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Sipdown (119)!

Thank you Liquid Proust for the sample!

I’ve heard great things about Dayuling Oolong; and I’m very happy to finally get the chance to try one! The high, high altitude at which this tea is grown (greater than 2500 meters) and limited quantity that can be produced because of the geographical location are a giant part of what makes this tea so special. At $20 an ounce, this isn’t the priciest tea in my cupboard but it’s certainly up there – I can’t help but cross my fingers and hope it’s worthy of the price tag. Thankfully I’m not the one who paid for it.

I have to say, the leaf is very beautiful; dry the rolled up leaf gives off a very large, ‘thick’ appearance and has a weight in my hands. After the first infusion I could see why; the leaves are so giant – some of the biggest I’ve ever had the pleasure to brew up. Almost every single one is a completely full leaf, and I even picked out a stem that had not one, not two, not three, but FOUR completely intact leaves branching off it. Just stunning!

I certainly wasn’t going to squander this sample by Steeping it Western Style; so I enjoyed a lovely evening Gong Fu session. Sometimes I feel I can get a little stuck in my head when I’m drinking tea or doing Gong Fu in particular and I focus too much on the technical side of things while trying to pick apart flavour – and I didn’t want to do that with this tea so I just kept doing infusions without really taking physical notes; and I just kind of let the tea ‘speak to me’ while I drank it. It’s so delicate and fragile with very lovely, complex nuances! Teas grown at higher altitude tend to be more complex because, due to the altitude, they grow at a slower pace – and that comes through here for sure.

It’s quite a floral tea, that’s for sure – while the infusions I did blend together I remember the first couple had really lovely, pronounced floral notes of orchid, lily, and a bit of violet as well. Incredibly well balanced though; not ‘perfumey’, forced or over the top in the slightest. Other things I noticed were this very cool, crisp freshness. I kind of instinctively want to call that flavor ‘the smell before it rains’ but I don’t know if there’s a technical word for that. I know petrichor is defined as the smell of rainfall on dry soil/earth (and that’s my all time favourite smell) but this wasn’t quite that: it’s the smell of rain before any has actually fallen. No earthiness.

This was such a pleasant, relaxing tea though! I’m not sure how many infusions I got in total but it certainly lasted quite a while and made my evening magical. Probably well worth the price tag just to say I’d tried a Dayuling, but all in all a very delicious, serene taste experience too. I definitely felt a little tea drunk/buzzed afterwards.

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In raw form the Oolong consist of average size pieces with a beautiful dark and light green colour contrast to them. Also some brown is present and the stems on some appear long.

They have a subtle but sweet and floral scent with a milk after scent.

Steeping Method:
Leaf – 5g
Gongfu Teapot – 125ml
Water – 85C
Time: 3 minutes and increase accordingly.

First Steep – 3 minutes

Once steeped the colour is light yellow with a soft, floral scent.

Flavour is very soft but bares soft, sweet floral tones. I liken it to gardenia and lily, with a touch of cream in the after taste.

Second Steep – 3 minutes 30 seconds

Still a soft steep but the gardenia is becoming crisp with grass notes. The milk covers my tongue like silk as it slips down. With some sweetness that lingers in the after taste, also with a touch of dryness.

Third Steep – 4 minutes

Still sweet and floral though the milk is toning down to a more buttery affair. Also dryness remains minimal in the after taste though it lingers softly on my tongue.

Fourth Steep – 5 minutes

Buttery flowers with a hint of grass and fresh sweet hay. So soft and delicate in strength and tone, but pure tasting.

Sixth Steep – 6 minutes

Very subtle at this point with very little left. A touch of sweet flowers is all that really remains.

Overall: This was a soft and delicate Oolong with floral and milk notes that developed into butter and grass. Pure and natural tasting with no bitterness and only very minimal dryness. An Oolong that uses very little leaf but gives beautiful flavours despite the soft strength. Note – The after steep picture of the leaf was all one part that was connected at the stem. It is one of the largest full ‘one’ pieces I have found in an Oolong after steep.

For pictures and more information please view my blog.

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The raw leaves are long, thinly rolled and with some curl. From what I can tell they look full leaf for the most part, I can tell easier after steep once they open. Colour is deep, dark green. Scent is sweet with hints of butter and grass and honeysuckle floral finish.

Steeping Method:
Leaf – 7g
Gaiwan – 100ml
Water – 85C
Time: 3 minutes 30 seconds and increase of 1 minute each steep after that.
(Note) Why the long steep for a gaiwan? Don’t forget these leaves are big and full so they will take longer to steep in general.

First Steep – 3 minutes 30 seconds

The colour is yellow with a grass, butter and fresh spinach scent.

Despite the long steep the flavour is subtle, even compared to it’s mineral scent. It’s soft and delicate with a hint of butter, grass and flowers (sweetpea). Refreshing due to it’s subtleness though a hint of dryness in the after taste. Further sips reveal some mineral flavours albeit soft, spinach and kale springing to mind.

Second Steep – 4 minutes 30 seconds

Still delicate but an increase of butter and spinach notes. Very clean tasting. No astringency. After taste is of sweetcorn with some dryness though not increased from the first steep ie minimal drynes still.

Third Steep – 5 minutes 30 seconds

At this point it’s starting to become even softer which alleviates the grass flavour. An increase of the dryness is noticeable in the after taste. Still beautifully buttery and the fresh spinach is still poignant.

Fourth Steep – 6 minutes

So much butter and spinach is left in this steep, though it’s short lived and does not linger for long in the after taste.

Fifth Steep – 7 minutes

My last steep. All that really remains is butter and spinach but there has still been no harshness/astringency throughout to speak of. The dryness slowly increased but it still at a reasonable level.

Overall: This was delicate in strength but it’s pure, clean flavours had a beautiful eloquence that made it delicious and special. It’s freshness and quality was wonderful and I will be honest to say it exceeded my expectations. Perhaps the nicest BaoZhong I have had the pleasure of tasting. Note the after steep pictures, they show whole leaf (mostly) and with no imperfections.

For pictures and more information please view my blog.

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Stephanie shared this tea with me – thank you so much
Im on oolong quest. I know that im not a fan of floral oolong especially those ones rich in white flowers notes.

This tea reminded me gingerbread cookies in first five steeps. Its spicy, sweet and cinnamon-y. Yum. later on florals took over but they were still pleasant.
i steeped this tea dont know how many times and left for tomorrow as grandpa style.

Overall I’m very happy being able to try this tea. Its my 3rd sample from BTT. I find their teas very impressive. If you are Oolong lover this tea shouldnt be missed.

195 °F / 90 °C 0 min, 15 sec 7 tsp 4 OZ / 130 ML

Looks tasty

boychik i really enjoyed this tea

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My ShanLinXi from Beautiful Taiwan was labeled “2015 premium.” I’m going to assume that this is the same tea but forgive me if it is not.

I have been so happy with all my BTT oolongs! This was no exception. It started out SO SWEET! Very lightly vegetal and slightly mineral…later steepings became more vegetal and got increasingly buttery. The mouthfeel is silky and amazing. MMMMmmmmm goood tea :)

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Thanks again, Nicole! These black, twisty, giant (but tiny tree branches) leaves look like they should create such a mean cup, but I guess I should know by now! The brew is actually quite light. I thought it would be like Butiki’s Taiwanese Assam but not so much. For some reason, the only flavor note I’m getting is mild tomato soup which has usually only been happening with tiny leafed assams lately, not teas like this. But surprise! This is actually assam. I was trying to find other flavor notes but I couldn’t! Just subtle notes of tomato, cream. Otherwise simply sweet and smooth. I’m not getting the “dark, rich, malty” from the description. Unless I was supposed to use WAY more teaspoons than two.
Steep #1 // 2 tsps. // 10 minutes after boiling // 2 minute steep
Steep #2 // just boiled // 3 min steep


I was hoping for PTA too but still really enjoyed this tea :)

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Drank it this morning, so my impressions are a little bit rusty. This was very nice. It tasted a bit vegetal and bitter, but in a pleasant way. I didn’t really notice anything special about it for a green tea, but it’s nice.

Flavors: Bitter, Earth, Vegetal

170 °F / 76 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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Yesterday I received a care package from Stephanie with many samples. This sample was one of them. I wanted to try it for some time.

Im oolong explorer. So far i think i love dark roasted oxidized oolongs. I prefer dried fruits and nuts notes and florals… lets just say we are not friends and not enemies lol

Muzha Tieguanyin is a beautiful tea. I tried one recently from Teaave and really liked it. but im not going to compare these two teas. they have very different profile .

This particular tea is delicious. very aromatic. The roast done right. its not stated on website roast level or oxidation or any other useful info for novice like me. Hopefully they will add this info. I think its medium roasted TGY but please correct me if im wrong.

6.5g into 100ml pot, 200F. flash rinse and steeps of 10/15/20sec etc
The brew is dark yellow color. Smells really nice of roasted nuts and fruits. tastewise its not that fruity. it was more on floral spectrum for me. It has very thick mouthfeel. Later steeps ( i dont remember how many i had , 12 maybe) produced strong mineral note which remind me Wuyi oolong. Once i had a long steep close to 1min. it was too bitter and strong for my taste.

I think this tea is very interesting. i highly recommend to try it. Since its only 2 Muzha TGY i’ve tried i cannot declare that this is the best. A lot of samplings are ahead to figure out my likes and dislikes.

Thank you so much Stephanie for sharing your tea with me

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

steepster is acting up. i inserted 3 links to IG. its not showing here ;(


Turned out the heart symbol i inserted prevented from seeing the pics. I guess Steepster doesnt like hearts ;(


It doesn’t like angle brackets – I think it assumes that they’re meant for code.

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I am really exhausted right now and I’m loving it. Being this busy makes me feel so alive and appreciate the moments in life where stillness occurs and there is time to just relax. Savoring that time wasn’t so easy when I was unemployed, so I’m glad to have some time to reflect on it.
It has been a great day as I am progressing at my job over these 9 hour shifts. Coming home to mow the lawn, cook, and read up on some legal issues with being an LLC (which was some BS scam letter that took 15 minutes to figure out) was actually fun. Now I’m sipping away at this beautiful tea while I prepare the gift bags for my sale next week for my birthday… purely because I can’t sit down and have tea with everyone in the world, so I figured a small way to give back is just that.

Anyways, this is wonderful and being tired while drinking this makes me feel high. My body is a bit worn because I’m in the mood to keep pushing after mowing the lawn. Sitting down and drinking this makes me feel amped with energy but not using it makes me just bug out a bit.

I’m happy and I’m quite glad to not just feel it but know it.

Daylon R Thomas

How does it compare to a Tie Guan Yin? I’ve been debating on getting a sample from Beautiful Taiwan eventually when I start working again, but it’s pricey. If it’s better, than I’ll try it, but if it’s not that different, then I’ll save up for something else.

Liquid Proust

That is about all I need say about it.

Leah Naomi

I agree- it is very very hard to appreciate time off when you are not employed, and have no time “on”. Also, I know all too well the stress of unemployment or in my case, underemployment. Not having money to pay the bills and the loans and whatnot means no money for hobbies, splurges, or fun food in my case. I am extremely happy my time in that phase is about to come to an end though.

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I drank through all of the green tea samples I got from Beautiful Taiwan this week! Next week will be Oolong Time :D

This Fish Hook and the Dragonwell were my top favorite greens. This one is sweet and vegetal and addictive. I think I SLIGHTLY preferred the dragonwell for its complexity, but I would certainly not turn down more of this one or the other green I tried from BTT, the Twisted Green.

Very impressed with all the offering so far. Seems to be a top notch seller for sure :D

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Wow another winner from Beautiful Taiwan!

This white is extremely creamy and malty, with hints of hay. There is a nutty note too. Super thick and mouth coating liquor. Resteeps very well. Not sure I’ve ever had a white tea this addictive! Each steep became sweeter than the last. Charming tea :)

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Saturday my husband and I spent the day in Indianapolis. We attended the State Fair Brewer’s Cup because my husband had some homebrew beer in the contest, and before that we met Paul from Beautiful Taiwan in Carmel IN to taste some of his teas and chat and buy samples from him. Paul was so nice and so knowledgeable about his teas and the farmers and farms they came from! This was the first tea I tried when we got back home. Pictures!

This was a stunning and complex tea. I really really enjoyed it. Lots of malty notes that opened up into fruity and sweet. I wish I had taken notes while I drank it yesterday but I was running around the house in between steeps doing laundry and cleaning the house after my trip. Anyway, I can’t wait to try the rest of my BTT samples if this is any indication of the quality! :D

Liquid Proust

Did you back their KS as well as visit them?


Did not know about his KS until my visit, so just the visit part LP

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This has to be the the most beautiful looking Dragon Well tea I have yet to see. There is fresh buds at the top and a few leaves per stem. While it looks beautiful, there is only a general green tea taste to it. What was nice about this was the three steeps I got out of it while I was outside :)

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Not sure if this is the dragonwell that came with the BTTC kickstarter, but my note goes here anyway :)
A very nice and light dragonwell with butter and chestnut notes. Delicious cup to start the morning.

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So, as this one is steeping, it smells grassy, flowery. The first sip is very grassy, too, though I think I need to wait awhile longer to drink this – that first sip nearly scalded my tongue!

Ok, since my tea has been cooling all the time I was on a family phone call, it’s definitely cooled off by now. I’m getting a bitter, almost astringent flavor from this now, and just the barest hint of sweetness. I don’t know if the bitterness is part of the flavor or because of my oversteeping, but it’s a pleasant bitterness.

I really like this one. It’s my first pu-erh tea. I think I want to try some more. :)

Flavors: Bitter, Flowers, Grass, Green

185 °F / 85 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

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My Kickstarter tea arrived! I’m drinking this western style, because my dog broke the lid to my gaiwan. :( (Did I mention I have a new dog? I love her, even though she is a tiny bit destructive.) Anyway, the tea. This is quite a nice high-mountain oolong. It has a lovely sweet, fresh aroma, and the taste is similar: lightly vegetal, sweet, crisp, with a creamy mouthfeel and a cleansing sensation to the palate. It’s not overly complex (or maybe I’m just not appreciating the complexity this evening), but it’s very nice.

Flavors: Creamy, Sweet, Vegetal

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

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This was a delicious green tea from the BTTC kickstarter. Very light and delicate with smooth vegetal notes. Definitely a high quality tea.

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This one has a grassy scent and taste to it. Like dried grass. I’ll be honest, I might be more in love with the name and story than the flavor. That’s not me saying I don’t like this tea. Just that I love the idea of drinking a tea steeped in moonlight for a night before being packaged. It just makes it seem that much more spiritual and meditative. And I think this would make a good meditation tea.

There is the slightest hint of sweetness to this in the aftertaste, turning the grassy, spinachy flavor a little more hay-like. That probably comes a bit from steeping it at such a low temperature. I’m not getting any stringency or bitterness

I do like this white tea, although I usually prefer more flavored whites. But this is a very nice “pure white tea” flavor.

Flavors: Grass, Hay, Spinach, Vegetal

145 °F / 62 °C 8 min or more 1 tsp 10 OZ / 295 ML

I’ve been exporing moonlight teas recently and I thought my favorite steep temp was 80C. Today a friend suggested boiling water and flash steep time. The one I’m drinking tonight is really good with this application. I haven’t tried the one you were reviewing, but thought you might find it interesting. :))


Interesting! I’ve done white teas in boiling water (they tend to turn bitter, like green – I don’t mind it, but I usually prefer it at the lower temperature), but I don’t think I’ve tried flash steeping it (I have a tendency to oversteep than understeep). Thanks, I’ll try it next time!

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