642 Tasting Notes

drank Cinnamon Apricot by Teaism
642 tasting notes

Sipdown number 14! I’m sad to see this one go. The spicy cinnamon complements the juicy apricot flavor. I want to eat this in delicate pastry form. As a macaron maybe? This blend just makes me feel light and happy.


Sounds like it’s time to head in for more tea cocktails and pick up some more :P


I’m coming down to DC for the march, but I won’t be staying long enough to meet up :( I might be able to do a trip in February though. And we’ve got the Tea Festival here in March!

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drank Green Navajo Tea by Yanabah Tea
642 tasting notes

Sipdown number 13! I am fond of this tea, but I think I like the original version better. The green tea doesn’t add a whole lot of flavor complexity, so I’d rather skip the caffeine. The herbal base is beautifully grassy on its own. I’m hoping to restock the original soon.

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Sipdown number 12 is a 2014 Eight Immortals Wulong courtesy of Phi. It’s rocky but also weirdly sweet and honeyed. Basically it tastes like an Oriental Beauty oolong with strong mineral overtones. Pretty different from any other rock oolongs I’ve tried. It’s intriguing.

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Sipdown number 11!

This is an indulgent blend. The cream and brandy notes hit up front while the base tea adds a slight driness. The apple flavor comes to the fore as the tea cools. This actually reminds me of AQTT’s Caramel Baked Apple Oolong, which I also like a lot. The apple note was prominent in the second steep here. I added manuka honey for sweetness in the second steep but overdid it a bit so the tea also tasted like manuka, which played nicely with the apple and brandy and worked out well.

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Sipdown number 10! Thanks to Phi for sharing this with me.

I have no idea what dragonfruit tastes like, so this tea tastes like a berry medley to me. The flavor is tart and sweet, the rooibos is woodsy, and the overall effect is cheerful. It’s a solid evening cuppa. I wouldn’t turn it down but I’m not in love with it either.

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Sipdown! I believe this came to me by way of MissB. Thanks!

This is really interesting. As soon as hot water hits the teabag, the water turns neon yellow. After a few seconds, tendrils of red start to trail out of the bag. It’s pretty fun to watch! The flavor is hard to place. It’s savory and saffrony. As it cools, a licorice note comes out. This would be an awesome base for a broth or to cook rice in.


I bet the yellow is tumeric. Now I’m imagining those blooming teas but with a bunch of colors on a timed release and looking like a fireworks show.

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Sipdown number 8! This isn’t my favorite AQTT blend but it’s not bad. Basically it tastes primarily like black tea with an overlay of dark chocolate orange. Not a restock for me.

Maddy Barone

Ooh, I really like that one. I think it’s the little whiff of rum. :)

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drank Caramel Apple by Butiki Teas
642 tasting notes

Sipdown number 7! I’m always sad to say goodbye to a Butiki but at least this wasn’t one of my favorites. I bid it farewell with some cinnamon honey that perfectly complemented the apple notes. Mmmm.

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drank Tikuanyin by Lupicia
642 tasting notes

My Hannukah countdown sipdown might be more effective if I were actually, you know, counting. I may not have immediately grasped the heart of the whole advent concept…

According to Steepster, this is my 6th sipdown of the month. It’s now Dec. 10. So I just need to get 4 more sipdowns in to catch up. Eep.

Admittedly, I always brewed this at work in less than ideal conditions so I can’t speak to its potential. My experience of it was decidedly adequate. It’s good but fairly generic. Roasty aroma, roasty flavor, amber brew. Three solid steeps – four if you overleaf a bit.

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This. Is. EXCEPTIONAL. Somehow the second steep is even better than the first. My guess is that the base tea is inherently buttery. The flavoring is soft cinnamon and cream. It’s maybe more sweet potato than squash but entirely delicious. I love how the flavor is robust and delicate at the same time – it’s substantial but not cloying or overly sweet or artificial. I’m glad that this has held up so well!


I’m glad this one still tastes so good for you. :D I really need to have my Butiki teas more.

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