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drank Genmaicha Satsuki by Den's Tea
113 tasting notes

NIce and roasty toasty. Could use a little more of the base green tea flavor in contrast to the toasted rice aroma and taste, but still very enjoyable. A solid genmaicha.

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Pretty good, but not getting any real strong flavors that I’d expect. The sugar and caramel are more on the nose, not so much in the tea. But still enjoyable.

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Since I’m generally not huge on pu-erhs, this is a great middle ground for me. One of my favorites as far as pu-erhs.

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If this is you trying to be cryptic, you are definitely succeeding!

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drank Lend a Helping Hand by Steepster
113 tasting notes

Hmm, I used a good amount of tea for this one. I can’t remember exactly, but it was something like __lbs and __ . __ounces (1 decimal).

That’s kinda cryptic…


And it came in a fairly large box. it was something like 18.5" W x 13" H x 12.75" D.

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drank Lemon Zest by Joy's Teaspoon
113 tasting notes

Something about this didn’t sit right with me. It’s got a lemon flavor, but doesn’t really seem like a real lemon flavor/smell. It’s oddly flat, making it seem fake. I think some of that comes from the earthy, sweetness of the rooibos, but still kinda weird. It feels like it’s sitting between the two different teas that it should be but can’t make up its mind, so it hangs out in the middle not really embracing any flavor.

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Pretty nice blend. I’m not getting a ton of tea green/black base blend and actually would have thought it was an tisane had I not looked here. But the sweet fruit is at a good level, nice and tangy but not overly so in an artificial way. It’s got a little more body to it than some of the other really fruity tisanes/7 treasures I’d compare it to.

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Very delicious. I get a little floral/sweetness that’s silky smooth on the nose. The liquid is nice and sweet and the smoothness carries through on the tongue. The creamy, milky-ness is really enjoyable. This seems like a really solid milk oolong favoring fewer powerful flavors over several subtle, deeper notes.

Interestingly, I get a little spice at the end of each sip. Not sure what’s going on there but it’s interesting nonetheless.

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Brews a light yellow with a greenish tint and smells amazing. It’s so thick yet smooth when you take a sip. I can’t quite place the flavor it reminds me of but for some reason it makes me think of corns and grains. Really nice for oolong lovers or a green tea fan looking to branch out.

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drank Comforting by Aveda
113 tasting notes

This is definitely an interesting experience. The aroma gets you a hint of that peppermint/licorice/menthol smell found in lots of more generic herbal teas. It also has an oddly rusty smell, almost as if I were drinking from a metal container (which I am not). It’s not what I expected, but that’s not a bad thing at this point.

The first sip is…unexpected. I was looking for a strong menthol flavor and was instead hit by a overwhelming sweetness. I immediately turned to ask the gf if she put a bunch of sugar in it but was cut off by a cough caused by the sweetness that flowed to the back of my throat. In fact, she didn’t add anything to this and it’s just naturally crazy sweet.

A few more sips and I started to acclimate to the intense sweetness of the tea. Seriously, I can’t understand how they make the tea this sweet, but they do, and they do it well. As someone who likes things on the very sugary to the super sweet side, this is something I could drink often – not as often as a good clean oolong, but maybe even like a semi-consistent dessert tea. Now that I’ve had it I can totally understand why it’s served at a salon/spa.

If you’re open to really sweet teas, this pulls it off and does it without help. If you’re a purist, you’re probably not going to like this one.

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Jason I found you a new butt tea. I’ll have to remember to bring it in :D


I have a cup of this tea everytime I get my hair cut (Aveda salon). I’m always surprised at that super sweet kick in the teeth at the end of the sip.


I’m trying to recreate this one since I can’t justify spending so much $$ on a box of tea in bags… I plan on posting my findings. :)

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I’m one of the creators of Steepster!

My favorites are greens and oolongs but I’m open to pretty much anything (although I’m still working my way through pu-erh). Either way, any tea that expands my tastes, teaches me something, or promotes a love of tea is a winner in my book. If you have any questions, shoot an email to [email protected] or PM me.


Brooklyn, NY



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