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Ah… back in my cupboard after a long absence. Still tasty as I remember if maybe a bit lighter. Hay and mild malt with sweetness and yeast. Smooth and a bit dusty in the aftertaste and scent.

Double size mugs are the best way to do this tea. And this weather.

Evol Ving Ness

And this weather. I second that.

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First things first – this is a gorgeous cup. I love African rosewood and the silver being almost white is such a perfect complement to the wood color. It feels good to hold and the wood keeps the silver from burning my fingers.

I used this for the first time tonight with a Dian Hong. I compared an unglazed clay cup and the silver rosewood cup and a Crimson Lotus silver cup. I wouldn’t have noticed if not doing it side by side like this but there is definitely a moderating influence that this cup exerts on at least this tea. It sat in the pot for a bit longer than desirable. In the unglazed clay cup, it was pretty harsh. It was a bit more mellow in the CL silver cup but in this one it was noticeably smoother and the bitter edges seemed to fade.

I am extremely curious to experiment with other teas in this cup now.


So neat! I see these are out of stock now. Sad! I have a silver teapot and I agree – it does something special.


I love how they resemble coconuts, its a really natural look


How do you get it to let you review teaware without saying the word “drank”?


Those are quite possibly the best looking tea cups I have ever seen. I am jealous.


Love these cups…….beautiful! Nice review too. :D

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This is a tasty tea. Some sweetness, some sour, but well balanced. The taste lingers on the back of the tongue. A thick feeling tea.

It’s got some bite to it when left to steep. :)

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Oh… I may have found my Holy Grail. The search for the elusive replacement for Min River’s JJM may have come to an end. This is a fantastic JJM. It’s cocoa and malt and sweet hay with a medium body. And I’ve had basically a soup bowl full of it. :)


205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 5 g 14 OZ / 414 ML

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This is a favorite. For some reason yesterday in my travel mug, it tasted like Jack & Coke. And before someone asks, no, I have never had anything in the mug but tea. :) I felt like I was doing something illegal by drinking it while I was driving.

Fruit and sugarcane and that touch of fermentation that you get from… well, a decently made Jack and Coke. Or maybe I just need to get back to Vegas soon… :)

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Need to do a side by side with some of their other Assams but this one so far is not a standout. The leaves smell of a strong sweet malt but the flavor is somewhat lackluster. From this first cup, I get a moderate, average black tea. Need to try again. No rating.

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Yum. The dry leaf smells like molasses and hay. The flavor is indeed plummy as their description says. A good heft of malt. A very classic taste. I can’t remember any more what the full leaf Nahorhabi from Harney tasted like but being from the same estate, I can’t imagine it was too different and I loved that one as well. Might have been a different flush, though, no idea and Harney only offers broken leaf now, which I don’t care for as much.


Ian says there’s a package waiting for me for when I get home next week! Thank you thank you!


need to let me know if there are things i can send your way that you want to try. I haven’t bought as much tea this year, but there are some new things in my cupboard :)

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Entering this here as they don’t have it listed yet on their website. This is the GFOP loose leaf single estate Assam from Chota Tingrai tea estate by Mana Organics.

Holy cats but this is some malty awesomeness. The leaves are nothing special to look at but they are amazing to smell and taste. Wow is all I am capable of at the moment. 5 grams for 12 ounces of water at 205F for 3 minutes. No bitterness, not even a hint. However, as the liquor cools, a dryness sets in. Still not bitter, but not quenching. Need to try it iced next. But hot – I need to have this around all the time for sure.

Not rating as this is on Random but I’d be giving it 100 if it were on the actual tea listing.


you always find interesting teas from such random places. Some days i wish i lived in the US…SOME days…


Keep an eye on your mail, girl. :) Unfortunately, I didn’t have this before I sent it out, but there is another offering from Mana Organics in there.

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Finally getting around to trying this one. Such an aesthetically pleasing tea.

Smells strongly of pecan in the dry leaf. Steepings lead first to strong pecan notes, which is really nice. I’ve not had a pecan tea that brought pecans into the flavor without maple. I didn’t get any cocoa until the last 2 steeps of 6 but then it came out and replaced the pecan. An enjoyable transition. The pecan and cocoa melded nicely with the base. This was a nice, pleasant way to spend the evening.

Really well done.

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This is soupy, savory, some marine overtones – umami in a big way.

The taste stays with you as the broth coats your tongue and mouth. With the addition of fish or vegetables, this would make an excellent soup base. A really interesting tea that is far out of my normal likes but this one, while not one I would reach for simply due to personal taste preferences, is a highly interesting green that I would not turn down if offered. And I’m going to be experimenting with that soup idea sooner or later…

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