Ruby Pie

Tea type
Black Tea
Bunny Grahams (Vegan), Chocolate Chip, Hibiscus, Khongea Golden Tipppy Assam, Organic Cinnamon Chips, Organic Natural Flavors (Vegan), Safflower
Berry, Strawberry, Tangy, Tart, Custard, Rhubarb, Berries, Drying, Graham Cracker, Sweet
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Loose Leaf
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205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 15 sec 13 oz / 385 ml

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  • “Awe yeah! So this was my “something to look forward to tea” today since the custom blend arrived yesterday from Stacy. In retrospect i probably should have just tried it last night since i made...” Read full tasting note
  • “Ok, confession time! I’ve always enjoyed this tea, but it’s never been a knock me off my socks sorta tea. You know what I mean, right? But I wanted to really like it because I like Sil and...” Read full tasting note
  • “My Butiki order arrived yesterday! I’ve basically been getting packages in the mail all week, and well I know you know how awesome that feels. This was one of the teas I ordered a lot of, because I...” Read full tasting note
  • “Sipdown! 779. I keep craving this one, and lucky for me, based on the facts that a) it (was) stored in a plastic baggie, b) there was only one cup’s worth left in said baggie, and c) I chanced...” Read full tasting note

From Butiki Teas

This tea was created by the winner of our Custom Blend Contest. In October of 2012, we held a contest to send in ideas for a custom blend. A panel of judges chose the 10 best ideas and we created a poll on our site. The concept for this tea won the most votes, so we worked with the winner, Sarah, to create her dream blend. This version has only been slightly modified from the batch of tea that she won. Ruby Pie is designed to taste similar to strawberry rhubarb pie. The pie crust notes are immediately noticeable followed by rhubarb and lingering fresh strawberry and vanilla notes. Hibiscus adds a hint of tartness to supplement the rhubarb notes but does not overwhelm the tea. Adding some sugar will intensify the strawberry and rhubarb notes while still maintaining the pie crust notes. For a short interview on the process of making this tea, please check out:

Ingredients: Khongea Golden Tippy Assam (Black Indian Tea), Chocolate Chip Bunny Grahams (Vegan), Organic Cinnamon Chips, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Hibiscus, Safflower, Organic Natural Flavors (Vegan)

Recommended Brew Time: 3 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 212 F (boiling)

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158 Tasting Notes

709 tasting notes

Well this is different. I thought I had over-steeped this one today but it came out much sweeter than ever before. Initially it is like berry flavoured cotton candy (so the pink stuff, I guess) and there is a light prickle at the back of the throat that gives me the sense of rhubarb. It is interesting because it feels like a totally different experience but at the same time it is identifiable as Ruby Pie. This was a very happy accident.


Intriguing, for sure. :)

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90 tasting notes

This is one of those teas that I don’t really crave, but it blows my mind every time I have it. I feel like I’m eating a big piece of warm, flakey pie for breakfast. Mmm, what a perfect way to start Friday!


sigh. now i want some.


Ditto JustJames


when does the whole black friday thing happen?


omigod….. stephanie! have you looked at the picture of the blend??!!!!


I’ve tasted a sample this one actually… I need to order some next time! I think officially black friday is 2 weeks from today!!! :D


I think Butiki does a pretty good black friday sale…I can’t wait…my list is huge!


james did you pick any up…if not tell me.. it’s MY blend so i can send some your way sooner rather than later… you goose.

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303 tasting notes

So I just took a ‘Which Buffy character are you?’ quiz, and, to my great surprise, I am Rupert Giles. I will have to somehow process this. Maybe everyone who drinks tea is automatically a Giles? Find out for yourself:

Anyway, this clearly calls for some (more) tea. This is another sample from Stacy (Happy birthday, by the way! Ha! Just kidding.) and again, I can’t remember if I asked for this or if it was one she chose for me.

Unlike all other Butiki teas I’ve tried, this doesn’t smell good dry to me – I really like the main body of it, but then this metallic note (I’m guessing it’s the hibiscus/rhubarb.) cuts through and kills everything else. Steeped, though, it smells so good – really, really good. Nothing metallic whatsoever remains in the cup.

Flavour wise, there is some hibiscus tartness, but it’s very well-balanced and goes nicely together with the base tea, which I love. There’s also a surprising amount of sweetness, which hits a perfect berry note. And finally a hint of pastry to round it off.

I love how complex this tea is. As usual, I wish for more intensity of flavour, but it’s still one of my Butiki favourites. And gah! I just realized this was the last of it!

[From my Butiki order to Santa Clara, October 2013.]
[Sample polished off in Rome, January 2014.]

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

i am not taking the quiz… the only i would be happy being would be spike who was ALSO in torchwood =0) as a very very charming psychopath. with my luck i would wind up as the girl from band camp and i’d swear off tea in annoyance!

i loved this tea. mine came from sil! (2013…. in my mailbox)


Spike is the ultimate antihero for sure! Haha, now I dare you to take it. Spike would never back down.

And as much as I love Rome, I’m excited about eventually getting to write other place names in my little mnemonic brackets.

Butiki Teas

I got Spike.


I got Willow.
I’m ok with this.
Now I need to watch Buffy again on Netflix.


within the quiz i would be spike…. but i am far more captain jack (torchwood) and tend more towards flagrant irreverence. =0D it’s good to want things ;0) dare away. heh heh.


Huh … according to the quiz I’m Tara Maclay. Even though I’m a 50+ year old man, that seems about right to me.


Haha, I love that. I’ll be Giles and you’ll be Tara, then.


this is too much fun…


I’m Willow – which is fine with me, she was my favorite in the series. Now I must see if Buffy is on Netflix…

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863 tasting notes

(This is a tasting note of the original version of this blend – from a swap with Sil – thank you!)

This is a backlog from a few days ago… so I’m working on a slightly diluted memory. Mostly I remember the scent of strawberry, the taste of pastry crust, and a prickly sharp texture from the rhubarb. The taste was crust and tart strawberry.

Steeped per the recommended parameters.

I still have enough for more, plus the current reblending of this, so I’ll be trying them both out closer together for comparison sake soon.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

Love sil’s blend :-)

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1711 tasting notes

Ohhh, I’m down to the last of the small portion I got with the West Coast group order, yet still haven’t written about this. Needless to say, the dry leaf smells über scrumptious.

I don’t actually get any hibiscus from this, so hibiscus haters, don’t you fret. I mostly get strawberry from this, no rhubarb, and a lingering starchy flavour. Not an obvious graham cracker but, well, starchy. There’s also a slight astringency here.

Oddly enough, the starchiness and subtle spiciness only make me want a cup of Potato Pancakes & Applesauce. Mmm.


I like this one too. And agree on the hibby bit.


That’s how we wanted it to be :) you needed just a little hobby to give it the. Rhubarb tartness…otherwise it was just at strawberry pie tea


this is my tea…for the price of an address, i could send you more lol


OMG, sil, you are hilarious!

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1328 tasting notes

This is a tea that Sil shared with me, and I must admit I’ve been scared of it because it contains hibiscus. I can’t abide hibiscus. It tastes like blood and metal and I can’t drink anything hibiscus heavy without having my face contort itself into all sorts of grimaces. I can barely even persuade it to enter my esophagus. Therefore I was sneaky and tried this the first time in the big pot to share with Husband. That way, if I don’t like it, there’s a chance he might like it and I can foist my cup off on him. And there will also be less leaf left to worry about. On the other hand if I do like it, there’s still enough leaf left for one of my small Roy Kirkhams. Win-win, yes?

It smells like hibiscus. And because hibiscus is on my DNW list, that’s all I can smell. I’m sure there are other notes in there, but try as I might, I can only smell hibiscus.

Sil, what have you done? O.o

I’m comforted by the thought that I seem to recall having seen somewhere Stacey from Butiki admitting that she doesn’t care for hibiscus either, so that would make her a person highly unlikely to drown a tea in the stuff. I feel I can trust her to use it sparingly and discreetly. (That reminds me, I never got around to working out whether Butiki falls into my Out Of Bounds category of tea shops)

Yeah, there’s definitely hibiscus in this. pulls a face Again, for me it becomes a dominant note just for the fact that it’s there, even though I can tell that it does indeed seem to have been added very cautiously to the blend.

There’s fruit in here of some sort. I can taste it, even through the hibiscus, although I’m having difficulties recognising it. It’s the hibiscus distracting me, I think. Given the name of the blend, I’ll assume that it’s probably some sort of red berry. :)

I can also, amazingly, taste the pie crust! Whenever I’ve had any blend before where people talk about tasting crust, or pancake or pastry or what have you, I’ve always wondered if they’ve been drinking the same thing as me, because it’s always eluded me. Here it is though. It’s just… you can’t see it if you’re looking for it, but out the corner of your eye it’s very much there. I know it’s there, I can tell it’s there. But it’s hiding from me all the same. And that feels exactly as peculiar as it sounds.

All in all this tea is going quite well with the last piece of coffee and walnut gateau I made last weekend (gone a bit dry, but still totally nice)

This is the first time that I’ve had a tea containing hibiscus that wasn’t an instant dislike. It has not won me over on hibiscus-y blends though. I still think there’s a metallic blood-like tinge to this cup, even if it’s not as dominating as to forcing me to toss it. This is actually completely drinkable. It’s not even unpleasant.

This blend here is ultimate proof that other companies really are way too heavy-handed with hibiscus, treating it as filler, relying on it producing 95% of the added flavour to a tea, and that there is absolutely no reason to do so. This blend proves that hibiscus can be used for good but that it should be treated with caution. It proves that if you want a good blend with hibiscus in it, let someone who doesn’t care for it make the blend.

Has anybody tried this in a cold brew? I’m thinking it might work and contemplating using the last leaf that way. Would it be worth it to make the experiment? What do the Steepsterites think?


I didn’t have enough to cold steep, I only had a sample as well. Once I order some I will do it and can tell you although I’m sure not as eloquently as others may. But I am sure someone else will beat me to it.


Well I’m sorry the hibby got to you angrboda! Stacy and I tried REALLY hard not to use any but without it, the tartness in rhubarb wasn’t coming across. But we were both SUPER cautious about adding too much. I don’t mind hibiscus but too much is never a good thing.


Yeah, I agree I’m not a fan of hibiscus, but since it’s not one of those ingredients for me (for me it’s ginger) I found it tasted as it intended to, happily.

When I was drinking through my pouch, I found I liked to pair it with dry fruit loops as a snack for some reason.

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408 tasting notes

I am upset…my enterprise decided to move outside of Paris, meaning my transport time is more than doubled…
This is my second day on the new site and I had a very bad day : problems with trains I spent 2 hours and a half to come back home tonight…so “just” spent 4 hours today in trains and buses without even doing a tour travel in Cambodia ! rrrr Paris Suburb without car…(anyway with a car you can remain 4 hours in a traffic jam…so I think I prefer train, at least I can sleep or read or laugh while hearing some silly stories from the other travelers)

3 hours /day…for a normal travel 1 hour 1/2 to go and 1 hour 1/2 to come home…too much for me, really…I already sent some candidatures hoping I’ll get soon some interviews. Oh yes really hoping to find another job soon.
Arriving home at 9 PM, while opening my mail box…awwwwww SMILE ! I get my tea swap box from Sil – thanks for being the ray of sun in my dark day !
I decided to try this one first because it was wrapped very carefully with 3 small bags to isolate it from the other samples.
This is because the perfume of dry leaf is soooo beguiling, so captivating.

After steeping, the perfume is really less present and drinking it I get a very natural strawberry taste, really very nice. and some hibiscus, for tartness but not overpowering.Rhubarb is not detectable by my tastebuds
I am just a little disappointed by the tea base, I find it very light, almost weak for my taste.

A very natural tea very different from my favorite tea collection with rhubarb & strawberry (Jardin bleu DF & Thé du Hammam Black leaf PDT)

Thanks for sharing it Sil !

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

Oh I’m so glad that you had a smile at the end of your day! Stacy and I are finalizing this blend so the official version might be slightly different but I’m glad to get your feedback on this before we finalize it!


I am drinking the end of my mug cold now and actually i prefer it cold, I get a mellowness I didn’t had while hot


good luck with a new job! And a strawberry-rhubarb tea seems like a wonderful pickup.


Pauvre toi, C’est impensable tout ce temps perdu! I really hope you find another job quickly…


thanks Mlle La fée du Thé and Teresa :) hope soooo ! and quickly !!!

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525 tasting notes

I got a sample of this tasty treat from Sil. Thanks for sharing!

This tea is juicy and jammy and yummy. The hibiscus provides a refreshing tartness and nothing more. Balanced and tasty. Great iced!


I’ve been very tempted to try this one, but hesitant to purchase because of the hibiscus. Good to know it isn’t terribly hibiscus-y!


It’s a rare example of hibiscus used well.


haha soo much back and forth on the hibiscus. To the point where i told stacy at one point not to include if she thought it would deter people from buying it…but we both eventually agreed that the amount in here seemed to work for the rhubarb aspect without turning it into one of those teas that we wouldn’t like.


also, haven’t tried this cold but i should do that :)


oh and lindsey – we can do a mini swap if you like so that you can try it before purchasing. just send me a pm/note etc..


Lindsey – PM me if you want some of mine. :)


Sil, you’re spamming my inbox! :p And yes, definitely try this chilled! I think I prefer it that way. :)


mercuryhime – you know that the evil side of me wants to post one word posts in response to your comment…but i won’t grin


Remind never to get on your bad side. Haha

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271 tasting notes

My first Butiki tea and one I have wanted to try for awhile. Thank you to Courtney for sharing some of hers!

This smells deliciously like strawberries. Tastes like strawberry as well, with a slight tartness reminiscent of rhubarb, and has a bit of astringency. I find it tastier as it cools, and imagine this would be delicious iced.

Not a favorite, as it seems is often the case with fruity, tart black teas, but glad to have tried it! Thank you, Courtney!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I quite enjoy this one, but I’m with you on fruit in black teas. I would dare say this is the only one of those I’ve ever enjoyed.


I think its the tartness that I don’t like.

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511 tasting notes

I am sitting here waiting impatiently for this tea to cool off enough to drink (frequently tempted to risk burned tastebuds). It smells so lovely! Like strawberries mostly. Like real fresh yummy strawberries. Not like a been-sittin-in-a-teabag-for-a-year strawberry that I’ve had before, but fresh from the garden.

And finally, a taste. Flavor is not as strong as it smells, but just as fresh. I can barely detect the base tea. I’m not sure what hibiscus tastes like so I can’t comment on that. And, honestly, I can’t remember the last time I had rhubarb. So the only thing that really stands out for me is the strawberry. But thats ok! And it doesn’t have a nasty aftertaste like many other fruity flavored blacks that I’ve tried. I might just have to stock up on this one. So sad when limited editions turn out to be good!

And one more thing: This goes really good with Biscoff cookies. Yummy!

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

so glad you liked it!


Ooh, that’s right you’re the famous steepsterite behind this blend. It’s a good one; even most of my family likes it too. (^^)


LOL i dunno about “famous” but i did help inspire this one..stacy did all the heavy lifting ;) I really need to try the final version – stacy sent along a bit but i haven’t had time to do a taste comparison yet.

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