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Citrus, Pineapple, Sweet, Peach, Bamboo, Fruity, Metallic
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Lately bamboo seems to be popping up everywhere, from the runways to the kitchen. No wonder – it’s sustainable and fast-growing. Plus pandas love it. But that’s not all. According to Ayurvedic belief, bamboo has cooling properties, and drinking a bamboo infusion can release heat from the body. What could be better on a hot summer day? Especially when it’s topped up with the juicy flavours of pineapple and peach. Add it all up and you’ve got a summer drink any panda would love.

Ingredients: Pineapple, bamboo leaves, peach, apple, peach crunchy, peony petals, rose buds, artificial flavouring*.

Price: $7.50 per 50g

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133 Tasting Notes

1759 tasting notes

I have one more tea left to try from Davids in my little gift pack. I hope it’s better than the others because this was… well it was just ok. Yet again, a David’s tea that I find biting on the tongue. Could that be the artificial part?
It was almost like a carbonated drink, in that way. I can see how some people would enjoy that. The peachy aspect was nice, I only wish that it wasn’t accompanied by that harshness I find so jarring.
Rating: 70

Michelle Butler Hallett

Agreed. I tried this iced as a sample the other day. It cloyed a bit, and I couldn’t see myself drinking much of it.


I think it’s personal taste kind of thing. I like mine cold but I never steep it that long. Just long enough to get the peach/pineapple taste.


Michelle: if I had to have it, I think iced would be better. I wonder what the organic version would be like
Helena: oh! good point. maybe a shorter steep time would be better…

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218 tasting notes

1. Open bag of bamboozled for the first time. HOLEY TEA GODDESS THIS SMELLS LIKE A HOLIDAY! So much peachy pineappley goodness in a bag! And it’s relatively light, there’s lots in that 50g bag of mine!

2. Make tea. Icing this for a cold drink with dinner. Used 3 perfect teaspoons in the first steep for 2 glasses, added another for the second infusion. The smell is still Intoxicating! It looks so bizarre steeping – the rose petals and the fruit expand out like oolong and take up the whole steeper. It looks like an overcrowded aquarium, with seaweed and fish going everywhere.

3. Steep into glasses. Hmm, there appears to be some kind of tea dust or floaties, as by the time the second glass drains its going much slower, and even slower in the second infusion. Will consider using a tea filter or a cocktail shaker next time.

4. Sipping time- ooh, tasts like tropical fruit, and is so refreshing cold! Second steep I added some agave and it was even fruitier! Wow! Love this one!

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

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2221 tasting notes

I was rummaging through my (small) stash of tisanes, looking for something to quench my need for tea. This one ended up catching my attention, maybe because it uses 2 tsp per cup, and I only had enough for one mug left.

It’s a weird one. It brews up a murky olive green, and I smell pineapple more than peach. It tastes like green and pineapple and peach.

I think I like this one more as an iced tea in the summer (not that I ever logged it much), but it’s not at the top of the list to rebuy. A nice rooibos-free option, but I think I’ll keep looking.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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357 tasting notes

So I changed my avatar to my wolf face painting in celebration of Halloween. I hope y’all don’t find it too creepy?

Aaahhh yes! October ~ the happy haunting month~ how I love the way you make it more socially acceptable for me to smear makeup all over my face, decorate my house in creepy fun, and eat way too much chocolate – lol! Wouldn’t it be great if there was an adult version of trick-or-treating, but instead of candy, people would hand out tea? We can call it trick-or-teaing!: Crazy thought of the day…hmmm…does that imply that I only have one crazy thought per day? Hmmm..yeeeah…that might be a misnomer…

Anyhooo…So I made this tea much stronger than I have in the past, and it turns out that I like it better this way – yay! It’s lightly fruity and refreshing, a nice tea to drink either hot or cold, but I think I like it a little bit better cold. So I think I will put off repurchasing this one until next Spring, and opt for drinking the Fall and Winter teas right now.

The name Bamboozled reminds me of an episode of Friends where Joey is practicing to audition for a game show. That show still cracks me up even though I’ve seen it too many times to count. I think I subconsciously like this tea more because it reminds me of that episode. I drink it and smile to myself. People who see me wonder what I’m up to…it’s great!


Being able to get lost in my own world is one of my life’s greatest blessings. I often discover that, without realising it, a “cat got the canary” grin has stolen across my face and settled there. =)


Yes, and it’s always funny in an awkward way when I “come to” and realize people are looking at me. I usually stop smiling immediately in an almost panicked state, but give up and smile even bigger at the thought of how strange I must seem. What can I say…I’m easily amused :)


Me too. :D

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125 tasting notes

Mmmm… There is not much to say about this tisane except that I love it.

Pineapple and peach notes with bamboo base… so, so good. On account of the monster in my chest I added a little chamomile to it, resulting in a delicious and relaxing tea.

This one is going on reorder tomorrow.. I have to have more of it and I can already see the bottom of the bag. Oh horrors! :O

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615 tasting notes

I have a bunch of tea backlogs from last week, where I jotted a few things but didn’t bother making sentences or reviews, so I figure I may as well expand and post them.

Last week, though. Yikes.

We’d been planning a pre-holiday get together here for a while, not really large, but 9 or so people. So, of course I got sick on Monday. And was still sick Tuesday. And Wednesday. And at this point I’m wondering if this is all going to fall apart because I only feel, like, 20% human. Thursday I started feeling better, so I started cleaning and Lysol-ing everything. And Friday I feel closer to 80% human, so I finished cleaning and Lysoling even more. So, the party happened. It was awesome. Everyone had a good time. So, I guess it was a success.


This one is primarily peachy and pineapple-y. It’s very sweet without any add ins, and seems to leave a tingly, cooling feeling on the tongue. It very much like drinking fruit juice instead of tea. I can see why everyone prefers this one iced, though I did like it hot, as well.

Thanks Courtney! I can totally see how this would be amazing with pineapple juice too!

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

pineapple juice! that’s a nice idea….


I love pineapple juice – a really nice idea!


So delicious with pineapple juice! All last summer I kept a 1L of this in my fridge at all times haha.

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1220 tasting notes

yay, received a box of a big swap with Kittenna where we use our amazing US-Canada trading partnership on a smaller scale for small all this DavidsTea minus an exchange rate. It was hard to choose where to begin.

Since I’ve never had a bamboo tea, and I was really thirsty for a cool drink, I figured I’d start here. This stuff smells interesting!

Lots of fruit chunks lead to an awesome fruity flavor. I definitely get lots of peach with a hint of pineapple, but I did get like 3 peach slices in the t-sac. Then there’s the weird aftertaste of bamboo with its nice cooling effect too. Kind of herbaceous and a little like basil. Makes for something tasty with the fruit.

I’m going to give it another steep too, probably just leave it steeping until it’s cool. Good stuff. Although I don’t really need to cool down today since it’s pretty nice out, this is still delicious.


Hahahahaha, I’m pretty stoked about my little trading partnerships :D Saving me a lot of money! And it’s fun, too.

In completely random news, I met a guy from Atlanta at the conference I was attending the past few days. I’m not going to ask if you might know him, because that would be silly, but I just felt like saying something, hahahaha. He was revelling in the cooler, drier weather of Saskatoon.


It is! I’m mad now though, I woke up this morning and Mahamosa has a 25% off coupon. If only it was around before.

I can imagine it feels good to be far north. It’s not been bad the past few days but the humidity is still terrible. It would be pretty amazing if I knew him, but totally unlikely haha.


So typical. SO typical. :( Oh well.

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1184 tasting notes

I have never had bamboo before, so this was new for me. I like it!

Hot: fruity with mostly peach taste and a little pineapple, but I do get that “coolness” from the bamboo. Some people mentioned a weird aftertaste and I am getting it a little bit here.

Cold brewed: Even better peachy pineapple goodness. I am getting less of the weird aftertaste.

I might have to stock up on this one this summer.

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200 tasting notes

This came in my big package from momo.

This is yummy! Hot it wasn’t bad, but it did have this odd weird taste (probably from the bamboo). I put it in fridge overnight and I’m enjoying it today. This is MUCH better cold and it’s very refreshing. Nice pinapple flavor, although other fruits come through as well. No sweetener needed.


my store is perpetually at sauna temperatures so i literally chug iced bamboozled some days. I love it

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6744 tasting notes

Cold Brew: 16 hour total? Right around there – maybe a little longer though?

This was nice! It’s a refreshing peach punch type drink with a crisp, vegetal undertone. That said, it didn’t knock my socks off and I don’t feel that compelled to quickly stock up before DT stops stocking this one (it’s being “retired” as a blend; there’s a week or so left to stock up. Something like that, anyway…). Not when I know there are other bamboo teas to keep stocked/try out.

I am a little sad it’s being discontinued though; even though I don’t want a ton, it’s something I would have liked to occasionally refill for cold brewing…

It definitely put me in a peach mood, though! I have another peach tea cold brewing for tomorrow. We’ll see if this flavour craving carries on into tomorrow by the time it’s ready.


It’s being retired?! WHY? Gah. I love this one cold brewed with the addition of pineapple juice.

Roswell Strange

This one, Superberry, Big Apple, and Exotica. They announced it on their FB page to give people a chance to stock up.


This is such a basic question so please excuse me. What is up with this cold brewing business? How do you do it? Why do you do it? Steepster is teaching me so much!


I personally add leaf to a mason jar, or other vessel, then pour in water and let it set in my fridge for hours – 8, 10, 12 type thing. Delish. I’ve also just put normally brewed tea in the fridge to cool as well. :)


Cold water.


Have you tried cold-brewing Rishi’s Peach Blossom White?

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