50% lol


yeah it grew on me to. I kept thinking about it and all of a sudden I couldn’t take the chance that it would one day be gone for good without buying some up!

Daniel Scott

IB- To both of your above comments: ME TOO. So annoying, hah.


Darn it! There’s a store in Cambridge…. I feel like I should drive over there someday soon to see what all they have left… not like I need more tea/need to spend more money…


tigress_al thats right NO tea places – there is one tea place 20 mins each way from my home, any others are an hour and a half away.
Sad isn’t it. The only way to try new teas is to do swaps or just place online orders.

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1163 tasting notes

I really like the look of this tea, the cute little marshmallows and everything looks so neat together, the black, oolong, and white.
This tastes really good. I mostly get the graham cracker like others have mentioned. After that, I get lighter notes of the marshmallow and chocolate.
At first I was really disappointed with the chocolate, I was hoping it would be more chocolatey. But by the end of the cup, I was really enjoying it!
Glad I got this tea.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

It’s not easy resisting the dry marshmallows! :P

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540 tasting notes

This one is yummy delicious, I got some in a swap and I hate to admit that I forgot who it was that sent it to me, THANK YOU MUCHLY YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!


I do believe it was from me. You are welcome. I have yet to dry it and yet have dwindled my.Supply to about half the tin.

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604 tasting notes

This tea smells brilliant! It’s mostly graham cracker that I smell, but I detect the tea base that kind of morphs into this delicate chocolate note. Sipping… there is definitely more flavor in the aftertaste than in the actual sip itself. The finish is graham cracker… spot on! I’m not tasting much chocolate or marshmallow, but I’m very impressed that a slightly sweet graham cracker can be tasted in a tea! Yes! The rest of the sip is uneventful, but smooth. Really I’m just drinking it for that crumbly, honeyed aftertaste.

Big thanks to Indigobloom for sharing some of this tea with me. I’m thrilled that I got to try it! It’s the perfect, comforting tea that I need this evening.

3 min, 0 sec

glad you like it! the graham cracker taste comes and goes I find.


Thanks again! I am really bummed that Teaopia is no more.. and that this tea is gone!

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543 tasting notes

This is the tea that makes me miss Teaopia more than I care to admit.

I still have probably… like 500g of this one… I think… I’ve even given some away and still have that much. Over the years I think my taste buds are starting to tire of this one. It’s too bad though ‘cause this one is amazing. I had it again today and it’s good, but it’s lost some of its magic to me. I need to get a good latte recipe. I think that would help me use it up and still enjoy it.

How do you prepare a latte at home?


I say, ‘Husband, kindly latte me, please’ and then it just magically appears, like poof.

Christina / BooksandTea

I like that system!

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