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Sipdown (136)!

Still trying to decide on whether I’m gonna renew my Amoda subscription; hashed out some of the pros and cons earlier today on Steepster chat. Right now I’m leaning against it; primarily because the three boxes I received in my gift subscription were pretty ginger/jasmine dominant – case in point this tea or the Ginger Jasmine green pearls from the January box. I’ve liked that I’ve been exposed to teas I would’ve otherwise ignored, but the ingredient diversity isn’t as strong as I want…

This was/is my daily cold brew – I’m finishing it off now. Plan was to drink it last night, but that didn’t happen ‘cause of the super ridiculous 16 hour sleep I had. It’s alright; but just your typical jasmine scented green. Not overly fake, I’ll give it that much – but I could always pop into one of my local stores like DT or Tea Desire and get something comparable for probably a better price.

Stumbled upon this store today:

EVERYTHING IS SO PRETTY AND GORGEOUS! I want all of it. Literally all of it. I put together a mock cart with a few things, trying to justify buying myself some pretty jewelry – my other favourite ‘online jeweler’, if you will, is NO WHERE near as affordable. But ugh; Pounds to Canadian Dollars is still so much.

Even if I just bought my favourite piece overall, with shipping, it’d be nearly $40! I know it’s really, really nice jewelry, but man I can’t afford that! I cry because I want pretty things and I can’t have pretty things!

PS. If anyone’s curious, this is my absolute favourite thing on the site:

Flavors: Jasmine, Vegetal


Pretty!! Gotta love unwanted tempations. I might go to the one of a kind show tomorrow. Ugh. I don’t need the wallet drain heh. But I do need to buy bday presents. Decisions :/


Wow, those earrings are pretty!


Wonder if we put together a group order for pretty things to get the free shipping how much the shipping would be then to send to you in Canada or to me in US… :)

Roswell Strange

@Nicole – The Steepster community should totally take advantage of group ordering/shipping for stuff other than tea. Other than the drain it’d have on my wallet, I don’t think there’s anything bad about that idea ;)


Yeah, I hear ya. It would be yet another thread I’d have to unsubscribe from. Tea people just have excellent taste. :)


Yeah, I hear ya. It would be yet another thread I’d have to unsubscribe from. Tea people just have excellent taste. :)


I love the space themed ones!

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So I got this in the Amoda box and I gotta say that all these herbal teas taste the same to me. Honestly. I wish I could tell them apart but I just can’t.

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Very delicate hint of cherry blossoms are a lovely addition to a nice green tea.

Flavors: Cherry Blossom, Grass, Green

3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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Love the citrusy spark of lemon in your tea? Then Sloane’s Jasmine Pink Lemonade is the tea for you! The flavor of lemonade lingers at the finish of each sip of this tea. This would make a great iced tea, especially with some sugar and fresh lemon slices. If served warm, Jasmine Pink Lemonade tea pairs well with sweet fruit flavored desserts and breads.

Here is my full review of Jasmine Pink Lemonade:

165 °F / 73 °C 3 min, 30 sec

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