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Unfortunately this one is not for me. I tried this gongfu and it had that typical darjeeling dryness. That was after a rinse and several steeping attempts. Eventually it ran out of flavor around the same time that astringent quality went away so I gave up and tried making it Western style. It’s better than the gongfu but still has a strong metallic quality. Into the swap box for someone who would appreciate it more.

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Finishing the cold brew with a splash of peach Perrier. I think it definitely helps to cut through the sweetness. I am still getting a lot of the sweet and sometimes the sweet borders into waxy for me and that is still true here but I think made as a proper teapop this could be better.

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I was dumb and set up a cold brew of this last night and then just left the bag completely open on the counter overnight. So that was not a great discovery this morning but now it is put away and I doubt any damage was really done.

As for the cold brew, it is apple-y and tropical. I get a thicker mouthfeel. At times I get more strawberry and at other times I taste more pineapple/mango. With no hibiscus it is mostly sweet on sweet on sweet so I think this needs something to cut through. Perhaps a teapop would be the way to go here.

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drank Mermaid Tea by Østerlandsk Thehus
4517 tasting notes

I have been having this issue with my phone where it drops network and picks up network like a light switch. Off. On. Off. On. Constantly…for hours. And then it is fine for a week and then it starts its shenanigans again.

I have factory reset the phone. I have switched the SIM card. And a couple days ago, after it rebooted multiple times through the night which meant I had no alarms to wake me for class the next morning, I took it to Bell to send it out since it seems to be a hardware issue. Of course this always happens when I am in London, without a car, despite me being in Toronto, with people who can drive me places for 1/2 the week every week.

So I trekked to the Bell store at the mall where the customer service rep told me b/c the issue is intermittent, Samsung likely won’t see it and will just wipe my phone and send it back. He said I would need to send it out 2-3 times and they may replace it after that. He sent me to a Samsung-authorized phone repair shop in the mall and they told me the same thing about sending it back and forth to Samsung until they decide to replace it. So, I sent it out and was obviously not too pleased with the service I was getting. As far as I am concerned, in the Android vs. Iphone debate, this is a definite strike against Android.

The one positive note from this phone experience is I was in the mall where I could hit up DAVIDsTEA and buy a mug I definitely did not need and some tea samples. Then after paying for those, I remembered the teas my sister brought from Copenhagen which are all large quantities in brown paper bags. So I picked up tins. Now I am trying to taste them to see if they are worth a tin or if I should trade them or give them away.

This tea is an interesting one because unlike most people, I hate seaweed, which is an ingredient in this tea. Seaweed, gooseberries, and sea buckthorn. All rare ingredients for teas so while I wasn’t overjoyed with some of the ingredients, it at least is something different.

The seaweed flavor is not strong at all, so sorry for anyone looking for that flavor note. Instead, I am getting a lot from the gooseberries and their sour grape sort of vibe. At first I was unsure of it but as the tea has cooled, I think I am enjoying it more.


Funny, I’m having issues with my iphone and was thinking of switching to android next time I need to replace it. We should trade! LOL!


I had Iphones forever and finally gave up b/c of the battery life crapping out so quickly. Unfortunately it appears Android isn’t much better battery-wise and now all of this craziness. It is kinda sad when you can’t even rely on your phone to act as a clock.


And I should mention my friend who has had Samsungs forever was not surprised by what was happening because apparently she had similar issues in the past


My iPhone is almost four hears old. I had battery problems and got a local shop to replce my battery six months ago for $30 and it is still working like a champ, i am saving for a new phone just because of the advanced age (tech wise) of this one. I was thinking about switching to anither phone, but maybe I will stick with iPhone after all.


I’ve had to replace batteries in i products before, my last phone included. These phones are so expensive. You’d think the companies could work these issues out.


I usually don’t replace the batteries b/c a lot of the time the cost to replace the battery is about equal to just getting a new phone.


I have ordered third party replacement batteries and done the replacement myself. I think it’s around $30 or so that way. If you were going to replace the phone anyway a $30 gamble isn’t that much to loose if you break the phone in the process.

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Interestingly enough, this tea was already in the Steepster database and already had a tasting note.

This is another nice blend. I am actually surprised b/c normally I do not care for blends of different base types (i.e. black and green tea blends) but so far Østerlandsk Thehus has been delivering. In fact, most of the teas my sister got for me are blends of different types of tea mixed with fruit. I also noticed when adding the blends to my steepster cupboard that 2/8 teas she got me had quince. I found this interesting since quince doesn’t even appear to be an ingredient option here on steepster as it is not a particularly common flavor and yet my sister managed to grab multiple teas with that ingredient. Excited to give it a go.

When it comes to this tea, I would not have picked this for myself. In fact, most of the blends she got, I might not have chosen for myself but they all seem interesting. My sister actually picked them by what tins appealed to her b/c apparently the special house blends all had colorful custom tins. That’s one way to do it, I suppose.

This tea is fruity. Not the same generic mishmash of fruit flavors that so many other teas have. I wish I paid more attention and that my palate was better at picking out certain notes because I know they are there but if I am being honest, it is hard for me to pick up what is what. I think there is some creamy pear and papaya. Perhaps a nod to raspberry. I also I know there is citrus but there was not as much grapefruit as I anticipated. It is good, I just wish my note did it justice.

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My sister just returned from a scandanavian cruise and ofc she came bearing gifts…ruby chocolate and tea. She knows me well.

Alas all the tea descriptions are in Danish so I have been at a loss as to what is in the teas…except I know this has mango because (1) that was the only thing I could read on the label and (2) I can taste it.

Along with mango, I also get citrus and something sweet, like berry. Plus originally I thought there was vanilla here because there is a nice creaminess but then I recalled seeing coconut bits in the dry leaf so it may be that. Overall the tea is very smooth and so flavorful. I am really liking it and I don’t know if its because it’s something new and different or if it is actually that good.

Also I google translated the tea description and this is the result: Black tea (Keemun) and green tea (Sencha) with quince, mango, rhubarb, coconut and strawberries. Lovely fruity blend that leads your mind on sunny summer days. So I wasn’t too off.

Martin Bednář

I just wonder how it is Copenhagen, when there are no mango or cooconut trees :D But whatever :)


I have no explanation but I liked it. I would put my name on it too :P

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A green and white blend. Fruity, smooth. Very cozy tea, one of the best blends from Østerlandsk.

Flavors: Fruity, Sweet, Tea

205 °F / 96 °C 8 min or more 5 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

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Thank you Roughage for this beautiful Sample (ha) tea!

Today I received a ‘sample’ box from the U.K. with a Postal label that said Royal Mail! Now isn’t that nice. Colorado has no such stamps. Maybe a stamp of an antelope playing on the range (where seldom is heard a discouraging word).

With a stamp like that I couldn’t just rip the box open. I had to put the pinky up and delicately open the parcel. Yikes! Nobody told my new best Steepster friend that a little bit of tea would be just fine (don’t get ideas, he now knows that a wee little bit will be ok to send in the future!).
That box had lots of tea…and all new to me. One tea (a Pu-erh) is used for making Yak Butter Tea! Oh, and Roughage sent me a Chai Butter Tea recipe that I’ll share during the Olympics so I can go all U.K.


I chose first this tea for this evening after supper. I had a small alderwood smoked white meat chop and fresh sauteed spinach greens. Simple.
A fruity White Tea would pair well followed by some fresh cherries later in the evening.

There was about an ounce of dry mix in the vacume bag that just looked healthy. Green with white fur jasmine silver needle and lots of fruity bits. Other big green leaves and brown twiggy things. No idea what all is in there. Smells like heaven though.
The steep time was 4-6 min. at 176F (80C)

When ready, the light yellow pour was fruitliy fragrant not floral.
I took a big gulp.
Now this was good jasmine white tea! So smooth and creamy for a white at what I consider was a long steep time.
The fruitiness was mouth-watering. I could taste some of the strawberry and pineapple but no citrus. The blend was harmonious. The addition of fruit softens the jasmine, which can sometimes be overpowering.

This is really, really good! Even jasmine sceptics would like this tea.

Thank you so much Roughage for this beautiful tea! I can’t wait to try all the others! I could have a party during the Olympics with the tea you sent! Come and join in!


LOL Bonnie I always smile when I get something from the UK and see that too! :)


He really did send me a ton of tea and a recipe for Butter Chai Tea with milk that I want to make for my grandkids during the Olympics. Will be fun!


Sounds amazing! Got add to my shopping list immediately. :)


I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s nice to share.

Autumn Hearth

In addition to the tea, alderwood smoked anything sounds amazing! I miss Colorado and Montana food, I think everything tastes better there. Must be the mountain air tempered with wood grilling.


I’ve been fortunate to live close to good resources in Northern California also. I always cook in season though, locally sources foods and organic. My monthly budget is only $200 but I eat like a queen. No packaged stuff hardly ever (I don’t make pasta), less meat and more veggies. I have almost as many herbs and spices as tea. I think you can cook well wherever you are. Good spice resources online are Cube Marketplace (L.A.) and Savory Spice Shop ( Savory is in Colorado…I have one in town here).

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My brother in Copenhagen sent me some of these for Christmas and finishing the packet has reminded me that I need to write them up.

I like flowering teas because of the sheer aesthetic pleasure to be had from watching them unfurl. I have a large glass teapot for this purpose and often bring it and a flowering tea out at the end of dinner when we have guests round. My family are a bit blase about flowering teas now, but I still get a good reaction from other guests.

This tea is a nice green tea that unfurls with pink flowers. The tea itself is as you would expect a decent green tea to be. It is not absolutely stunning, but it is just the thing for a hot day: light, refreshing and you can drink a lot of it without unpleasant side-effects. It is not stunning like my favourite Anji Bai Cha, but it is not awful like some of the bagged green teas either. It is a solidly good product. I shall certainly not complain if I receive more of this next Christmas! Hmm, I wonder if my brother actually reads Steepster. If so, hint, hint, bro! :-)

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 0 sec

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