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And now it’s time for yet another desert matcha. I’ve been craving a coffee-flavored matcha for a while, and luckily this Tiramisu went on sale, so I snatched it up. It’s been a while since I’ve had tiramisu, but I remember it was creamy, with coffee and chocolatey undertones.

I ordered the 30g, Starter (Basic Grade), Flavor: Robust. After trying all these robust flavors, I’m a little scared to scale back down to the lower flavoring levels. Maybe I might bite the bullet one day and do it.

I prepared this the traditional way using hot water and a whisk. When I took a sip of the matcha plain, it was of course too bitter and grassy for me, and I couldn’t really taste any tiramisu. I added some milk and it .. still seemed to just taste like regular matcha with water. I’m having a hard time picking up this flavor. Did I maybe add too much matcha?

Since my water bottle Boysenberry matcha experiment was such a success yesterday, I decided to repeat it and see if I could get the flavor better. I put some matcha in a water bottle, shook it up, and drank some. And still.. not really getting any flavor. Not like the Boysenberry the other day. I’m getting the matcha, but I was really hoping for coffee. Maybe this flavor is just too subtle?

It’s possible that I may be burned out on my desert matchas and they are all blending together. I think I was hoping for more coffee and chocolate notes, but I’m really just getting creaminess. I probably should just order a straight-up coffee flavored one the next time around if that’s what I want. Your experience may differ, though.

As a reminder, you can buy this matcha here: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/tiramisu-matcha.html

Still debating if I want to order that pumpkin pie matcha that will inevitably be on sale this week. Decisions, decisions…

Oolong Owl

I’m totally the same way, addicted to the robust flavoring and a little tentative to step down to distinctive.

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Oolong Owl

I’m totally the same way, addicted to the robust flavoring and a little tentative to step down to distinctive.

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So the short story is, a few years ago I was VERY MUCH into tea. And then a lot of things happened, and I got out of tea for a while. And now, I’m back.

To me, tea is the missing puzzle piece for my healthy lifestyle. When I drink tea I am encouraged to eat healthy and be active. I drink tea because I simply enjoy the taste, but the health aspects are just an added bonus.

I love all types of teas, although greens and oolongs tend to be my favorite. I also love a good herbal.

Unless otherwise stated, I drink my teas straight. To brew I either use my ingenuiTEA or T-Sac (for teas that don’t expand much). One of these days I might break down and buy a Breville, but I’m trying to resist..

I’m kinda strict when rating my teas. I rarely give a tea above a 95. Teas that I really like I keep in the 95-85 category. I’ve yet to give a tea 100 yet. So, if you see a tea about 95, that means I thought it was an amazing tea!


Florida, United States

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