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Hello all! I thought I’d try this and see if anyone ‘bites.’ What are you sipping on tonight and what are you doing? I’m having Verdant’s Yunnan White Jasmine, always a favorite. I’m working, unfortunately, but this tea and good music are keeping me going! How about you?

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Dexter3657 said

Drinking Swiss Mountain by Della Terra, comparing my actual tea cupboard to my virtual one here on Steepster, working on a plan on how to get my stash under 100. Always fun to “play” with your tea.

Glad that you are enjoying your current selection.

Swiss Mountain sounds bracing! Are you enjoying it? I should update my cupboard, make it more accurately reflect what is going on in my stash. I’ve noticed people use it for swaps and whatnot. Thank you for replying and I hope you have a lovely evening.

Dexter3657 said

LOL honestly I’m not really liking it. It’s a mint chocolate, I’m not a big mint person. It’s all good, I’m working through it.
As for my cupboard. I don’t have everything in it that I have. I don’t include anything that is a small sample, if it’s a freebee from a company or a swap, it’s not included. Only teas that I have bought are in there. I like to be able to say that everything in my cupboard is available for swap, so I don’t want little bits and pieces included. Its showing 79 and I really have 112. But that’s just my strategy.
Thanks for the post. Have a good night.

Lmlewis55 said

Happy Monday afternoon! Sipping on Todd & Holland…Japanese Cherry. A flavored green tea with cherry pieces. Yum! Smooth flavor and a kick of cherry at the back of the throat…;~)

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Lariel select said

Della Terra’s Lime Chiffon. It’s so good cold.

teapot1 said

I really like both the lemon and lime chiffon iced! So much natural sweetness…

Yum! I’ve been wanting to try Della Terra teas (especially A Rabbit’s Garden) but am on a hiatus. Soon hopefully. Have a good night!

Kittenna said

I should do that ASAP.

Booker said

I love the smell of Lime Chiffon while it’s steeping, but I actually like the taste better when the tea is cold!

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teapot1 said

Teajo Vanilla Spice Rooibos mixed with Extra Sleepy Bear…winding down:).

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I just finished my cup of Glitter & Gold (DavidsTea), which was all tasty and pretty and glittery when I pointed a flashlight into it. I think I might need to get a glass cup just to drink this tea to watch the pretty sparkles. XD (It’s a testament to how tired I’ve suddenly gotten by how much I’m rambling. Lol.)

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Gene said

Tonight I’m working on a pot of Golden Monkey which was a gift from my brother and his family. They purchased it from a shop in China Town in San Francisco, but they didn’t remember the name of the shop, sadly. It’s a big malty brew that really suits my tastes perfectly!

If you visit Chinatown in SF, try doing tea tastings! You can try a bunch for a small fee that is waived if you buy something. I’ve tried really cool stuff and the inventories are huge. I bet you could find a Golden Monkey! It sounds good!

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moraiwe said

Elderberry Tea from Culinary Teas. I really can’t wait to get done with work so I can go home and try this iced and sweetened.

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MelissaTea said

An Earl Grey from my local tea store. (It is the first Earl Grey tea I’ve ever bought! I had never smelled Earl Grey before, but after I did . . . ahhhhhh. Now I’m on the look out for ‘different’ Earl Grey teas.)
Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone.
Thank you Vets.

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Earl Grey Lavender from Rishi… I somehow ended up with 3 canisters of this and am trying to finish off at least one of them while the weather is cool (our high today is only going to be 55).

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Verdant’s Autumn Harvest Laoshan green. After three consecutive hot&humid days, then three consecutive cold, rainy days, we finally have a clear-skied, sunny, breezy afternoon. Perfect with a vegetal green.

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scribbles said

Tao Tea Leaf organic (shu) pu-er tuo cha. Needed a bit of a caffeine kick after a lazy day in the sun.

Sammerz314 said

I love Tao tea leaf! My favourite tea shop in the GTA.

scribbles said

The owner is really nice. I’ve only tried a couple of teas so far, but I’ll go back to try other teas.

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