This is the last of the Winter Collection Sampler I got for my birthday. Truthfully I had forgotten about it and then when I remembered I was going thru an anti banana mood. For me bananas are really touch and go, I have to be in the right mood to enjoy bananas or banana flavors. (Interestingly enough I alot of times enjoy artificial banana taste even when not in the mood for actual bananas. Yeah I know, I am weird;))
Only by adding more Apriva and a big dollop of honey was I able to make this tea drinkable and since I havn’t finished the cup yet, I still may end up throwing this out. As for the chocolate in the tea: As of yet I have not had good luck in finding a chocolate tea that I like. Most of the time it just tastes like heavily watered down hot chocolate. What doesn’t help is that my desire for chocolate has really gone downhill in the past 5 years or so. It is possible that I’ll be inclined to finish this bag, or see if my Dad likes it. If he does, then he might be inclined to order more, and maybe I can add to his order! LOL. Though I need to try more samples of theirs 1st, because without being able to sniff a tea before buying, it’s hard to convince myself to buy 50 grams or 1-2 ounces of tea. And not a lot of the tea that I want to try is in a sampler set. (Like so many that I took well over an hour going over each section and writing down the ones I thought looked good and the list in a ‘Tea File’ on my harddrive, got similar for the other companies I am interested in.

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Queer, genderfluid, bookworm,various ‘alternative lifestyles and communities’ (You’ll have to ask in a message by what I mean, I don’t want to weird anyone out, though most people here seem to be fairly accepting or at least tolerant.)

Currently in my late 30’s.

Rating Guide that I use:
90-99 Good
80-89 Interesting
70-79 Not cupboard worthy (Means that while I kind of like it, not enough to keep.)
60-69 Uninspiring
50-59 Terrible

I tend to prefer flavored black, white sometimes green and oolong teas. Though I am willing to try pretty much any tea. Can’t stand most Yerba mate teas(Except for Teavana’s.)Have a mild like for Guayusa flavored teas.


Jackson, Michigan

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