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Black Tea
Chinese Black Tea
Apricot, Baked Bread, Dried Fruit, Malt, Wood, Brown Toast, Camphor, Caramel, Chocolate, Cream, Eucalyptus, Fruity, Honey, Orange, Peach, Raisins, Sweet Potatoes, Burnt Sugar, Cocoa, Smooth, Stonefruits, Sweet, Dark Chocolate, Mineral, Musty, Tannin, Tea, Brown Sugar, Citrus, Molasses, Corn Husk, Salt, Cinnamon, Creamy, Broth, Cherry, Dates, Muscatel, Red Fruits, Wet Wood, Plums, Berry, Grain, Cherry Wood, Oak wood, Floral, Yams, Mint, Toast, Custard, Earth, Thick
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 4 g 12 oz / 369 ml

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From Whispering Pines Tea Company

If I were the Mad Hatter, what tea would I serve to the Jabberwocky? Perhaps the uffish beast would enjoy something chocolaty? Maybe a finish of eucalyptus would soothe his frumious mind! Mind you, with teeth like snicker-snack’s there would be no turning back so it must be pleasing to the eyes! Purple, green, brown between, so pretty his eyes will gyre! So through the tulgey forest I shall brew and pour us a beautiful cup of the most beautimus tea that he will ever see. I must say – the slithy toves will run away, the jubjub bird will feel okay, and at brillig under the tumtum tree, the Jabber and me will sip some tea! He will chortle and the manxome beast will burble out that he is pleased and the days of worrying that he will eat you will be far away – oh frabjous day!

No more mimsy cups of tea! The Jabberwocky is strong and smooth with a full mouth of wildflower nectar and honey drizzled on a fresh french baguette with a light hint of salt. The middle of the sip hints at creamy chocolate and plum dipped in luscious silky caramel. The finish is strong of camphor and eucalyptus and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and wanting more! The beautiful wet leaves are light brown, mottled with green and purple, and emit the aroma of honey, camphor, and a cool mineral freshness reminiscent of standing at the edge of a raging river. Enjoy the strong qi of this smooth and silky brew anytime of the day, and don’t worry about over-brewing…we knew that the Jabberwocky didn’t like bitterness or astringency, so you won’t find either in this cup!

Ingredients: Fujian Black Tea, Ailaoshan Black Tea, Wild Arbor Yunnan Black Tea

Notes: Honey, Nectar, Salted Caramel, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Cocoa, Stonefruit, French Bread


About Whispering Pines Tea Company View company

Whispering Pines Tea Company is dedicated to bringing you the most original, pure, beautiful tea blends. We use only the highest quality ingredients available to create additive-free teas teas inspired by the pristine wilderness of Northern Michigan. Our main focus is on customer satisfaction and quality.

99 Tasting Notes

1 tasting notes

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31 tasting notes

Forgot to save my previous note on this, so this will be just a short and quick review.

I prepare this tea mainly gongfu style, but I have also done it western

With gongfu, early steeps contain a very fruity apricot taste (specifically dried apricot). But subsequent infusions adopts a heavier wood-like taste with malt and dried apricot background. I haven’t seen how it tasted following the end-stage infusions, so can’t give much of a comment on that.

I did prepare this western style once quite a while ago, and I do have to say that western style is the recommended way to approach this tea. It had a very complex yet harmonic taste, consisting of fruits (with apricot as main), honey, general sweetness, light wood, chocolate, and a maltyness around it. I believe gongfu style doesn’t allow the blend of leaves to steep sufficiently enough to have the combined flavour from all of them, but instead prefers the faster steeping leaves over the others.

Not a bad tea, but not recommended if you prefer tea gongfu style.

Flavors: Apricot, Baked Bread, Dried Fruit, Malt, Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 4 OZ / 110 ML

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402 tasting notes

Since I haven’t reviewed too many blends this month, I motivated myself to finally break out the last of this one. A blend of three Chinese black teas, The Jabberwocky has become one of Whispering Pines’ signature teas. It is a highly regarded blend with a wide following here on Steepster. I found it to more or less live up to the hype.

I prepared this tea gongfu style. After a quick rinse, I steeped 6 grams of loose tea leaves in 4 ounces of 205 F water for 5 seconds. I followed this infusion up with 14 additional infusions. Steep times for these infusions were as follows: 8 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 25 seconds, 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 50 seconds, 1 minute, 1 minute 15 seconds, 1 minute 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes.

Prior to the rinse, the dry tea leaves produced interesting aromas of chocolate, honey, wood, and stone fruits. After the rinse, the honey and stone fruit aromas intensified and were joined by emerging scents of orange, toast, and malt. The first infusion produced a bouquet that saw malt and toast aromas continue to develop. In the mouth, a pleasant and robust mix of wood, brown toast, fresh bread, cream, malt, honey, orange, caramel, sweet potato, and indistinct stone fruit notes washed across the palate. Subsequent infusions produced a bouquet that was maltier, fruitier, and more honeyed. Aromas and flavors of raisin, apricot, nectarine, and peach emerged. I also began to catch hints of camphor, eucalyptus, and minerals on the finish. Later infusions were dominated by wood, malt, chocolate, brown toast, and citrus notes coupled with touches of caramel and stone fruits. The camphor, mineral, and eucalyptus notes on the finish were also amplified, producing a unique and soothing cooling effect.

This is probably one of the most complex and refined black tea blends I have ever tried. It was not quite what I was expecting (I had heard that this blend was incredibly strong, so I was expecting it to absolutely knock me for a loop), but I was far from disappointed. Though it mellowed a little quicker than I would have liked, it still had considerable staying power and a gorgeous layering of aromas and flavors. Definitely put this stuff on your wishlist if you have not yet tried it.

Flavors: Apricot, Baked Bread, Brown Toast, Camphor, Caramel, Chocolate, Cream, Eucalyptus, Fruity, Honey, Malt, Orange, Peach, Raisins, Sweet Potatoes, Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 6 g 4 OZ / 118 ML

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100 tasting notes

A pleasant cup, although not what I was expecting. I don’t have the most sophisticated taste buds in the first place, but I missed a lot of the notes in the first try of this one. I have some left so I’ll keep trying. What I did get was a very pleasant, malty sort of tea with a rich bready taste. Good and comforting. My leaves weren’t purple, but I love the name and the label.

Flavors: Malt

4 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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354 tasting notes

The SO’s request for the morning. Didn’t have time for gongfu before she has to be at work, so we did western, following WP’s recommendations.

The dry leaves are dark and twisted, once wet they expand to reveal an even light brown color. The liquor is a nice amber, much lighter in color than I expected.

I sip. The texture is smooth, and I’m getting cocoa notes and some woodiness with a stone fruit aftertaste.

I’m enjoying this. Time for a resteep. 4.5 minutes.

It’s sweet! I’m getting a light sugary taste behind the cocoa and wood, and it’s still mostly smooth. The aftertaste is still stone fruit. And the qi hit me during the resteep, totally taking me by surprise.

Overall, quite enjoyable for me, so I’m very glad we decided to give this a shot.

Flavors: Burnt Sugar, Cocoa, Smooth, Stonefruits, Sweet, Wood

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 4 g 8 OZ / 236 ML

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1752 tasting notes

I had the delight of tasting this amazing black tea today, and it surpassed my expectations. I followed the western brewing methods on the WP website and did my first steep for 3 minutes in just under boiling water. Second steep was 5 minutes at the same time.

The liquid is a beautiful brown, and it smells more like a standard black tea than anything else. The first few sips I thought it was a bit tannic, but after that, the flavours of cocoa and rich dark chocolate came out of hiding. It really does have a strong cocoa flavour, and a bit of sweetness that comes with good quality teas.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cocoa, Dark Chocolate, Mineral, Musty, Sweet, Tannin, Tea

205 °F / 96 °C 1 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

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42 tasting notes

This was the last of the samples sent to me by a kind steepster. Smells great but the tannins quickly overwhelm my tastebuds. Fortunately, a bit of honey tames the Jabberwocky making a nice Saturday morning cup.

I’m afraid the black tea tannins pretty much mask the other tastes and smells or my olfactory and taste systems just aren’t that subtle. However, this was enjoyable. I could easily see myself sipping this on a cold winter morning. Even on this not quite chilly Saturday morning it’s a nice warming cup.

Flavors: Malt, Tannin

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

I had the same experience. I didn’t taste cocoa or other things other than a malty taste (although good) either. I’ll keep sipping and see what I pick up next time.

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2175 tasting notes

I have become some sort of sipdown obsessed machine. A machine I tell you! I am so eager to see the cupboard shrink!
The bad part of this is that I am finishing off teas I really quite like, and that means I shall soon be daunted by a wall of teas I feel meh about, and that’s the circumstance that leads to additional tea purchases.
Well, I’ve decided that no new teas until I sip down to 50 teas in the cupboard. I can do this!
This is a long way of saying that this was my last cup of this lovely blend for a while. The Jabberwocy was a lovely addition to my cupboard, and I will probably bring it back at some point. Its got a wonderfully rich and complex flavor.
And now its gone.


you can do it!

Evol Ving Ness

Rosehips, do you keep a spreadsheet or how do you keep track?

Evol Ving Ness

Also, yay, way to go with firm resolve. You inspire me.


I wish I was organized enough for a spreadsheet! I use the Steepster Cupboard to log my teas, and add and remove as they are acquired or sipped down. Its worked for me so far!

Evol Ving Ness

Thank you! Not something I’ve been doing, but there’s hope. :)

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80 tasting notes

It’s 3am and my back pain has been keeping me awake. Despite painkillers and my heating pad I just can’t sleep and I need liquid comfort. I dragged myself out of bed and to my little tea making station in the bathroom(yeah it sounds weird but I don’t like to go downstairs at night, so I keep a few select teas and a cheapy electric kettle in my bathroom.)

I can’t really write a decent review because I’m way out of it but this is exactly what it needs to be tonight. Liquid comfort. It’s smooth and rich. And teay(yes spellcheck that is what I meant to type). See what I mean about being out of it?

Sometimes this tea is good to sip but it also stands up to being gulped. It seems like not a lot of teas are truly lovely when being gulped down by the mouthful but The Jabberwocky doesn’t lose it’s charm.

Ok, my cup is almost empty so I should try and close my eyes again. I am feeling a bit better. Vicodin or tea? Probably both.


I find that in some ways tea does more than Vicodin anyway. When I had a serious back injury a while back Vicodin didn’t do much.


I agree. It takes the edge off but that’s about it.

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279 tasting notes

A cup of malty good liquor. I’m drinking the second half of the sample in my Gaiwan, and I must say that it’s pretty good stuff. I noted a few days ago that it released a lot of caffeine through my veins and kept me energized for the 50 students at Summer Camp.

However, this tea is wonderful. I enjoy the nutty-malty-chocolaty undertones to the brew; which fortunately will allow me stay up later tonight on the account that it’s Friday, and that I don’t need to be anywhere tomorrow morning.

On a side note: I had recently experienced a mishap to my electric water kettle, and had to purchase a second one—although much more fancy than the last—which allows me to brew to the precise temperature needed for each tea. Plus, it was a fairly priced pot that I was discounted due to the frequent stops that I make at the local shop. The owner even gave a few samples to try that he thought I’d like; which was thoughtful.



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