59 Tasting Notes

drank Cool Cucumber by DAVIDsTEA
59 tasting notes

This one was the TOTD today, so I gave it a try. It was served hot and I liked the cucumber taste, which was the most present. I didn’t buy it because I thought I would wait until next time, until winter is over, because I wanna try it COLD! And I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome! Between us, hot cucumber sound like “mehh..”. So it was nice, but I would rather drink it cold. I will update the rating when I do so!

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It’s a nice tea to have in your collection if you like the taste of cinnamon sticks. That’s about the taste you’re gonna get, along with a slight clove flavor. It’s good enough to buy again. I would’ve liked more of the orange taste, though. I thought it was gonna be present but mehh..

Flavors: Cinnamon, Cloves

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Not much to say except it tastes what it announces: chamomile and lavender. Of course, it makes me sleepy so that’s great because I need it so much sometimes. The tea bags are full enough for 2 cups so it’s great to steep in a teapot to share with someone :)

I always have to buy it, now. It DOES make me sleepy. A lot. Try it if you’re walking around the house all night.

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drank Cherry Blossom by DAVIDsTEA
59 tasting notes

I’d like to try this one… But could anyone tell me if it tastes like the other DT’s Cherry Potion?? (Read here: I hated Cherry Potion)

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What could I say… I don’t really know why I added this one to my last DT’s order. The name was nice I guess. Oh, and I love peppermint. I’m not sick but I wanted to give it a try today because I went out in the cold, the rain and all that snow and ice. So I felt I needed this.

The dry leaves smell is strong, like Vicks. Once steeped, it’s weaker. I can pick the peppermint and the orange tastes behind the eucalyptus. I guess it may indeed help to feel better when you are sick :)

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I haven’t had this one for almost a whole year I think. I was out of stock and a bit reticent to buy again because it’s a bit expensive. I had to order this week so I thought I might take a 50g bag. I think I like it even more than I used to. Slight taste, very creamy and comforting smell.

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drank Spiced Fig by DAVIDsTEA
59 tasting notes

I got this one as a free sample with a David’s tea order. It has this amazing smells so I couldn’t wait to drink it. To be honest, I was disappointed because I put the whole sample (5g) for my cup and the taste was so weak, I would’ve needed more. So I let it steep forever, until I finished it. At the end, the taste was more present and I can say it was like spicy molasses, which I liked. But still, I didn’t get what I wanted because of the too small quantity in the sample. I will wait to try again before I rate it.

8 min or more

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drank Choconut Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
59 tasting notes

Hmmm? Why is this tea so unpopular?

I got it as a free sample with a David’s Tea order. It looked delicious so I immediately tried it. It has an awesome smell, just like a good hazelnut latte. The first sip was kinda weird, I’m not gonna lie. It doesn’t exactly tastes what its smell promises. I kept drinking it, trying to understand the tastes. I found out that the weird taste was probably coming from the cocoa husks, it indeed has an husk-y flavour. But then I found out a quick dark chocolate note and a sweet/addicting final. The more I was drinking, the more I could find the slight hazelnut taste. All of these associated combined in a rich and creamy tea, it’s not bad at all. At first I didn’t think I would buy again but now I kinda changed my mind; I would.

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I ordered teas this weekend because of free shipping and I was kinda wondering if I should get this one. When you order, you have to take at least 50g of each kind so if you don’t like the tea, it’s kind of a big loss. I went for the no. Funny coincidence, a work colleague came with this today and offered me a cup. I couldn’t say no!

1st steep: Yummy, creamy and reminded me a little of cocomintcream, one of the 2012 December teas. The white chocolate brings the creamy and slight sweet side. I didn’t taste the pepper much, though. But I dunno, some people may think it’s enough present. I’m used to hot and spicy stuff so I may less notice.

2nd steep: Tasted like ordinary mint herbal tea, which is not bad because mint herbal tea is nice.

Verdict: I should have bought…maybe. I will soon, no worries! But last year’s cocomint cream was way better.

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Hi, I’m a canadian woman in the late 20’s and I speak french so I’m sorry for the eventual misspellings!

I mostly drink teas from David’s tea collection because they are more accessible to me, they are also friendly and diversified. Basically, I don’t really like the taste of tea if it’s not mixed with anything else. That’s why, on my steepster blog, you’ll always only find ratings of flavoured, spicy, chocolatey, fruity or herbal teas :) In fact, I was only drinking herbal teas before I discover David’s tea because I didn’t really know anything about tea varieties.

I always find a good moment for a cup of tea. Sometimes it will replace my morning coffee, sometimes it will give me a little extra when I’m working on my university essay. I also love to drink it at work and before I go to bed. I always have tea with me, just in case!

And here are my ratings:
100 = Cannot live without
90-99 = Excellent, I will NEED to buy again
75-89 = Very good, I would buy again, why not?
70-74 = Good, I would drink if I had some, but I wouldn’t mind not having some
50-69 = Disappointing but still drinkable
0-49 = Erm… No.


Quebec, Canada

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