Chen Sheng tea factory. ( teaurchin shop)

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Brews a golden brown. Definitely a strong flavor, citrus and smoke in perfect proportion. Very high quality leaves. Some good bitterness, a little huigan, but I keep tasting a pronounced sourness which to me is a flaw. It is a pretty good tea, but I personally didn’t like it as much as the other reviewers.


I have seen that one online, looks interesting. I have yet to put in an order with them.


Tea Urchin is a top notch outfit. This tea is definitely high quality, as are most of their house teas.



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This is a tea to savor and enjoy! Sampling before I make the final decision to purchase a full cake (punch line first – no question about the purchase now). The dry leaf is beautiful – light compression means lots of intact full leaves. Color is what I would describe as “mousy” brown.
While the aroma is enticing (sweet with a fruity overtone), of course sipping the tea soup provides the greatest pleasure – sweet, soft and creamy in the mouth with a pleasant swallow. There is a very gentle kuwei [pleasant bitterness] which I thoroughly enjoyed. Roughly 12 steeps and the tea continued to give – smooth until the very end. Cannot wait to get a whole cake to savor and enjoy over the years to come.

Boiling 6 g 4 OZ / 120 ML

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Seeing how the puerh of the day post has been going I decided to break this one out. It will actually be my second tasting of this cake. It seems loosely compressed so I was able to break out 10 grams very easily. I am using the Gaiwan to keep it pure in essence. I did a very short rinse, actually pouring the water out once it covered the leaves. I let it set about 20 mins or so to open up. it has a nice green pea aroma to it when I opened the lid up. I did 3 short 5 second steeps and put it all in one cup. this is not a subtle sheng but a tongue tingling honey sweet shot of mouth-feeling tea that will excite your tongue. It trails off with a slight enjoyable bitterness and this is one you can feel after you drink it. This is a very lively tea that I probably shouldn’t drink this late at night. This really a fine tea. Camphor ,citrus and some slight pine on the taste buds.

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 10 g 10 OZ / 295 ML

I’ve been wanting to try some of ole Chen out.

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