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This is different from other Russian Caravan blends I’ve tried before, but the bag is from my aunt who may have had it for a few years. Maybe the smokiness evaporated with age. What remained was light and very drinkable. I was prepared to add a ton of milk, but I didn’t need any at all. It was just a light black tea!

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drank Turmeric Glow by DAVIDsTEA
331 tasting notes

Turmeric tea is not my thing, but I got this as part of a sampler, so I figured I’d try it. Hot, it’s not bad. The citrus mixes with the turmeric so the first flavor is fruitiness and the next is a spicy, earthy warmth. Not my favorite, but it’s okay. The next day, it tasted a bit weird, so definitely drink it all at once. And the rebrew was mostly just the turmeric. Anyway, I think health teas are silly, so I’m not the demographic for this tea, but it’s fine for what it is.

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When combined with rooibos, citrus flavors (other than orange) often wind up tasting like cleaner to me. Unfortunately, that’s where this one falls. When it was warm, it was bearable, but when cold brewed, the flavor was very strong and unpleasant. I think it’s the alcohol flavoring and the lime together than I find disagreeable. I gave a sip to someone else and asked them to name what they tasted, and they said cough syrup, so I guess there are multiple interpretations to this flavor combination, but neither one positive so far. I really don’t like alcohol flavors though, so I think I won’t leave a score for this tea. If it were just lime and ginger, maybe I would have liked it, but even that isn’t a preferred combo for me. Anyway, this was from the mystery box, so it was certainly interesting trying something I would not buy for myself.

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drank Maui Mango by Tiesta Tea
331 tasting notes

Thanks to AliceG for this favorite. I think this tea is the same at TeBella’s mango melange. The flavor is much more orange than mango, which is too bad since I’ve been unable to find many accurate mango flavors in teas. However, this is one of my favorite fruit teas. It’s sweet, refreshing, and not at all sour. I enjoy it at room temperature best. It has a light orange flavor that is really addicting. Love it.

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drank Honeybush Orange by Adagio Teas
331 tasting notes

I’ve been drinking this tea every day. The flavor here isn’t as distinct as I’d imagined it would be, but it’s actually pretty nice. I think I prefer Adagio’s honeybush to their rooibos since it’s just rich sweetness with no detracting qualities. The orange is light, and the main focus is on the tasty honeybush. It’s well-balanced. I’m pleased!

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I love Tazo’s glazed lemon loaf, but I recently finished my last box of it, and I hoped this might fill the void. I’m happy to say that it does! The flavor is very similar. It’s a light, sweet, cakey lemon. It seriously tastes like lemon cake. I used two bags for my large mug, and the flavor is perfect. Not sour at all. I’m glad I have so many bags of this!

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This is what I like in a black tea. I love making lattes, but I really appreciate a black tea that doesn’t need it. The base is light and tasty. The flavoring is rather light as well, but so are the spices in snickerdoodles, so that’s not a problem. I wouldn’t say the flavor actually matches snickerdoodles, more like a gently spiced tea. I overbrewed it the second time in the hopes of squeezing some more flavor out, and it made it a little bitter, but it was still very drinkable.

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Thanks to AliceG for this sample. I made it, but then got too lazy to get up and drink it, so I had it cold the next morning. I don’t usually drink black teas cold, but I liked this one! The tea was rather light without bitterness, and the mango, while not exactly like fresh mango, was tasty enough.

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drank berry creme compote by Adagio
331 tasting notes

I don’t often reorder teas, but I enjoyed this one so much last spring that I ordered a 3 oz bag of it when it reappeared this year. I love creamy berry teas. I’d compare this one to Bird & Blend’s Eton Mess (I drank them side by side because drinking one made me in the mood to have the other as well). I prefer it at room temperature so you can really appreciate the creaminess along with the soft berry flavor. It’s a flavor that lingers in your mouth that you don’t want to cover up.

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This tea tastes mostly like berries with the black tea very much in the background. I found it to be pretty smooth and pleasant. I wouldn’t want it often, but I enjoyed the bit I had! I prefer it over the Harney & Sons version actually.

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Favorite flavors: Almond, strawberry, nutty, dessert flavors, melon, mint, green rooibos blends.

Don’t prefer: Smoky, rosemary, savory flavors, floral (other than lavender), plain tea.

I always drink flavored tea, and preferably caffeine-free. I’ll try just about anything though!

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