Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

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  • “I couldn’t help it, I had to try this one right away in comparison. First off, the dry leaf smells much less strongly milky and creamy; it’s more fresh and green. You can certainly tell which one...” Read full tasting note
  • “I brewed this in my little gongfu pot today. I did 7 steeps: rinse,25s,35s,45s,55s,65s,75s,85s. It took longer for the creamy taste to develop using this method. And it seemed to be more vegetal...” Read full tasting note
  • “Another sipdown! (96) I find this one has a mild floral taste, a bit of grassiness and a lot of cream to it. It seems like this milk oolong is stronger some of the other unflavoured milk oolongs...” Read full tasting note
  • “Went to bed last night before I had a chance to log this because my computer was acting up: I finally decided that this tea is just too good not to drink. It’s just my last packet so I think I was...” Read full tasting note

From Teavivre

Origin: Alishan, Nantou, Taiwan

Ingredients: Evenly and tightly rolled tea leaves

Taste: Natural unique milk and osmanthus aroma

Brew: 3-4 teaspoons for 8oz of water. Brew at 212 ºF (100 ºC) for 1 to 3 minutes (exact time depends on your taste – a longer time will give the tea a stronger taste and color)

Health Benefits: The substance in the tea helps to prevent the decaying of teeth and halting the plaque build-up and also reduce the growth of glucosyltransferase. Polyphenolic compounds in Jin Xuan Oolong can prevent overall oxidise, and Purine alkaloids have the function of clear free radicals, so that it can have effect of preventing aging.

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197 Tasting Notes

676 tasting notes

Thank you Teavivre for this lovely tea sample!

It has been quite a day!
Schey (granddaughter) and I went to Algiers Hookah bar (first time for her) and had a good time together. Her mom (my daughter) looked at us as though we were misbehaving teen’s. Harrumph! (She used to shave her hair on the sides so what can she say to me now!) We tried a Melon blend…too harsh. Then a Mint Vanilla blend that was just right. There we were…on our pillows with a pot of sweetened mint tea, lounging with our hookah. So relaxed.

I took Schey home…and Micah (7) ran to the car with a DVD for me to watch tonight. One of his favorites…Puss and Boots. ;)

I had my camera and since my daughter lives 10 miles from me and close to Douglas Lake (great views of the Frontrange Rocky Mountains)I went down the road and took a few pictures just to get an idea of how big the current Hill Park Fire is. (If you look at the picture, I live under the black smoke on the left…up against the mountains).

By the time I got home I was hungry! I made a smoked salmon pizza and waited for the right time to start tea.

I’d been waiting for this Milk Oolong!

The perfect ending to a lovely day would be this tea.

The Pour:
Elegant and light, full of the most beautiful luscious flavor on my first tenuous sip.
(I had no idea what the meaning of the milk part would be. Creaminess? Milk flavor? I still don’t know what that means. I didn’t taste anything like milk.)

If you took the most fragrant flowers (gardenia, vanilla, jasmine, orchid) and made them into a light and creamy dessert without any perfumey harshness, that would be the taste in this tea. There was a flavor surge, right after the first liquor passed my lips… a wave… almost immediately followed by endless creaminess and richness.
As the tea cooled the thickness and creaminess increased making me lick my lips and look to the bottom of my cup anxious for more, needing more like a tea addict.(Oh yes we all know about this!)

No way would I want to share this pot of tea with anyone tonight(but maybe with you). I want it all to myself(really). Every drop was dripping heavily with nectar-like creamy goodness. As smooth as fine silk sheets…a luxury tea to dream with.

No,no I was not tea drunk…wish I was with this tea though…
It was delightful.

Thank you Teavivre for the perfect tea for completing my day!

Fire Photo from Douglas Lake today…http://flic.kr/p/ceWazy


Schey is beautiful! But look at her gma right! :)
Glad you found a nice tobbacy you enjoyed!
You should really eat BEFORE smoking though to avoid headahces – they should have given you some little snack!
Anyway always LOVE your reviews!
The smoke looks to be getting pretty thick there!


I ate pita yoghurt and zaatar before going at about 2pm. Got home 6 ish


I second that Schey is a very pretty young lady. I looked at many of your pictures and you have a beautiful family.




I agree!

Jim Marks

What are you, Antiochian now? Hookahs? Not enough smoke for you out in nature? ;-)

The “milk” is an “edible flavor adding to enhance the milk flavour”.

I noticed it as an extremely creamy mouthfeel and a bit of grittiness after two or three steeps when it began to break down.


Jim…Schey is Antiochian and I was until moving here. My brother is an Antiochian Deacon. (For those who don’t know Antioch was the first place where believers in Christ were called Christians. In the America’s, we have Orthodox from all over the World and the Antiochian is from the area of Damascus, Palestine, Lebanon etc.)…hence the hookah comment! We are all one Faith though! And, we have native American Saints too

Jim Marks

As you said, it was too good to pass up ;-)



Invader Zim

Thank you for explaining that for us Bonnie, well at least for me since I had no idea what Antiochian was. I learned something today!


Jim is a Chanter. He sings the Psalms and Hymns during the services of the Church. We sing much of our service. No band or Piano’s etc. We do have Choirs. Chanters are very important!!!

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635 tasting notes

Phew, I am sore! I’ve been the exemplary sedentary American. I know I need to get more, or rather I should say any, exercise. My fiancé bought me the Zumba 2 Wii game for Christmas, and I finally broke it out yesterday. Holy crap! That game is WAAAAY harder than I anticipated! I couldn’t even finish a medium intensity full length class. I kept thinking, this has to be the last song, and then another one would play. Rinse and repeat. Ugh, I literally hurt in the weirdest places, like my lower back and love handles. Hopefully, that means I’ll lose fat from those areas, but it remains to be seen how effective of a workout it will be. I even have rug burn on my toes. :( Tip: Don’t dance barefoot on carpet for an hour. I also think it would be more fun as a live class. Still, there are some benefits to being alone in my apartment, such as no one has to witness my incredibly uncoordinated dance skills, or lack thereof.

Anyway, get on to the tea already! This is my first milk oolong experience, courtesy of Teavivre and their generous free samples!

The dry leaves smell really good! The aroma is like regular oolong but richer somehow and maybe a little darker. Woodsy definitely isn’t the correct description because that’s reserved for the dark Formosa oolongs. But there’s definitely an added component here than what’s in a regular green oolong.

I did a quick 1 minute steep. The tightly rolled balls unfurled into huge, whole leaves with long stems attached to the ends. The brewed tea aroma is luscious. This is definitely a green oolong but again, somehow richer and more distinctive than non-milk oolongs. It’s like the difference between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. This tea is definitely the dark chocolate.

I really want to drink it, but I know I’ll burn all the taste buds off my tongue if I do. A few patient minutes later and…Wow, from that build up of aroma I didn’t expect the taste to be so subtle. It’s definitely flavorful, but a lot of the flavor is in the aftertaste. It does have a certain creaminess to it, but I wouldn’t describe it as milky.

From experience, I know that the second or third steep is usually better than the first. So, I’m hopeful that the next cup will be better. That’s not to say this cup was bad, not by any means. It just wasn’t fully developed, akin to unripened fruit.

Second steep for 2 minutes and now the leaves have fully unfurled. Ah yes, and there’s a much more developed oolong flavor now too. It’s buttery and floral, but honestly I can’t tell that much difference between this and a Tie Guan Yin. Hmm, that second cup disappeared rather quickly…time to brew a third! I’ll try 3.5 minutes this time.

The flavor is still going strong. It’s a little less creamy but still enjoyable. I don’t have much to add so I think I’ll end the tasting note here. But I plan to keep steeping these leaves until there’s no flavor left or until my belly is sloshing with tea, whichever comes first. ;)

EDIT: I completely forgot about the fourth cup and let it steep for what must have been an hour or two. But it’s still delicious! No bitterness or astringency whatsoever. This is an amazing tea!

Boiling 1 min, 0 sec

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357 tasting notes

This is the second Milk oolong that I’ve ever tried – Another lovely Christmas gift from my Dad (that I bought and gave to him to give to me, but still, it’s a gift. I love doing that – I am sure to get perfect gifts every time). It starts off light, fresh, and grassy. With subsequent steeps it develops a greater depth of flavor with a subtle buttery smoothness. Although this tea leans towards the grassy side, it somehow balances perfectly to provide flavor without ever pushing over into bitterness. I was hoping that the light buttery notes in the subsequent steeps would eventually emerge into nuttiness, but it never quite got there. Still, it’s a lovely tea, which re-steeps very well.


Perfect gift, perfect description :-)


Haha. We do that as well. All of us. Christmas usually means each buying his or her own presents and arriving with them at my parents’ house in the afternoon, just to take them home again in the evening. My dad and I often even have tested our presents prior to Christmas.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Haha I totally do that at Christmas too :)


Teafairy -Thanks. My Dad usually wants to buy me tea, but he has no idea about buying anything online, and when it comes to tea, he’s nowhere near as into it as I am. I know he would like to surprise me, but it’s just too difficult. I tend to buy things well in advance and give them to him (to give to me), and that way I forget about them and I’m still surprised….Sometimes my short-attention span pays off ;)

@Barbara – That sounds like fun too. Although, if I tested my tea presents I think I’d be pushing it :D


@whatshesaid – So much easier right?

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

And then you get exactly what you’d love!!

Rachel Sincere

My family relies heavily on the Amazon wish list.


I’m willing to bet that all of us have some kind of tea on our wish lists ;)

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647 tasting notes

Thank you Alysha for a sample of this!!

Over the last month or so I’ve become slightly obsessed with oolongs. I want ALL the oolongs.

I had recently fallen for Davidstea’s Quangzhou Milk Oolong and wanted to try another milk oolong! Actually I want to try ALL the milk oolongs!

Since the Davidstea one is the only comparison I have, that’s what I did. First I drank some of this alone, then I made them both side by side and did a little taste test!

My conclusion was that to my mostly untrained taste buds, this one is slightly more vegetal, where the Davidstea one is a bit creamier and slightly sweeter. It makes me wonder if the Davidstea one is flavoured?? Regardless I prefer the Davidstea version, but if they’re sneaking flavouring in there that would be an unfair advantage for sure. This one was really good though and I’d buy some in the future! Brewed at like 85 degrees for 3 min or so.


Im not sure if you saw this but Teavivre has this same tea but flavoured(milk). It may be more up your alley and slightly less vegetal. I bought 100g of it a couple weeks ago and cant wait for it to arrive. There oolongs are great prices and its free shipping if you spend $30(thats worldwide shipping. I know how angry expensive shipping makes you). Oolong is my fave tea so maybe I will try Davids next time Im near a store.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Lol yeah high shipping costs make me rage :p
I did see there is a flavoured option and it ’s on my wish list! :)


I got 5 teas from them. Figured the price is right and free shipping!!!. I will be so happy if its good

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I will look out for your reviews!


I have some of Della Terra’s Creme de la Creme oolong, if you want a sample? It’s lovely.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

I would love to try it! Go check out my cupboard to see if there’s anything you are interested in trying, it’s pretty up to date, it’s just the quantities may be low for some :)


Sounds good, I will take a look. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to throw in with it.

ohfancythat (whatshesaid)

Totally forgot about this, haha

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141 tasting notes

Thank you LiberTEAS for this great sample!

This is one fine Milk Oolong! It is a lighter creamy oolong, with faint fruity notes. Very smooth and relaxing. Plenty of depth and substance in flavor.

The color is a light yellowish color, and almost has hints of a fresh ripe honeydew melon in the end of the sip. There is not a noticeable bitterness with this tea, even with a longer steeping. This tea also takes a higher water temperature very well.

This is definitely an oolong that’s in a class of its own. Very delightful and delicious!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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6770 tasting notes

Thanks for this one Liberteas!

I may just be the LAST person on steepster to try this! LOL – It seems like many have beat me to it! Regardless – I’m super excited!!!!

I agree with Liberteas saying this is more subtle than other milkly oolongs – it has a more gentle milk texture and taste and not that more intense sour-sweet type flavor that others seem to. I appreciate that difference!

I love how the flavor lingers! It’s FAB!


You’re not the last – I still have samples I haven’t tried! I’ve heard so many good things about it though!


You are the official Last One! Congratulations!

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4847 tasting notes


This is absolutely lovely. The milk tones are subtle compared to a manipulated (flavored) milk Oolong, but, I like that. It allows the natural tones of flower and nut to come forward, and gives it a subtle “warm milk” kind of flavor in the background that is remarkably soothing.

Truly a delicious Oolong. I’m on the combination of infusions three and four as I type this, and I think I’ll take it for a couple more.


I think this just went on my order!

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1113 tasting notes

I was in the mood for something vegetal this morning, and this creamy greeny milk oolong is hitting the spot. Hurray for Oolong Sampler pack from Teavivre!

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2270 tasting notes

Angel and Teavivre were very kind to include a sample of this tea in my last sample box that arrived from them! They noticed I had mentioned in one review wanting to try an unflavored since their flavored sample was my first mik oolong.

I had my bestie over today for Japanese Lettuce Wraps. I was really in the mood for some Teavivre Monkey Picked Oolong, but only had enough of my sample left for a small pot. I ordered a full pouch but it hasn’t arrived yet, so I went ahead and made a small pot of Monkey Picked and a bigger pot of this. It is a great opportunity to compare both.

Sniffing both of these made me giddy. The Monkey Picked was just what I was looking forward to – baked, rich aroma and ultra smooth. I sniffed this one and was surprised at the great difference! It smelled so green, so floral, and the baked aroma was very much in the background, not right in front like Monkey Picked.

I sipped this one first and wondered if I was losing my mind. This unflavored milk oolong has more of a milky taste and feel to me than I remember the flavored one having! Oh so smooth, lightly floral, deliciously milky. My guest loved it and drank a lot more tea today than she usually has at my house!

Both of these were excellent teas! We finished both pots, and I am so glad I have a Teavivre order on the way! Thank you, Teavivre, for expanding my horizons and letting me try this, I think between the unflavored and flavored milk oolong, I would buy the unflavored!

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290 tasting notes

Mmm, milky goodness. Enjoying this one more, I think, because I knew what to expect second time around. Thank goodness Teavivre does such excellent large samples. It gives you a real chance to get a proper feel for the tea.

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