2006 Yang Qing Hao QiXiang "Gu Shu Cha Wang" Raw

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Tea type
Pu-erh Tea
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Black Currant, Camphor, Fruity, Leather, Smooth, Sweet, Thick, Wood, Bitter, Hay, Tobacco
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Typical Preparation
Use 3 oz / 80 ml of water
Set water temperature to Boiling
Use 5 g of tea
Steep for 0 min, 15 sec
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4 Tasting Notes View all

“my favorite YQH, I own many cakes, and keep buying more. Its my daily drinker. Since this tea is a blend, sometimes you get a session that’s a flop, but more often than not I get really good...” Read full tasting note
“This sample is from last year’s Pubertea group buy – apparently there was also some in this year’s, so I will have a bit more of it to drink later! This tea looks pretty nice. Dark and obviously...” Read full tasting note
“Leaf before: not too tight, not too loose. Roughly in the middle as far as compression goes. The rinse brings forth the old basement aroma that comes off the leaf telling me that it may need...” Read full tasting note
“This tea is in my opinion quite good. It ought to be for what it cost. It started out with what I would describe as notes of hay and tobacco. This lasted maybe two steeps and another taste emerged....” Read full tasting note


2006 Yang Qing Hao QiXiang “Gushu Cha Wang” (Hsiang Cha Wang) Raw 500g
Premium Six Mountain Gushu spring blend sheng.
“Cha Wang”(茶王) translates literally as “King Of Tea”.
The blue seal on the wrapper indicating “Chi Shian”, means “a wondrous fragrance”.

This Gu Shu cake was reported as being made of a blending of premium sun-dried leaves from old plantations on the six famous mountains, and contains 100% gushu with at least 30% of leaves from YiWu mountain trees.

About Yang Qing Hao

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