306 Tasting Notes

drank Buchu Superfruit by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Another sample…

This one smells fruit and sweet and mmmm. I’m always hesitant about stevia, but I didn’t mind it in this one. I drank this one hot, though I might use what I’ve got left to make and iced tea, as I generally like fruit teas better in that form.

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drank Mango Turmeric by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

I said I wasn’t going to purchase any new teas for a while, but a new collection? I had to pick up some samples to try! :)

I really liked this one, as it’s a nice blend of sweet and spicy. And mango! I’m tempted to use one of my free tea rewards to get 50g of this.


100% agree!

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drank Sleigh Ride by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Day 24 of tea! We are at the end of the advent already, whaaaaat.

This is one of my favourite teas from DT, as in top 5. I love it, and I always have a stash of it in on my shelf. I purposely put this one as my Christmas Eve tea, and it definitely helps the festive mood.

Merry Christmas, fellow tea lovers! :)

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drank Spearmint (organic) by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Day 23 of tea!

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of the advent calendar! What!

Another old favourite for today, though it’s normally one I can only drink when I’m feeling under the weather. Not so much today, this tastes much better than I remember – and the smell is amazing. I love that this is just plain, straight up spearmint. No extra things.

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drank Yes We Cran by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Day 22 of tea! We are nearly finished, oh my word.

I’ve been hoarding some of this, since it was a part of last year’s fall collection, and it was one of my favourites from that lot. I still like this one a lot, and it was nice to brew after coming in from a couple of hours of shovelling (guess I’m not in the part of the country experiencing a milder than normal December?). I love all things cranberry in the winter, and the I find the flavour of this one really yummy. So my high rating is staying.

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drank Nutty by Nature by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Day 21 of tea!

Another ‘previously tried’ tea, LOL. The last time I had this, I was coming off 2 days worth of travel from the other side of the planet (seriously – Wellington/Auckland/LA/Toronto), and since the fall collection was released while I was on holiday, a mate was delicious and muchly needed at 7 in the morning! Caffiene fix today isn’t as vital, haha, so I think I’m noticing the flavours a little more. I added some milk to it, and it made it a little sweeter – this doesn’t really have the earthy taste of most mates, and I like that.

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drank Gingerbread Cookie by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Day #20 of tea!

I was waiting for this one to show up! At first taste, this is pretty much the same flvaour profile that the rooibos Gingerbread had, except now with added mate, haha. It definitely takes like cookies, though, to me, the ‘gingerbread’ part of it is a little more muted than I would ideally like it to be. There was a lot of leaf in my sample tin, so I foresse a few more cups of this one. Mmm.

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Day 19 of tea!

Again, an old one I’ve never written a review for. Tsk tsk, self. I picked this one for the advent because of the ginger (one of my favourite tea flavours these days). Thanks to the pear (and possibly some other fruit influence?), the ginger was muted, but it worked for me. Spicy and sweet! I do wish there was more actual tea in the sample, though.

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drank Long Life Oolong by DAVIDsTEA
306 tasting notes

Day #18 of tea!

Another tea I haven’t had in a while! Again, not changing my rating because it tastes just I remember, haha. I steeped this for a while, and got a nice peach candy-ish taste out of it, which is what I was going for.

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Day #17 of tea!

How have I never completed a tasting note for this one before now? Oh well, it’s getting done now, haha. This was an excellent treat this afternoon, after I got in from a walk (brrr, it was cold). There are other rooibos teas I like better than this one (cinnamon chai being the main example), as I’m not as crazy about caramel/toffee teas as some others tend to be. But I liked this, with the usual addition of milk, and I’ve got enough of the sample left for another couple of cups, so that’s good.

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Tea flavours/profiles that are my favourite:

-Straight black tea (especially Earl Greys and Darjeelings)
-Fruits (especially strawberry, peach, lemon, and pineapple)
-Flavoured green tea

My Tea Rating Scale (just to have a little bit of consistency):

Under 50: Ugh. Terrible.
50-60: Disappointing – I don’t think I’ll be getting any more of this.
61-75: Decent – I’ll finish what I have, and I may consider buying again.
76-89: Very enjoyable – I would definitely consider getting more.
90-100: I LOVE IT – I will do what I can to keep a permanent stash on my shelf.


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