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Black Fruit Blend
Apple Pieces, Calendula Petals, Ceylon Black Tea, Cocoa Bean Shells, Flowers, Hibiscus, Natural Flavours, Orange Peel, Rose Hips, Sunflower Petals
Alcohol, Artificial, Citrus, Cocoa, Dark Bittersweet, Orange, Tangy, Tart, Chocolate, Cream, Hibiscus, Sour, Berries, Orange Zest
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Loose Leaf
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 10 oz / 293 ml

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  • “I tried this the same time as Lupicia’s Chcoolate Orange, but I find I prefer this one. The chocolate tastes like dark chocolate which is nice, and it’s slightly bitter which is reminiscent of...” Read full tasting note
  • “Tea #13 from HHTTB2 Once this is brewed up, it smells just like dark cocoa with a hint of orange! The flavor is dark and cocoa-y, though the base itself isn’t terribly strong. The orange flavor...” Read full tasting note
  • “Teabox B! When I saw this list of ingredients I was thinking “WHAT was Terry thinking?!?!” No, not the Terri who sent this for me to try (thank you!) but the Terry the blend is named for. ...” Read full tasting note
  • “I could eat some chocolate right about now and it’s unusual I would crave it to begin with, I’m a savoury person over sweet most of the time. In raw form it has a soured cocoa scent that is quite...” Read full tasting note

From Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Orange chocolate tea blend. It’s not Terry’s…

We named our amazing chocolate orange tea after our uncle Terry because it’s his favourite. He’s so fond of it he keeps telling people it’s his. So we have to remind people it’s not actually Terry’s, it’s ours! But with chocolatey cacao and fruity orange peel we can’t really blame him!

Ceylon black tea, cocoa shells, apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, orange blossom, orange peel, calendula petals, sunflower petals, natural flavouring

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19 Tasting Notes

1789 tasting notes

I tried this the same time as Lupicia’s Chcoolate Orange, but I find I prefer this one. The chocolate tastes like dark chocolate which is nice, and it’s slightly bitter which is reminiscent of dark chocolate as well! It was overall an enjoyable tea, but not my favourite dessert tea. I’ll play around with it a bit before I rate it, but it’s at least 70.

I’m not a huge fan of hibiscus in my teas, so I think I’ll try steeping this for 3 minutes next time.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I really don’t like lupicia s orange chocolat. Stacy’s the only tea place that has done chocolate and orange together properly for me heh


It’s a hard one to do right! I’m picky about chocolate in teas, but from what I recall I did like the Butiki version (which isn’t a surprise – I think the pineapple one is the only one I was meh about).

Terri HarpLady

This one sounds interesting!

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615 tasting notes

Tea #13 from HHTTB2

Once this is brewed up, it smells just like dark cocoa with a hint of orange!

The flavor is dark and cocoa-y, though the base itself isn’t terribly strong. The orange flavor comes through as very much candied orange rind flavor. And while the hibiscus doesn’t come through on the sip, the musty tartness is pervasive in the aftertaste. I’d be afraid to brew this longer in fear of popping the hibiscus into the sip.

Good, but not great.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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2870 tasting notes

Teabox B! When I saw this list of ingredients I was thinking “WHAT was Terry thinking?!?!” No, not the Terri who sent this for me to try (thank you!) but the Terry the blend is named for. Chocolate, hibiscus, orange, apple, rosehips?!? The chocolate and orange is weird enough of a combo for me. But I trust Bluebird and they have some really nice blends that I have sampled that I can’t wait to order… but I’m trying to hold off! After steeping for four minutes, the flavor really isn’t that bad. Maybe there wasn’t hibiscus in this teaspoon, but I didn’t taste any. There were equal hints of orange, chocolate all on a mild black tea base. I do wish Bluebird used a stronger black base, but that would probably take away from their awesome blend idea (usually better than this one.) There was also a taste that I had in The Tea Merchant’s Yunnan’s Fable pu-erh that had be thinking this was either pu-erh or had coconut but I was wrong. I liked this one more than I thought but I will leave the rest of this one in the teabox for someone else to try.

Mike Turner

Thanks for the comments! It’s named after a product in the UK called Terry’s Chocolate Orange as it’s a bit of a play on that and how they market it here – hence the strange name!

We use hibiscus sometimes just to give a bit of a fruity boost, so it’s often only a small enough amount that the flavour of the hibiscus itself doesn’t come through strongly.

Thanks a lot for mentioning our awesome blend ideas, we love coming up with them and we feel honoured to be in your favourite teas list!


Thanks for reading! I didn’t know about Terry’s chocolate oranges but I probably would have blamed Terry anyway! haha. I’m looking forward to a Bluebird order! Especially if you happen to get resealable packaging. Also, I sometimes think Bluebeard when I think of Bluebird!

Mike Turner

We are now using resealable packaging after a few people said the same!

Mike Turner

Terry’s chocolate oranges are amazing, give one a try if you ever get the chance!


All packaging is resealable now, including the smaller packaging on the experience packs?

Mike Turner

Yep, the large packets are still in the same packaging with the tin tie at the moment (although we will shortly be offering those in zip lock pouches too) and the experience packs are now in zip lock pouches.


Good to know! I’ll have to order sooner now!

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1379 tasting notes

I could eat some chocolate right about now and it’s unusual I would crave it to begin with, I’m a savoury person over sweet most of the time.

In raw form it has a soured cocoa scent that is quite heavy on the rosehip. Hopefully it will taste nicer than it smells.

Once steeped it smells more chocolatey than before but it’s still missing the orange. Instead it smells sort of…musty and sour and old. I think it’s just the rosehip and cocoa combination but honestly it isn’t that pleasant.

Flavour is dark and rich with heavy tones from both the ceylon and chocolate but similar to it’s smell it also tastes sour. I’m struggling to find anything nice about a tea that’s dark rich and sour. It’s far from the chocolate orange drink I had imagined.

I’m stopping the review, this one is just not for me. I don’t even think I can finish it. Bleugh. Sorry Bluebird Tea Co, no rating for this.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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4529 tasting notes

Thanks again to Cavocorax for another awesome tea sample :D

Although I’m pretty sure I’ve found my perfect orange chocolate tea (a Butiki custom blend, Two Friends), I’m still curious to try others. Hence, this tea! I was a bit weirded out at first that it had hibiscus in it, but since I usually go for a pretty short infusion with blacks anyhow, I figured it wouldn’t cause too many problems. I seem to be right, as I can’t taste it at all. What I can taste is some tasty orange, with a background of dark chocolate. The orange is a little… brighter? Than in the Butiki blend… maybe that’s the hibiscus at work? It’s not a bad thing, just different. The chocolate base also isn’t as obvious, but I am definitely enjoying the lack of astringency here (though 2 minute infusions tame even the worst of teas. Not that I think this one couldn’t have handled 3-4 minutes).

Overall, not a bad cup of tea, but it wouldn’t be my first choice to fill any tea desire niche.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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2207 tasting notes

This is one of the samples that came with my first Bluebird order. I’ve tried a good few chocolate teas now, but this is my first chocolate orange experience. It’s a combination I like in reality (Terry’s are a favourite of mine), so I’m interested to see how the tea version works out.

The dry leaves smell just like the chocolate bar. There’s the initial milky smoothness, and then the zesty zing of orange. I’m not 100% sure on the ingredients, but it looks like some kind of petal (maybe marigold?), pieces of orange and orange zest, something that looks like a hazelnut shaving, chocolate pieces, and maybe a small amount of hibiscus and rosehip, as well as black tea. All I know at this point is that if it tastes anything like it smells I’ll be too happy to care!

And it does, so I’m over the moon! The liquor, without milk, is a red-brown colour. With milk, it turns the colour of a latte or a mug of hot chocolate. The first thing I can taste is creamy, milky chocolate, followed swiftly by the slight tang of orange. It is just like drinking a bar of orange flavoured chocolate. Creamy, chocolatey, orangey. It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s so, so yummy and not at all artificial tasting. I’m really glad to have tried this one — thank you Bluebird!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

mmm this does sound tasty


excited to try my sample now!

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2145 tasting notes

Tea #7 from the Here’s Hoping TTB

It isn’t often I say this about an orange flavored tea, but this wasn’t bad, and that is saying a lot because I really hate orange. I liked the combination of dark chocolate and orange, which is also a first for me because normally that is a combination that just doesn’t seem to turn out well. I wish there had been more of this, I would like to have been able to play around with this more. My cup turned out really weak, even though I only used 6 oz of water. This could quite possibly be an orange tea I could really enjoy. I consider it an added bonus that I really liked the quality of chocolate used as well, I’m really picky about chocolate teas.

Looks like I’m really making progress on the I hate all things citrus front!

This tea won’t be continuing on, I finished off the last little bit.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I’m so sorry so many teas from the teabox have been orange that you don’t like! Yikes!

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1 tasting notes

So, I received this in a sample. (I wish the samples were a big bigger to be able to experiment with how to take it, etc., but that’s another story.) The smell is nice citrus with the mix of chocolate. With one of my favorite chocolate treats being those orange chocolate things (I cannot recall the names of them), I was excited for this. However, after this was steeped, I was a bit depressed to it. I couldn’t really get any taste out of this. And after I added milk to it, but it started to taste a bit off? It was a bit better when it got cold, though, not by much. The directions on the website were a bit vague for how to brew as well. (Or I thought so at least). I might request another sample of this at some point when I have the money so I can try it again and alter a few things when I have money, but I’m sad to say I was disappointed in this.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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558 tasting notes

Holiday Tea-son! Decided to try this chocolate orange tea based on Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, since that candy is marketed pretty heavily around the holidays (though I would gladly enjoy them anytime!) I love the smell of the dry leaf, which does smell quite sweet and orange, with some noticable cocoa notes.

My first cup was very bad. The tea had a faint orange color, with a mild chocolately aroma, but the orange aroma wasn’t nearly as potent as it was in the dry leaf. The flavor was actually quite citrus, with very little chocolate flavor showing through. It felt like there was no black tea base present at all, so the tea felt very weak and watery, so though I was getting a strong tangy orange, citrusy flavor, it felt like there was nothing to properly hold it and I felt like I was drinking an oily warm orange water. The cocoa note was also extremely subtle, hardly showing through beneath the citrus. The balance of the tea was just completely off, coming off as an herbal tea with a weak base, not a black tea, and Ceylon black tea was listed as the first ingredient. So I decided to dump the cup and try again, thinking perhaps I didn’t get a decent ingredient mix in the 3g I’d measured out for my cup.

The color looked a bit darker from my second cup, which was a good sign. The flavor has also improved a lot, so that had seemed to be my problem. This cup doesn’t have that “watery” feel to it, there is definitely more of a black tea presense now, and it makes a huge difference. The orange flavor is still quite strong, and has that tart citrusy note, but it is tempered a bit by the black tea base. The cocoa also tastes a little more present, though I still feel it tastes a little too subtle against the orange. Also, the orange flavoring seems to have the same problem I’ve had with other orange flavorings before… it tastes a little overly artificial or alcoholic to me? Though at least I’m not getting a metallic aftertaste…

So even after getting a better blend of the ingredients in my cup, it’s still not my favorite; the orange is a bit too strong/artificial tasting, and the cocoa is too subtle. I will probably try using up my 20g sampler pouch making lattes with chocolate almond milk, since that will add in the chocolate component that I’m not really feeling here, and will hopefully tame down the overly-strong artificial note I’m feeling from the orange.

You know, I really want a good chocolate orange tea, but every one I’ve tried so far I’ve had this issue. Too strong/artificial orange, hardly any chocolate flavor. Surely there is a good one out there?

Flavors: Alcohol, Artificial, Citrus, Cocoa, Dark Bittersweet, Orange, Tangy, Tart

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 12 OZ / 350 ML

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1041 tasting notes

This tea is giving me the hibbie jibbies, which is to say it has hibiscus in it that I can taste, which means it tastes gross. It smells great, all chocolate orange like, but all I get on the sip is tart hib. I wonder if hibiscus hate is similar to cilantro hate where it’s actually something in your brain that registers the taste in a way that the majority of the population doesn’t and it’s all you can taste while it overpowers any other flavors. Anyways, I’m done trying to make friends with this tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec
Mastress Alita

At least based on the reviews that come through my dashboard, I’d tend to think it’s a minority of the population that likes hibiscus and the majority that hates it, heh. I swear I see about 90% reviews that hate the flavor of hibiscus and only 10% that like it (with me being in that rare 10%, so I feel somewhat like an alien on this site). I had to actually add plain hibiscus petal from my stash to my tea last night because it was somehow missing from the teabag in my advent calendar and my tea tasted weaksauce and gross without it. I am probably the only person on here that was legit upset to get a hibi-cider that was missing the hibi. :-P

Cameron B.

I don’t hate it per se, but I do dislike when it overpowers the other flavors in a blend.

Mastress Alita

I personally think something has to do with the receptors on individual tongues; I’ve always believed a person’s tastes seem to be as personalized as their fingerprints. For example, I’m extremely sensitive to spicy tastes, and avoid really spicy food, while I have friends that are very much, “The spicier, the better!” You could give each of us the same spicy food and ask us to rate it, and something they say is a “3” on a scale of 1-10 I’d say is a “13” and is burning my mouth off. I think my tongue is personally very receptive to the sour/tart/tangy areas of taste, while I think other people might overly sensitive to these sorts of flavors, hense me finding a flavor like hibiscus quite pleasant, while someone with that sensitivity finding it super sour and getting that puckery effect… the way I get a burning mouth from a spice that someone else might find mild.


I didn’t know that about cilantro! How interesting. I’m going to have to look that up as I’m one of the haters and nobody seems to understand why. I hated this tea, and don’t have a problem with hibiscus usually, so I’m leaning towards this just being gross.

Mastress Alita

My friend actually has the “cilantro effect”. It’s something genetic with certain people. It tastes like soap to him! He knows immediately if even a tiny amount of cilantro is in something, heh.


I’m like that, too. It always baffles my family how I can tell.


A friend of mine who is a cilantro hater (he describes it as a mix of aluminium foil on a filling and soap) noticed his kids got the cilantro hate gene too. Because it is in so many types of food and one leaf ruins a dish for him, he has worked for years to overcome it by eating small amounts at a time.


Cilantro is so obnoxious. Like bitter metallic parsley with some chemical soapy flavour in there. Yuck, it ruins anything it touches. I don’t like hibiscus either.

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