Though I expected this one to be more of an equal Black Tea / Rooibos mix… most of what I see in the dry mix is Black Tea and some kind of yellow flower petals. I’m not sure how much Rooibos is actually in this one, as it doesn’t have that awful smell that I now associate with Rooibos tea.

Anyway, the dry mix smells just like a kind of cookie my Grandma always puts out at Christmas. (They are brown on the inside, white on the outside?) I have no idea what the name of the cookies are and I don’t like them, but the smell brought me right back to those cookies lol….

Preparation was as suggested: 2.5 minutes steeped at boiling. I used my standard half measurement of tea – 0.75 tsp for my 12 oz cup instead of the suggested 1.5 tsp per 8 oz.

Once the tea had finished steeping, it still smelled a little like those cookies, but added a weak apple cider scent. Unlike those cookies, however, I actually do like apple cider, so I’m now more excited about the possibilities of this tea.

Sipping the hot tea I was surprised by the lack of bitterness considering the Black Tea in the mix. I didn’t even bother to add milk or sugar for the first half of the tea. (The third ingredient is listed as candy though, so that might have sweetened things up). Also, I’m not really sure what I’m tasting—I’m getting more of a waxy apple peel background rather than cider—and though it’s nothing special, it’s not offensive at least.

As a bit of a test, I added some milk and sugar before drinking the last half of the tea. It’s actually quite nice. I much prefer it with the milk and sugar. I was originally debating what rating to give this one and straight up I was thinking low 60s, but with the milk and sugar, I’m thinking more like 70. I think the creaminess might have brought out some of the vanilla flavor too. The milk also really smoothed out the flavor so the waxy apple became more muted and enjoyable.

Would I buy this again? I think I would. While it’s just okay as is, it’s actually pretty tasty with the milk and sugar.

Cup count (12 oz) from 8g sampler size: 1 + 1 Re-steep. Still plenty more tea in the sampler for later.

Edit: Attempted a 10 minute re-steep, it came out kind of weak and I accidentally tipped my infuser into the cup, so there’s some bonus floaties in my tea lol… Tastes okay though.

Flavors: Apple

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Just getting into the whole loose leaf tea experience. (Thank you favorite sister of mine for getting me started on this journey…)

Since I’m a beginner when it comes to most teas, I don’t have a very good understanding of the flavors yet, but I hope I will get there. Right now I’m basically at “tastes good” “tastes less good” “tastes awful” lol….

Anyway, have been an avid tea drinker prior to now as well, but mostly only have experience with typical grocery store teabag selections. My old standby’s being Tetley’s Orange Pekoe and Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepytime.

My dislikes are: Ginger, licorice, overwhelmingly strong mint flavors, overwhelmingly strong anything flavors really.

At the moment I have 31 loose leaf tea varieties to try. (All single servings or sampler packs cause I’m too scared to get anything larger!) Though, I anticipate I’ll be getting plenty more because this experiment is too fun!

Please note:

I’m very picky when it comes to tastes so I’ll likely run into many flavors that I don’t personally like. I also tend to find most teas too strong and thus will likely use less tea than suggested while I experiment with the loose leaf teas.

Also, I’m more-so writing my reviews for myself like a diary, so I can keep track of how to best prepare the flavors to my liking and which flavors I might want to buy again.

Please keep this in mind if you’re reading my reviews. Thanks!

As for recommendations:
Recommended – I can drink it without issue.
Not recommended – I probably made a face while drinking it or gave up part way through.



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