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Today started off with quite a bad stomach ache and of course… I knew just where to turn: Sheng cha!
I have been waiting to try this special pu for a while now. Unfortunately, I was recently very, very spoiled by having the SMOOTHEST young sheng I have ever had in my entire life, thus my experience with this mellow sheng left a bit to be desired.
It is a very easy going tea. I would recommend it to those who do not have a lot of experience with sheng as during my infusions it has been very forgiving. It kind of reminds me of a young honest horse; the type that even if you didn’t line up a jump correctly, they will still give it their all and make the jump anyway. Those were always my favorite horses and always got the most treats. :) Funnily enough, that is not where the horse resemblance stops with this tea, either. It has some lovely notes of clean horse hair (in the throat of the tea), hay, and the dusty dirt of a pristine barn. To me, these are all very good things. Aside from that, it has notes of orchid, camphor, some nuttiness, and a nice caramel sweetness that is faint.
I have a feeling that this will age nicely, however, I am not sure if I want to invest in a full cake yet. We will see… Right now, I am just so grateful for a good cuppa and a quiet morning before work.


Nice review!


well, did it help your stomach?

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Brew style: Gongfu in gaiwan
Temperature: 205 degrees F

Dry aroma: Flowers, cannot place the exact type, but ones that occur in tropical places, plumeria, creamed honey, sugarcane, ripe tropical fruit, hint of cotton candy
Throat: Hard caramel candy, sweet buttered cinnamon toast, touch of tropical flowers
Wet leaf aroma: Roasting wood and leaves, honey, plumeria, hint of fruit and cinnamon
Brew aroma: Melted butter with brown sugar, flowers, hint of green woods, fruit, small hint of vanilla and almonds
Brew color: Medium gold with tinge of brown
Taste: Overtones of fruit that turns into a sugar like sweetness at the end. Distinct note of plum upfront and apple in the middle alongside other fruits that mingle seamlessly (to the point in which I can only say that it mainly tastes of fresh tropical fruit salad). Small note of woods, almonds, cinnamon and cream. Subtly complex. Slight creamy mouthfeel. Medium length.

205 °F / 96 °C

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Brew style: Gongfu in gaiwan
Temperature: 205 degrees F

Dry aroma: Fragrant orchids, sweet cream, sugarcane, caramel, beautiful roasted aroma
Throat: Caramel right before it’s done, candy-like sweetness, roasting wood, hint of fruit
Wet leaf aroma: Woods, vegetal, fresh apples, nuts, faint hint of caramel
Brew aroma: Butter, cream, sweet caramel, orchids, extremely complex
Brew color: ’Very, very light gold
Taste: Notes evolve on the tongue quickly but noticeably, very complex. Immediately hit with the quintessential moderately roasted Dong Ding flavor. Notes of caramel right before it begins to burn, woods, roasted nuts, flowers. Smooth, bright, and bold. Medium length. In second infusion, notes of toast and more roasted nuts begin to emerge. A hint of sweetness lingers throughout.

205 °F / 96 °C

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14 bowls of matcha… in one sitting over a few hours from Red Leaf Tea. I’ve never had so much energy in my entire life. XD

(I’m really behind on notes… I have a list of about 100 teas that I have had since my last tasting note two months ago… yikes…)


14 bowls?? are u serious? i love matcha btw. Red Leaf is awesome! did u have it plain or flavored?

Tea Pet

Yeah… fourteen… It was incredibly stupid and I do not recommend anyone doing that! Haha! The company needed reviewers for a fourteen different matchas and I volunteered to be one of the reviewers. I decided to just take a morning and review them all. All of them were plain matcha. It was probably one of the stupidest tea related things I have ever done. I should have spaced them out over a series of days… but no… All the matcha!!


hahah! that’s hilarious….but i can’t say it isn’t awesome ;)

Short Sorceress

14 at once, that’s some serious matcha dedication! The last time I reviewed different sample matchas for Red Leaf I had to split my session into 3 days and even then I had trouble getting to sleep at night.

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Brew style: Gongfu in gaiwan
Temperature: 200 degrees F

Dry aroma: Roasted wood, honey, raisins, cherry, milk chocolate, very sweet chamomile flowers
Throat: Nutty, caramel, cream, milk chocolate, a hint of fruit
Wet leaf aroma: Roasted nuts, pure cacao, vanilla, cream, caramel
Brew aroma: Immediate plum, then caramel, nuts, vanilla, cream, milk chocolate.. a more subdued sweetness than the dry aroma
Brew color: Light to medium tawny brown, very clear
Taste: Honey hits first and then is followed by notes of milk chocolate and plum. Some notes of orchid in the middle. Honey and some faint notes of nuts and caramel linger. Long length. No astringency. Very smooth and quite mellow.

200 °F / 93 °C

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Finished the last of my Golden Peacock (aka 2010 Jin Kong Que)… In honor of World Goth Day, my SO and I are sporting some of our goth gear (my military hat with the Skinny Puppy logo and his favorite Tripp NYC pants) while having tea by candlelight and playing Tomb Raider.
Pu-erh shu and yancha, to me, seem like the most goth teas out of all the tea types. They are dark, mysterious, beautiful. And they are mostly misunderstood and under appreciated by many tea drinkers.
I absolutely love this tea. It has such a creamy mouth-feel and is so incredibly smooth. The notes remind me so much of winter honey from Kona. I think I got about ten infusions or so out of it. I definitely need to order more.

The set-up:


Skinny Puppy FTW!

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drank Yame Shincha #3 by Tea Wing
313 tasting notes

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drank Tippy Yunnan by Harney & Sons
313 tasting notes

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