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drank Pom Springs by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

YAY! I guess I’m the first person to actually review this one! So, here it goes: I had this one iced today and can’t wait to try it warm as well. I love pomegranate so when I saw that this one was coming out I was looking forward to trying it out. The dry blend smells quite fruity and the pomegranate is very detectable. The liquid is very bright red which helps it to stay true to the pomegranates’ natural colour. The fruity component helps to add sweetness followed by a sour note towards the end of the sip. I would recommend this one and plan to pick up 50g of it myself.


So does it really taste like pomegranate? Or is it a mixture of fruit flavors?


I found that it really did taste like pomegranate but there are some milder fruity notes as well.


Okay cool, thanks!

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I tried this tea the other day due to the strong recommendation it received by a staff member. The smell of the dry tea was very sweet and fruity and that is what I had expected the tea itself to taste like. This tea failed to deliver the flavour and left me disappointed. The flavour was VERY mild and barely detectable- it actually tasted like the tea had been watered down. I wouldn’t recommend this tea as it simply fails to deliver.

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drank Cherry Snowcone by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

I FINALLY had the chance to try this one the other day! I had been eying it since it came out but only got to try it a couple of days ago. The dry blend smells very fruity but did not necessarily scream “cherry” to me… more of a general fruity smell. When steeped, I did find that the cherry smell did become more apparent. The tea itself was very sour and fruity. Again, it did not have a strong cherry taste but it was good nonetheless. I would recommend giving this one a try.

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drank Watermelon Mint by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

I had this tea iced while on vacation a few weeks ago. Overall, I would say that this one was just O.K. but nothing great. I am not usually a fan of watermelon and I can’t say that this tea was able to change that. The mint was nice and refreshing and the watermelon was quite hydrating (a much needed drink on such a hot day). I don’t think that I will be trying this one again as I am not a fan of watermelon but if you are a fan of watermelon, it may be something you would enjoy.

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drank Cotton Candy by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

I had this tea a couple of weeks ago while on vacation and am just having a chance to review it now. I really enjoyed the tea and plan to pick up a tin on my next visit. The smell is very light, sweet and reminiscent of cotton candy. Even though I am not a big fan of the real thing, I really enjoyed this tea. I found that this tea is less sweet and a bit milder than the real thing but in a more enjoyable and palatable way.

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drank Just Peachy by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

I had this iced a couple of days ago when I stopped by David’s. I definitely think that they are right in declaring this to be their peachiest tea yet! I really enjoyed the tea but did find there to be a bit of an aftertaste and that the peach flavour was so overwhelming that it tasted artificial (kinda like fuzzy peach candy). The aftertaste was definitely not as bad as it was for their Peaches & Cream blend though. I would like to try this warm as well to compare. Overall I did enjoy it and found it to be very refreshing. Definitely will have this a few times this summer.

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drank Shooting Starfruit by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

I recently tried a cup of this while in the airport. Although it does have a bit of an aftertaste, the fruity notes are still quite pleasant. I took the advice of the girl at the counter who instructed me not to let this one steep for too long (she said that it took on a really strange taste if left too long) so I steeped it for her recommended time of 3 minutes. This tea was pretty good and I’m glad I tried it but it did not make me feel the need to rush out and buy more of this. I would recommend that you give it a try for yourself.

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I tried this tea quite recently with soy milk and a bit of agave. I found it to be very similar to Cream of Earl Grey without the added vanilla notes. The taste of this tea is also much lighter than Cream of Earl Grey. I definitely recommend this one and look forward to trying this one again!

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drank Chocolate Macaroon by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

LOVE this tea!!! I went to the mall a few weeks ago and got a to-go cup to sip on while doing my shopping. After LOVING this tea so much, I stopped by DT again before leaving to pick up another to-go cup for the drive home and a 50g bag to bring home (where I made yet ANOTHER cup of the tea). This tea is super creamy and chocolatey. I would definitely recommend a longer steeping time for this as at first it was slightly bitter. I’ve now had this tea several times and that has been the case for each sipdown. I will be picking up a full tin once I run out and strongly recommend you do the same. This one became an instant favourite!

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drank Rhubarb Chai by DAVIDsTEA
147 tasting notes

I tried this about a month ago but I am just getting around to logging it now! The colour of this tea is a very vibrant pink. Immediately, the slight spice is apparent. This tea was good, however not great- and not memorable. I would recommend you give it a try but it was really nothing overly special.

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I am a tea fanatic and have also recently made the transition from vegetarian to vegan! I always have tea in my hand and in my overflowing cupboard!

I prefer black, green and white teas. I have recently discovered mate and oolongs. So far I’ve enjoyed them however, I have not tried very many. I am not often a fan of rooibos as I tend to find them overly woody but have found there to be some exceptions. As for herbals, I am only recently beginning to drink these on a regular basis (mostly iced) as the weather gets warmer, but these I am willing to try. I have not yet developped the taste for pu’erh.

I tend to only rate and review the teas I drink once (maybe twice if my opinion REALLY changes; especially if I were to have them prepared a different way). I currently only use Steepster for logging my reviews of David’s Tea although I do drink teas from many different companies. Every time I visit the store, I try something new in a cup to-go as I enjoy going through the tea menu and marking off teas as I try them. My goal is to try them all!

My rating system is as follows:
90-100: Wecome to my permanent collection! (worthy of a 100g tin!)

75-90: Definetly would drink again but maybe not all the time. I would buy a small amount (50g or less) to have once in a while.

50-75: I will finish the cup but not my favourite.

25-50: I will try to finish the cup but may not be able to.

0-25: Not my cup of tea…down the sink we go!

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