Alpine Punch

Tea type
Rooibos Tea
Almond, Apple, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Coconut, Ginger, Rooibos, Rose Petals
Almond, Cardamon, Cream, Nuts, Sweet, Thick, Vanilla, Creamy, Nutty, Coconut, Fruity, Wood, Apple, Berries, Fruit Punch, Pleasantly Sour, Cherry, Marzipan, Roasted nuts, Pecan, Pineapple, Spices, Spicy, Tropical, Walnut, Stonefruits, Cinnamon, Rooibos, Rose, Cranberry, Pastries, White Chocolate, Floral, Ginger, Earth, Butter, Peppercorn
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Caffeine Free
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205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 45 sec 5 g 29 oz / 855 ml

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  • “Sipdown! (158) I’m especially happy to finish this one as I bought it last February and it’s time to clear it out. Sure, I didn’t open the bag up until a month or so again so it was fresh but I’m...” Read full tasting note
  • “Yum. This one’s getting bedside-table-chilling treatment, as I’m tired and it’s time to sleep. Although I still enjoy this one, it’s one of the mistakes I made where I purchased 100g because oh my...” Read full tasting note
  • “Ok, so when i read VariaTea’s back log about mint to be, I was like hell no am I missing out on this shiz. So after a delightful supper of a grilled cheese sandwich and alphageti (mmm so...” Read full tasting note
  • “My tea stash has been shrinking and although I have a couple of tea orders on the way, my selection has been looking a little sad lately. Every day I think, “o.k. this is the day that the mailman...” Read full tasting note


High altitude taste

Have you heard of the barbegazi? According to Swiss lore, they are a group of furry little men that live high in the Alps. They are known for their long, icy beards and enormous feet, which they use to ski down hills and surf on avalanches. But how do they stay warm up in the frozen mountains all year round? We like to think it’s with a fortifying brew like this almond-scented rooibos, with apple, cinnamon, and ginger. If you see some very big footprints next time you’re out hiking, follow them to the barbegazi’s cave and see if they offer you a cup. Limited edition.

Ingredients: Rooibos, coconut chips and rasps, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almond flakes, artificial flavouring*.

Allergens: Tree nuts and coconut

Price: $7.75 per 50g

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313 Tasting Notes

2815 tasting notes

Thank you to Krystalyen for this one!

I’ve had some pretty yucky rooibos blends in my day but am happy to report this isn’t one of them. I’ve been curious about this particular one for a while now. I can’t help but wonder if I would enjoy this more in the dead of winter but it IS kinda foggy here today so I’ll just pretend. :)

I’m getting a lot of cinnamon in this cup, then apple, almond & ginger. I’m a big ol’ ginger freak so I would have liked more, even! This tea reminds me a lot of hot apple cider with almond added. I think there’s also some coconut slivers in here too? The cinnamon seems VERY strong in this blend!

I like it but am not totally in love with it. It does smell slightly medicine-y in the aroma but I’m not too bothered by that. If you think you’d really like a hot apple rooibos chai then this would be your thing, for sure.

It is a good blend and one I am enjoying tonight. I added vanilla soymilk to this tonight to make it more dessert like, but this is one I could also drink plain.

Thanks again, K!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

This is one of the few Rooibos I like!


It is enjoyable!


You’re welcome :) I really do like it myself.

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792 tasting notes

This one takes me back! Alpine Punch was probably one of the first rooibos blends I ever tried, back in 2011 (that’s when I still bought giant tins of everything I tried). In hindsight, buying 136g of this wasn’t the smartest idea. While it was delicious during the winter months, I lost interest when things started to warm up. RIP, 100-some grams of this tea. I have no clue where you are now.

Er, so this is a new tiny batch from this year. It’s full of as much Christmas-y coconut goodness as I can remember. Fruit cake and angel food cake vibes galore. The rose and the pepper are new for me, and I quite like what they bring out.

Yeah, I’m OK with this seasonal blend. I think we have some nice days ahead of us this cold season.

Also, yay for Doctor Who! I’m going to watch that very shortly. Maybe with a cup of this (or maybe a couple cups of this because it’s over an hour long).

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec

It’s funny how we all bought a lot of everything in the beginning. I remember dexter3657 telling me not to buy 100 grams of everything and I remember thinking “why not? I’ll drink it all the same” . Oh the foolishness of “youth”!


Hahha. Yeah, it took me a year to get rid of my 100g tins. /0\


I haven’t had any this season yet, but it is one of the few rooibos I like.


lol, Cavo, now you’ve moved on to 10oz, right? :P Although, there are a couple of teas I’d do that with too..

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8951 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! Thank you raritea for this one.

I don’t even know how to explain how disappointed with this one i am. lol both kittena told me to re-steeps this and watch how the flavour changed. So i brewed this. and damn near gagged when i smelled the aroma of the first brew. I tried to drink it, but the artificial coconut like flavour was just too much. Funny story though? If this tea tasted like the aftertaste left in my mouth? I’d totally be in love with it!

So i resteeped this a bunch of times, and gradually the coconut went away and i was left with a creamy cherry coconut tea…that was tasty…but all previous steeps were pretty much down the drain lol.

Ah well…at least i tried! Thank you raritea for letting me try this one :)


OH totally forgot you didn’t like coconut! I’m sorry, this one definitely is coconutty. It’s quite good for coconut lovers though!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I have a sample of this somewhere. I need to find it.


i love the cherry piece of this one.. and the aftertaste :)

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570 tasting notes

I’m not usually a lover of rooibos teas, I find them too sweet, but I do very much enjoy this one. I was looking for something light and sweet, not too much work. This fit the bill precisely. Always tastes like sugar cookies to me, the ultimate comfort food.

I made two pots of tea, both of which are sitting next to me with a little gongfu teacup, I’ve been alternating between this and Caramel Spice. Similar spice profiles, they make excellent complements to each other.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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807 tasting notes

Got a sample of this thanks to Krystaleyn its very nice. The top was a little scummy due to all the flavoring oils and such but thats not a big deal and pretty typical of a lot of flavored teas, for some reason I notice it even more in Rooibos so maybe it is a rooibos thing too, I dunno. But whatever, it is nice, flavorful, spicy but not too spicy, sweet but not too sweet. I kept looking for some nasty after taste but found none so plus 1 there. I will re-steep as long as I can quit eating all the coconut, apples, and such out of the mesh basket. This is probably not going to be on my “to order” list but I would not turn it down if offered to me by a friend, like this was. :)
Its good.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

I liked this one because it was an interesting rooibos with lots of goodies in it!

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237 tasting notes

Today I woke up and couldn’t even manage the will to stretch one toe out from under the blankets into the freezing world.But I was awake and for the first time since that disappointing week I NEEDED a DAVIDsTEA to bring me into the real world.
I pondered over all my black teas since I need caffeine but the chilliness made me want only one tea, Alpine Punch.
I love this tea and it was made for mornings or anytime that is like this cold and miserable outside and just trying to warm up after coming in from the cold (even metaphorically speaking)or trying to warm up before a day of obligations ..It is a Rooibos but it doesn’t taste like it and it smells and tastes so inviting and makes me think of people lost in the alps looking for sanctuary and finally finding it drinking warm beverages made by generous strangers who place you under thick blankets in front of a blazing fire.This tea is most like a blanket and the most comfortable and favorite sweater you can own …


Boiling 7 min, 30 sec

That sounds amazing! I’m not a huge fan of Rooibos, but maybe this is the one for me? I’ll have to take a peek tomorrow.

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361 tasting notes

I’m in complete shock. Seriously. I made this tea because it was the only thing in my sample pouch that was totally herbal and I didn’t mind wasting if I couldn’t taste it. This was one of the samples I received with my David’s order. Not chosen by me. Nor would I have ever chosen a rooibos. I have never liked them. The after taste just kills me. But, wow, this one is really good! Maybe my cold is doing me a favor and blocking the aftertaste in which case it goes to show there is often a silver lining!

Anyway, I’m so glad I made this. Too bad there isn’t enough for another mug on a day I’m not sick. I don’t know if I would order it only because I’m not entirely sure of what it normally tastes like. Or maybe I should order some to have on hand for occasions such as this. Hmmm…


The rooibos is hardly noticeable in this one at all, IMO. Try to acquire a bit more in a swap?


a lot of people are under the weather these days, i hope y’all get well soon!

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742 tasting notes

I used 1.5 David’s Tea Perfect Spoonfuls for my Aqua-ovo tea tumbler.

The brewed leaf smells overwhelmingly like vanilla cake or sugar cookies. There is definitely a baked goods quality to the scent. I can smell the almond which always reminds me of artificial cherry aroma.

The vanilla cake smell definitely carries through to the flavour right from the beginning to the end of the sip. I am detecting a very strong nutty flavour (mostly coconut with some almond). I’m getting a fruity taste as well which I think is a mixture of the rose and apple (a great combination, in my opinion). I can’t taste any ginger in this brew. The cardamom and/or ginger taste may be present very close to the end of the sip, giving a little bit of a spice taste. I can’t really detect the rooibos but I have a feeling that it may be contributing to the fruity taste; for me rooibos has a taste that I would describe as juicy.

Very sweet and smooth.

Second infusion at 7 minutes is very sweet and still retains that baked cookie flavour.

Third infusion at 20+ minutes is noticeably weaker in the nutty and baked cookie taste. The flavours that do come out are the cinnamon and the apple. This one reminds me of apple crisp. I can feel a little tingle in the back of my throat on the aftertaste- it seems to be ginger-derived.

I don’t think that this tisane would do well past its third infusion.

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

I love this one! :D

PS How might, say, Thursday or Friday look for a tea date at Second Cup or something? I have my week planned out and am crazy busy tomorrow, but can possibly squeeze something in on Thursday afternoon, and although Friday looks to be insane, I will definitely need a break! (I’m filtering samples that day, possibly up to 400, which is going to drive me mad, haha).

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1184 tasting notes

I haven’t had this one in a really long time. It’s getting old so I guess I should hurry up and finish the bag.
Tonight, I am mostly getting nutty and coconut notes. More nutty than usual I would say. I like it!

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299 tasting notes

Had this tea last night while watching Elementary (LOVE IT SO SO SO MUCH) and mostly remembered to drink the whole thing but a little bit got lukewarmish – noticed the coconut is really present when it cools down! (Bonus?? Iced??)

I napped SO MUCH yesterday and slept in until almost noon today, I hope I am on the mend. :/


Huh, it’s funny looking at the rating & yeah, enjoying the heck out of that tea last night, how I never remember I really like this one. I read the name/look at the pouch and think, ehhhh. But OBVIOUSLY I really like it. Don’t like the name, though. It is now called FRUITY COCONUT.


Haha. Re-naming it is a good idea! I’d probably go with Almond Coco Blast, or Mountain Marzipan. I love the coconut but I’m super aware of the almonds.


Ok welll, you’re obvs way better at naming things than me! :P Those are both great names :-O


Haha well I obvsly have the advantage if you’re feeling sick.

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