Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Black Tea

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Paper, Sweet, Chocolate, Cocoa, Nuts
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From 52teas

“You got your chocolate in MY peanut butter!”

“You got YOUR peanut butter in MY chocolate!”

“You got your peanut butter AND chocolate in MY TEA!”

Talk about a dessert tea! Holy Schnikes! Look what we did!

A decadent cuppa sinfully rich black tea with real milk chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, organic cacao nibs and all natural flavors.

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

28 Tasting Notes

193 tasting notes

Thankful this tea is back in my life! I was glad when Frank said he would reblend it if I purchased a pound. Well Happy Valentine’s Day to me! (LOL) I ordered the pound and it arrived yesterday! WOW this was the first time I ever got a pound of tea at one tea (at least of one particular kind- That’s a lot of tea!!! I am in tea heaven! Thanks again 52TEAS!!!!!!! You are wonderful!!!! I enjoyed a cup of this at work this am!


I buy chai by the pound all the time:)


How do you store it? I am looking for a tin/canister to store this pound of tea!


Just in the company packaging.


I usually just keep mine in the pouches frank sends them in too but this was just in one huge ziploc bag! Didn’t think it would be good to leave it in that….


Specialty Bottle has a 16oz tin at the bottom of this page: , maybe you could split it into a few of those for better storage? (or something similar?)


Thanks, I currently separated it into a bunch of different tins but was hoping to find a big one to hold all of it in one tin! Probably should just leave it in the couple tins I have it in. It is super delicious…just want it to stay fresh for awhile…even though I know I will probably drink it up quickly. I already took a stash of it into work :)


@ Cofftea just curious… How fast do you go through your pound of chai?


My advice would have been (sorry it stayed in my brain til now lol) is to keep the 2oz packages sealed and away from light and open them only as you need them. I go thru a lb of Tipu’s instant chai in 30-60days depending on how heavy handed I am (it’s usually pretty heavy though lol) and I go thru Frank’s chai in about 42 days.

Southern Boy Teas

Kristen, I would have divvied this up into individual pouches, but I actually ended up making more than a pound, and since it was already a bit late, I thought I would just get it out to you.


No problem Frank…it is yummy and I am sure I will go through it quickly anyway. I just put it in a bunch of different tins.


Actually I like one massive pouch. I wish Frank’s Chai would come that way.

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1183 tasting notes

This was supposed to be my designated commuting tea for as long as it lasts. Today I didn’t commute. No. 1 woke up with a sore throat and stayed home from school so I’m working from home, but I decided to have some of this anyway.

Why? Because hungry. It’s 1:30 and haven’t had lunch yet—I’m waiting for the BF to get back from his run to get soup for the kidlet and some pasta for me—and I’m starving enough that if someone put a jar of peanut butter cups in front of me I’d eat them hand over fist. By this tea, I am trying to fool myself into not being hungry.

I can’t say that part of it is going well, but the tea is good today. Not making my empty tummy hurt, providing a bit of a blood sugar raise through some melting of the chocolate and peanut butter bits into the tea, and otherwise providing an illusion of food. I’m still hungry though…


Feel better;)


Thanks! Lunch will set me right. The little one may need a bit more to get rid of his throat problem, though.


I’m on the fence with this one. So many times, I want Frank’s flavoring to be stronger than it ends up being. Do you really get peanut butter in this? Or does the chocolate and base overpower it?


CHAroma, it really depended from cup to cup how much peanut butter I got. Even when I got it the most it wasn’t terribly strong. It came out more as the tea cooled, and in the aftertaste. It was a sort of unsweetened peanut butter flavor, not the sugary version you get in actual peanut butter cups.


Cool, thanks!

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865 tasting notes

This tea reminds me of my uncle Tom. He LOVES chocolate… he’s an absolute chocolate fiend. He also absolutely loathes peanut butter… I’ve never seen anyone hate a food so much. So I’m chuckling to myself as I drink this.

oh… my… gosh… The raw leaf smells exactly like a peanut butter cup. This surprises me considering the peanut butter flavor comes from just a few peanut butter chips.

The liquor is a fairly dark reddish brown and the aroma is that of the raw leaf w/ a little more black tea added.

Wow… They did it. Nearly perfect. A smooth chocolate flavored black tea (can’t lose the black tea flavor) w/ a hint of peanut butter (which could be a tad stronger). Very similar to drinking an unflavored black tea then taking a bite of a peanut butter cup. Gonna try it w/ milk or creamer next time.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

i envy you! sounds delicious, but i think a 50% tea to 50% food ratio is a wee bit crazy, i gotta hop on the drinking train this weekend


Your uncle Tom story reminds me of the way my grandfather was with mustard. He wouldn’t let my grandmother keep it in the house!!! This tea sounds yummy :)


Nice review this sounds so good chocolate and peanut butter.

Robert Godden

Might I assume you meant to say “chuckling to yourself” as opposed to ‘chucking’. Great use of an Australian expression, though. I also can’t stand peanut butter on toast or by itself but love it in anything, such as satays.


Oh geeze… edit made. :) I only like flavored peanut butters right from the jar- the one in my cupboard is actually dark chocolate=D I can’t stand satay/pad thai, but I’d love if they made a curry peanut butter tea. They made a peanut butter chai which has spices so why not curry?


Hmmm- maybe I need to retry this tea- when I first brewed it, I could not taste the peanut butter flavor…although it was very good….


This sounds good. I have black tea and I have peanut butter cups…I wonder….


Lori, I absolutely believe that it is not only the weakest of the 3 flavors, it’s lacking, but I think it is there. But then again maybe since taste is 70% smell, visual, and power of suggestion I think it’s stronger than it really is. Ok, I’m stoping now because I’m starting to analyze, and thus doubt, this great tea.


this sounds sooo good.


i’m super glad you liked this, i really would have liked more peanut butter, but i have already said that. :)


Yep me too! I didn’t know if it was just my sample or not. THANK YOU!


Of course! Enjoy!


I really have to get with the 52teas bandwagon with all these great reviews lately.

Meghann M

Oooh..curry peanut butter tea…that sounds delish, or curry tea in general :)


Cofftea- I still liked the tea just couldn’t taste the pb as much- I will try this one again this weekend and re-evaluate…,


Ah I wanted to try this but I checked and its sold out.

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139 tasting notes

Right now I’m drinking the last of my stash of this tea. I am thoroughly enjoying the tea, yet at the same time sad that there is no more.

Funnily enough, just this morning I wrote on a discussion thread about the whole limited-edition tea concept. I said that I am occasionally very sad when a tea runs out and I know I cannot get any more of it. This is one of those teas.

It’s a strange one, I will admit. Peanut butter? In tea? As a peanut butter addict, I just had to try it. As strange an idea as it may be, it really works. It’s not salty, yet I’m getting the salty sensation of peanut butter, and together with chocolate sweet, it is great.

Frank, if you read this: please, please, please make another peanut butter blend sometime soon! (preferably with chocolate in it too)


This sounds awesome! I haven’t even thought about peanut butter in tea…..I hope something like this turns up again!


Me too! I’ve been hoping for a peanut butter blend for a while. I guess peanut butter is not the most popular of tea flavors.

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243 tasting notes

I tried this tea a few times, the final opinion is still out on it though. I do really enjoy chocolate peanut butter cups. The odor of the leaves is definitely black tea and chocolate with a slight hint of peanut butter.

The brewed tea, hot, 3 minutes, no additives, smells very fragrant, very chocolatey. However, not so strongly of peanut butter. This holds true in the flavor also, definitely taste black tea and definitely taste chocolate, but no peanut butter.

I tried it again, hot, 5 minutes, pinch of sugar, splash of milk and I got a creamier slightly peanut butter flavor, but still more chocolate than peanut butter.

I do wish the peanut butter was stronger, I think I might be able to get the flavor I want out of it, but I am going to have to try a few things. Consider this an initial rating, hoping to perfect the tea and give it a better rating.

3 min, 0 sec

I’m glad I didn’t end up purchasing this. I think that’s the issue with 52teas. It’s always too light. I just add more leaves seeing as it seems their teas don’t get bitter.

Southern Boy Teas

Can you elaborate on “too light”? The tea itself, do you mean, or the flavoring? Just trying to see how we can improve.


Though I did not use the term “too light” so you are probably referring to Ricky, is that the peanut butter flavor was too delicate here, I was looking for the peanut butter flavor to match the chocolate flavor in intensity.


Sorry, when I say its too light, I mean the flavor is too delicate as well.

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149 tasting notes

I’ll be honest, I was scared to try this tea. I love peanut butter, I love chocolate – but peanut butter in tea just seemed wrong. But it is actually very good. The chocolate flavor is fairly strong. The peanut butter adds some warmth and richness. A fabulous dessert tea. Prepared with almond milk and stevia.

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1958 tasting notes

My fault for storing this improperly…nice sample sent by Lori (I think … sorry for being forgetful!) has been in a baggie instead of a tin, so I think it lost some muscle during the summer months. Very nice and smooth and I will enjoy it to the last leaf, but I’m not sure if I were doing a blind taste test, I’d say, "Oh! That’s peanut butter flavored tea!) Next cup, I’ll try some milk and sweetener.

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328 tasting notes

Tried this one again. Loved the flavor although still can only detect the peanut butter slightly. Great w/milk and a little sugar….


And I see I rated it a 56 and really I did not mean to rate the tea that low….

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1723 tasting notes

A sample from Miss B! (Yes, I’m still working my way through the box.)

I’ve found the older 52 Teas to be a bit hit and miss, but it turns out I needn’t have worried about this one. The first thing I love about it is the HUGE chocolate and peanut butter chips that are plentifully scattered throughout the blend. They melt really easily, which is another plus, and although they leave a bit of an oily scrim it doesn’t seem to affect the mouthfeel too much.

The flavour is pretty spot on, too. Chocolate is the more prominent flavour, but there’s a definite peanut butter vibe in the mid-sip, and the two flavours work together really well. The black tea base is maybe a little on the thin side for my tastes, but I can’t really complain too much. It’s nicely malty, and it helps the flavouring along rather than getting in the way, so it’s a win-win.

Glad to have tried this one, and glad to have the rest of the pouch to finish off. Thanks again to Miss B, without whom I’d probably never have tried this one!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

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58 tasting notes

If you’re wondering whether a tea could actually taste like chocolate peanut butter cups, the answer is yes! Oh yes, Virginia, candy tea is for real. Perhaps not name brand candy, but candy none the less! As someone trying to quench his sweet tooth with someone other than… Well, sweets, this tea is a welcome addition to my cupboard. There is a bit of cheating involved, with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips providing much of the flavor overriding most of he black tea, but one doesn’t steep a cup of chocolate peanut butter cup tea expecting BOPF black tea! A nice dessert for sure!

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