529 Tasting Notes

drank Strawberry Kiwi by CitizenTea
529 tasting notes

Very nice strawberry flavour to this, but it does have a slight hint of floral and a bit of tartness from the hibiscus. If it weren’t for the hibiscus I think I would have been a bit more in love with this one. Oh well… It’s not for me, but so be it…

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drank Wild Cherry by CitizenTea
529 tasting notes

Wow does this ever taste like the Teaopia blend! I use to drink this one hot, but today I thought I’d do it cold.

It’s pretty good. I probably could have let it steep a bit longer than the 5 minutes I did, but that’s okay. This one has a nice fruitiness to it, but it also has some floral from the rosehips. Because of that floral, I’m not sure if I’d get this one again. But it was nice to try this blend.

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drank Spa Day by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

This tea is so yummy but I think my body doesn’t care for it. I found out several years ago that I’m allergic to grass and I have never gotten a good answer from anyone as to whether or not lemongrass is considered a grass same as like the grass outside that causes allergies.
Anyways, today I made this iced and my son seemed to enjoy it, but I found as I was drinking it I was starting to get a wicked headache. I switched and started drinking my blueberry latte instead and the headache pain is fading/almost gone. So, I don’t know if that means that I’m allergic or if it’s just one of those weird coincidences… Now I don’t know if I should keep it and try again or get rid of it…


I hate that. To experiment and risk a headache… or forgo a tea that you “may” have been able to drink. A friend gave me grapefruit oil to flavour my water with, and I’m experiencing that exact same debate. Delicious… but did it cause my headache?? :/

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I only had two perfect spoons of this one so I made a small latte with it as I didn’t want to drink it as just a regular tea.

It turned out pretty good actually. I’m actually kind of glad that I didn’t make it any stronger. It was a nice blueberry flavour without being overpowering and the base didn’t get too strong or overpowering either. I do appreciate how this one has real blueberries in it too as some of the other blueberry teas that I have tried have not had real berries in it and just flavouring.

So, either way, I quite enjoyed this tea. It was better than I remember it being before. Maybe as a latte helped?

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drank Mango Madness by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

Made an iced tea today with this one but I have to say, I don’t love this tea. I was getting some crazy floral taste to it, which doesn’t make too much sense to me, but yeah… So anyways, I didn’t enjoy this one that much. Maybe the amount I had was getting old? It probably was… Maybe a fresh sample would be better to try to really know how I feel about it, but this time I was kind of over it.

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drank Strawberry Matcha by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

I bought this one during the summer while I was pregnant. Because of the caffeine and not wanting to overdo it, I didn’t try this one and bought 100g blind, hoping I would love it. Thankfully I was right! This tea is so delicious. I made it up with some milk because I haven’t been able to master drinking matcha straight up yet. I’m hoping I will be able to someday, but as of right now, it’s not happening.
Anyways, so I probably made this a bit stronger than needed. I grabbed the wrong spoon. I used my Teaopia teaspoon instead of my matcha spoon… so probably an extra half a scoop than needed, but oh well. This would make a great latte. I would probably love that. And I’d probably even enjoy this one as either an iced latte or iced tea with a splash of milk. Either way.
So I should actually mention something about the flavour of this one. haha It’s got a really nice strawberry flavour. It’s really spot-on, which makes me very happy. It doesn’t taste like artificial strawberries. I don’t get a lot of the green tea flavour, but that’s okay. It’s there, but not very strong. My only “complaint” about this one is that it is VERY sweet. Like, very sweet. I would have preferred if they had cut back on the cane sugar a bit.

But even still, I will enjoy this one quite a bit. I’m glad I got 100g and I will probably get more if it comes back.

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Another one that I am tossing the last scoop or two of. I got this one because back almost a year ago I had someone say that I should keep orange pekoe in my cupboard for guests. Well, I got some and then it sat there and sat there. I started to drink what I had but honestly, I struggled to get through this one. I just love my Nepal Black and Honey Black so much more from Davidstea that to me this one is just boring… I don’t get a lot of flavours from it… Sorry orange pekoe. I wish I liked you more, but I just don’t…

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drank Sweet Apple Cider by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

Didn’t enjoy my last two cups of this one… Not sure what it was about it. It just tasted off or fake to me so I ended up tossing the last few scoops I had of it. Disappointed but what can you do? I know I used to love it, especially as an iced tea.

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drank ME to WE by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

My first cup for this in 9 months! Having it iced and it is absolutely amazing! I am in love. I read somewhere to stay away from hibiscus while pregnant so this one was one that sat around and waited… well, it was worth the wait! haha
Our second baby boy joined our family Monday evening after only 2 hours of labour. He is absolutely perfect and beautiful.

But I must say, I’m very glad to no longer be pregnant and that I get to enjoy things again… This tea being one of them! My glass of iced tea didn’t last. It’s so yummy. Delicious!

Evol Ving Ness



Cograts on the new addition to the family!


Thanks everyone!

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drank Candy Cane Crush by DAVIDsTEA
529 tasting notes

This tea is definitely sweet from all the chocolate and candy, but it’s pretty good. I’m not sure if I like this one more than Santa’s secret or not… I like how Santa’s Secret I could sweeten to my liking, whereas this one is very sweet already…

I know this would make a good latte though. I will probably try that tomorrow. I feel like I’m kind of back and forth on this one and how I feel… haha yeah I don’t know. The peppermint is nice but it does seem to need a bit more black tea base or something to it. I do feel like it is missing something? I’m really not sure.


I heard some people add English Breakfast to it and its better for them


That’s a good idea! I think I’ll do that.

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Updated Dec. 14/16
I’m a 30-something-year-old aspiring writer. I’ve written several short stories that I’m looking to get published someday soon.

I work as a paginator (I do page layout for our local weekly newspaper) and absolutely love it! I’m also an amateur photographer.
I’m the proud mommy of two sweet little boys! One born Feb. 3/15. He showed up 4.5 weeks early, but thankfully after a week in the hospital he’s great now. :)
The second one came just Monday evening at only 2 weeks early so he’s healthy and perfect!
Life just got so much more busy and crazy but I’m so excited.
I’m married to an absolute amazing man who “puts up” with my tea obsession.

It wasn’t until a few years after high school that I finally became interested in tea. I started with Orange Pekoe double double (milk not cream), and peppermint. Since that time, I’ve really opened up to other kinds of tea and I’ve well… I’ve kind of just went nuts since then.

I don’t drink much bagged tea anymore. It’s mostly loose leaf in my cupboard. The only except are a couple that were given to me and they sound too good!

I would have to say my favourite kinds are (in no particular order): black, herbal, white and rooibos (definitely prefer the green to red, but will drink the red too).

Green teas, pu’erh, and matcha are starting to grow on me but I’m very picky about them still. I am finding I like pu’erh tea cakes much better than loose. And with matcha I much prefer flavoured ones over straight.

I still don’t really care for mate teas but there a couple that are the exception to that.

I drink tea every single day. I absolutely love it. I can’t image my life without it.

I don’t log every time I drink a tea as I don’t want to spam everyone with tons of duplicate loggings, but I will log when I have a new tea, which happens on a regular basis and when I do a SIPDOWN! :D


Ontario, Canada

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