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drank Cacao by Tisano
328 tasting notes

This is the gold standard of chocolate tisanes. As it is 100% cacao nibs and no honeybush/rooibos fillers, this is 100% chocolate taste. Does this taste like a hot chocolate? Not as rich – but it is extremely chocolatey with a hint of sugar. The addition of milk would only improve this. I also blended my previously infused sampler w my Zhi Tea Gongfu black (similar to Premium Steap’s Red Empereror). Now I finally have the perfect black tea. The richness and syrup-i-ness of the gong fu was a perfect match for the cacao nibs. I highly recommend this.

Paul M Tracy

I can’t seem to ever catch them when they have this in stock. I’ve been wanting to try it since it was first reviewed here.

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Whoa~~I have been experimenting w/gong fu blacks, Shangs fermented white tea converted to black, yunnans, keemuns, Ruby Black, and Hawaiian Oolong….. This is the most delightful, naturally sweet black tea I have had yet. This is the first selection in the Golden Moon tea club and I am glad that I joined. Marcus of GM mentioned in the forum about GM’s renewed dedication to quality and I would say that he did not disappoint.


Sounds lovely!

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I am addicted to this blend and have had it for the past 5 nights in a row. I was concerned prior to ordering that since this was an “authentic” chai, the cardamom would be overpowering. This is not the case. All of the spices blend well and perfectly. As an extra plus, the coconut provides a natural sweetness. This is a tie w/Liberteas Masterpiece Chai.

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drank Roasted Dong Ding by thepuriTea
328 tasting notes

this one is ok. Lightly roasted, sort of vegetative. Not florally. Needed ~1 tbs for ~6 ozz and steeeping time of about 3 minutes. I would think a shorter steeping time would coax minimal flavor out of this one.

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drank Tangerine Blossom by Shang Tea
328 tasting notes

I have been dying to try this tea since I purchased this a month ago and I finally splurged today. This has a wonderful perfume-y taste. I was thinking jasmine. But then reading the other reviews, I would say more like orange blossom water. The tea base is smooth, warm. As this is some type of fermented white tea , the brew is light and somewhat caramelly. It is quite different and I would definitely recommend it.

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drank Sinharaja by Golden Moon Tea
328 tasting notes

Clearing out my cupboard and came upon this forgotten GM sample. This is my first Ceylon and the Steepster consensus is this is a great one and I tend to agree. It is full, smooth, naturally sweet, malty. A solid tea for first thing in the morning: strong, nothing fancy, but delivers caffeine w/o needing sugar or milk to make it palatable. When I put in my next GM order, I will add this one to the list.

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This vendor’s roasted oolongs are excellent. Some of their flavored black tea blends are just OK. This primarily tastes like banana. Nothing special.

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drank Tangier Apricot by American Tea Room
328 tasting notes

This is a nice and warm black tea blend. The apricot is muted by the other flavorings so that it is not overly sweet, fruity, or tart. Although saffron is identified as a flavoring, I did not detect any saffron at all. Oddly, this blend just feels comforting and luxurious (as some other Steepster-ite) noted and it is hard to pinpoint what this tastes like.

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this is another nice offering from Cloudwalker. Of the samples I tried, I prefer the bold Cinnabar over this one as the flavor is a bit mild. It is not vegetative/toasty/floral but as the other reviewers noted: this tea has a tangy/tingly very mild grape juice flavor (if I squint my eyes or taste buds)….Others also noted woodsy flavor and even seaweed. I could even note those as well. A laid back oolong for multiple steepings throughout the evening. I am at the 5th steeping and although this is mild, I can still get a noticeable flavor)

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Just a few months ago the only tea I drank was hot lipton tea at work, an occasional mint tea, and sweet iced tea.. Then my daughter got me some loose leaf teas for Christmas and then, my tea addiction began…..

And what better way to get lots of dessert flavors w/o the calories?

I prefer my tea with a tinge of sugar. Is that cheating? But to me , the combination of sugar and tea is like salt and cooking- both bring out the natural flavors.

My tea drinking has evolved into a set routine: a breakfast blend in the AM, some flavored blacks during the day, late afternoon or evening flavored green/white, herbal (usually spicy, chai inspired) at night.

Not into unflavored greens/whites yet. Just started appreciating unflavored blacks and am thinking that smoky teas may become my favorite…
When I am not drinking tea, I am working as an engineer, reading, watching some of the better TV shows (like Damages and Breaking Bad), practicing my yoga, cooking, gardening, and spoiling my two miniature poodles (Coco and Timmy)…


Baton Rouge, LA

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