T.C. said

Bonavita kettle

Just wanted to post I got this guy a month ago and I LOVE it
It’s super accurate on the temps (and has 5 presets for different teas) plus i can manually set any temp and it’s all guaranteed accurate to withing 1% of listed temp. Has a hold function to keep water at temp i want for a long time.
Love the gooseneck spout so I don’t screw up my pours.

Anyway, sharing it if people are looking for a new cordless kettle. Happy to answer questions about mine.

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MissLena said

Ooh, I like this! I just got a Breville var temp for Christmas though, so I’m not looking for a new one for a while. Thanks for posting though, very nice kettle!

T.C. said

My sis got me an amazon gift card so I figured I’d put it to good use ;)

Dustin said

My father in law got me an amazon gift card too and I picked up the Breville variable temp kettle. Yay for gift cards!

Josie Jade said

I considered this one, but settled for the Chef’s Choice Variable Temp one. Glad to hear that you are enjoying this one!

Dinosara said

Oh man that is one I really want. I found it recently on Amazon and it is on my wish list for sure! Glad to year you like it.

T.C. said

It’s been awesome so far. Heats up in a flash too!

I got the same for Christmas and I have to second his review. Love the kettle for sure

momo said

A friend of mine who works for a coffee roastery got one and posted about it on Facebook not even 24 hours after my mom ordered me the Cuisinart variable kettle. I helped him out at a couple brewing things and I’d just get entranced by it (good thing I was the videographer, right?). The ability to set it down to the degree is just awesome and IS actually cheaper than the Cuisinart one right now! Silly Amazon bounce around on prices.

BoxerMama said

Hmmm. . . I was going to order a Breville but they can vary up to 10 degrees and this one is only 2 degrees. AND it’s much cheaper.

BoxerMama said

I’m feeling hesitant because of the plastic components.

T.C. said

Not sure what to say, if you lived closer I’d let you take a look at mine. Haven’t had any issues with the plastic parts. Honestly not sure how I could have an issue. Seems solid to me.

BoxerMama said

I’m watching youtube reviews. lol

T.C. said


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