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I made this today to go to my weekly knitting hour. I’m an old lady disguised as a 30 year old mother of 2…..

Anyway….put it in my Timolino to take…those things don’t mess around….it’s 3 hours later and it’s still too hot to sip….

Anyway…mmmmmm…..love this tea. love love. Banana and Walnuts…it’s like Banana Bread…

Got my VERY LARGE Butiki order today..unpacked it in my bedroom on the floor with my 4 year old….who insisted on smelling all of them….first one she smelled was the generous sample of Root Beer Float Stacy sent….and after that she said they all smelled like Root Beer. haha!!

Anyway, THANK YOU STACY for the timely and wonderful order! All in perfect condition!! I open each bag and they all smell exactly like their label…like pumpkin milkshake smells EXACTLY like pumpkin…not pumpkin spice but PUMPKIN! I think that will be tomorrows sip. (If I can get away from my Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes….I swear school starts and I dont have a spare minute where I’m not in the car!)
Anyway…. Your so generous and I’m so excited to try all my new teas!!!!


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Ok, about to brew some of this…I want a nice relaxing cup…and it’s jasmine…so we need fancy tea ware….

Opening the bag I would have to say I haven’t smelled a jasmine tea quite like this…I mean it’s jasmine and floral but it has this something about it….that makes my mouth water…like I need beautiful jasmine tea. And this smells beautiful.

It’s lovely. In fact compared to some other jasmine teas I’ve had…it’s on the light side with the floral. Very delicate and delicious. I’ll drink this on my day when I want just a touch of floral in my day.

I do say that the lingering taste in my mouth is barely floral at all…but very pleasant…it’s like you can just still smell the jasmine but not really taste it anymore….that’s the after taste.

It’s quite nice.

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yeah it’s not bad…there’s something about David’s black tea base lately that I’m not loving….I guess I’ve become accustom to some good black teas.

The caramel flavor is nice. It isn’t sweet….and there isn’t any salt so I don’t know how this is a salted caramel…

But I think the tea base is of lesser quality. It isn’t bitter (like the pumpkin chai I had last night), but it’s still drying and….I don’t even know the word….astringent maybe??

It’s not bad…I’ll drink it again…but it isn’t one I HAVE to keep on stock

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brewed this up right before taking the kids over to my MIL house….baby John’s first photo shoot…

I had visions of watching him coo at the cameras while I sipped on tea…much like my 4 years old did when she was a baby….

Not the case.

It went cold before I could sip…..

Well, from the cold sip….I could tell enough that it would be worth trying to steep it another time because it can’t be wretched….

tea fail.

Terri HarpLady

Oh yeah, if you like a roasty tea, this one is delicious!

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Wooo! Now THIS is a BLACK TEA!

Roasted, malty, chocolate….yum. A great breakfast tea for sure!

Now off to get a waking baby from his crib.

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This was my tea of the morning…and into the afternoon a little. Sipping it while dropping the kiddo off to school…sipping while working…sipping while baking…I got a lot done today (thanks oolong) :)

I think I liked it best hot….the dark roasted caramel and brown sugar almost?? It’s a good one… I have started to notice that I enjoy a dark or roasted oolong more than the green ones…I made it through at least 2 steepings and it held up great….
I will have to admit tho that I didn’t get to properly sit and really enjoy it enough to give it a fair rating…so I will just say that I will be drinking this again )

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Ok I love oolongs…and I’m desperately trying to love milk oolongs…they sound so delicious in the descriptions…but I feel my pallet may still need training in the art of oolong….oolong is like wine tastings to me. So many notes and flavors unfolding…I’ll get it…

On to this….

It’s easy to like this one…by far the best milk oolong I’ve had. I have been drinking the David’s oolong a while and it just never seemed to make majic tho it is good. This one tho….we have a connection…a deep and emphatic passion.

It’s the sweetest and most buttery tasting one yet, I get the milk, the cream. the sugar, the savory, the oolongs natural vegetal…i mean it really unfolds…caramel…just good.

I made the mistake of leaving it alone too long and it cooled to room temp…Ok I was chasing a 4 year old and probably trying to feed a baby….anyway…

Should I dare say it got BETTER? It was SO sweet and creamy!! IT was like sweetened condensed milk…SO GOOD!

Loving this purchase…we will be in a relationship for the long haul…I can see it.


May I say thank you for taking the time to write down your thoughts on this tea? Thank you! I am sitting in the tea shop right now and I am sipping this very same tea. I am so happy we have the supplier we do for this tea. It has been a favorite of ours and our customers for a few years now and it makes me happy to see that you are enjoying it, too.

Wishing you nothing but joy,

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umm…..not the tea for me. most of the time I don’t mind rooibos but am not sure I’m loving this combination….
Didn’t even finish the cup…


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I am currently stealing sips from my hubby’s brew of the evening.. I made a pumpkin chai and he made this…but then he went to the bathroom…and you know men and the bathroom….

Well that tea is going to be just plain cold by the time he gets out….it would be a shame… so I am taking it upon myself to drink it for him…it only seems right…

So this is really pretty good. I get the creaminess but it’s actually more of a caramel creamy to me…I think it’s the mulberry leaves….I def recognize the flavor..and the tea has that signature kinda grey green color about it. It isn’t what I would call very nutty tho. But it is really good. I think this is what I was expecting mulberry magic to taste like. Mulberry magic tho you could def taste the macadamia nut. It was nutty…here not so much. It’s also a little close to Gold Rush…but less tropical. I mostly honestly taste mulberry leaves and that caramel creaminess that comes from them….

Pistacios?? I dunno…but it is a nice herbal sip…Will be a good (cheaper ) substitute for Gold Rush when I want something caffeine free perhaps??

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This was ok. I think the spices are a little weak…I guess I just really like spice. And I didn’t get too much pumpkin in it….but surprisingly I didn’t really detect the rooibos…I was kinda dreading it after I tried African Autumn the other night….eeeek.

It’s not bad..it is a little sweet. It’s kind of a toned down version of Hot Cinnamon Spice. Has that same kinda aweetness…some spice….I prefer the Hot Cinnamon tho. Don’t think I will be reordering.

My search for a pumpkin tea continues….

I have Stacy’s Pumpkin Milkshake sitting in my shopping cart…I can’t wait to try that one!

Terri HarpLady

ughghg…I was looking at Stacy’s new blends 10 minutes ago…doing everything I could to keep from starting a shopping cart with this one in it…the page is still open…

Terri HarpLady

I’m referring to the pumpkin milkshake…I guess that’s obvious!

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

hahaha!! I knew what you meant. I have, I swear, like 15 teas just sitting in my Butiki cart waiting for me to pull the trigger…

Terri HarpLady

I’m trying to go on a tea buying Haitus, but it’s so hard. Little Terri is in my head saying, “just one more order…please?”

Terri HarpLady

The problem is, one order will lead to 3 or 4…

Ali Bee's Bake Shop

Hahahaha! that’s what happens to me EVERY MONTH! I end up with like 5 tea orders. Now whenever the mail or the UPS comes my 4 year old says….is it MORE TEA????

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I’m a cookie and dessert blogger from Texas….but I’ve been transplanted to Joplin MO…so here I am. I love tea…always have…but since my husband and I cut out our nightly glass of wine the tea obsession has begun. Now I can’t get enough tea! I’m so glad I found this community. I learn a lot and it’s really fun.


Joplin, MO



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