2016 Beneath an Emerald Sea

A Pu-erh Tea from


82 / 100

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Tea type
Pu-erh Tea
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Pu Erh Tea
Floral, Green Pepper, Sweet, Citrus, Hay, Mango, Raisins, Tobacco, Bitter, Sweet, warm grass, Wet Wood, Moss, Thick, Vegetal, Cream, Earth, Mint, Asparagus, Astringent, Creamy, Spices, Sweet Potatoes, Apricot, Broth, Custard, Grass, Lemongrass, Lettuce, Seaweed, Vanilla, Green, Green Beans, Herbaceous, Honey, Lemon, Smoke, Herbs, Sage, Fruity
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Bulk, Loose Leaf
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Typical Preparation
Use 3 oz / 94 ml of water
Set water temperature to 205 °F / 96 °C
Use 5 g of tea
Steep for 0 min, 15 sec
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15 Tasting Notes View all

“Clean, solid, dynamic tea. First tasting of this was in a thermos with 150ml boiling water per gram. Was immediately impressed. The dry cup smell was out of this world. I really love dry cup smell...” Read full tasting note
“I’ll start off by saying I brewed this in the Jian Shui and I usually don’t like reviewing teas with the added variable of brewing in clay for obvious reasons. Taste being the most drastic. So, I...” Read full tasting note
“Great Sheng. I’m still pretty new to pu erh, but I definitely tasted the floral and sweet notes immediately. In later steeps, I think I tasted a bit of green pepper too (which was interesting bc I...” Read full tasting note
“I’m going to be blunt: I love this tea. It’s sweet, bitter, sour, fruity, and floral. After watching Glen’s YouTube video (Click Here), I bought a beeng without sampling it, and it was the right...” Read full tasting note


Our 2016 “Beneath an Emerald Sea” is a new blend we’ve created this year. The rich green forested hills of southern Yunnan look like a rolling emerald sea during Spring. Drinking this tea is like swimming in that ocean of flavor and aroma. It’s fantastic. This will brew thick and creamy. There is an early bitterness that lingers. Later steeps get sweeter.

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