Noël à Vienne

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Apricot, Chocolate, Cream, Hazelnut, Orange, Sweet, Vanilla
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  • “Day 19! I think it is ok to say I was not a fan of this one. It is not a bad blend, but I am just finding the tastes are not working for me. There is definitely a really strong smokey black tea. ...” Read full tasting note
  • “Advent calendar, day 19 (though I’m having it today because I got mixed up.) Another Christmas tea! These are so fun. I like imagining the different cities and why they picked the flavors they...” Read full tasting note
  • “Dammann advent calendar, day 19. I skipped 18 because I am not drinnking rooibos anymore, so it will have to get passed on to another person. Thankfully there has only been one rooibos tea in the...” Read full tasting note
  • “YUM! I think I want to move to France and live next door to the family Dammann. (And in this fantasy of mine, they invite me to tea every day) I seriously have not yet encountered a tea from them...” Read full tasting note

From Dammann Freres

“Noël à Vienne” flavored black tea

This combination of black teas with chocolate, apricot and vanilla flavours, scattered with bits of pineapple and orange rinds offers a subtle and sweet infusion, well suited to accompany pastry such as the Zacher cake!

Brewing time: 4 to 5 minutes

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13 Tasting Notes

871 tasting notes

Day 19!

I think it is ok to say I was not a fan of this one. It is not a bad blend, but I am just finding the tastes are not working for me. There is definitely a really strong smokey black tea. I am getting a bit of chocolate taste but it tastes quite watered down. This one is reminding me of those chocolate oranges that you can get around Christmas time. I am also getting hints of vanilla.

I definitely got hints of hazelnuts with this one in taste and smell.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Haha glad to hear I am not the only one who tasted hazelnuts!


I think it is something to do with Dammann’s “chocolate”. I get a nutty taste with most of their chocolate teas.

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863 tasting notes

Advent calendar, day 19 (though I’m having it today because I got mixed up.)

Another Christmas tea! These are so fun. I like imagining the different cities and why they picked the flavors they did. I’m assuming this was based on the Sachertorte (chocolate cake) and Marillenkuchen (apricot cake) that are traditional Austrian desserts.

Steep notes: no additives, below parameters.

Dry leaf smelled mostly like chocolate and caramel (I’m pretty sure the vanilla is responsible for this). I don’t mind chocolate in tea but it feels like they put it in every blend, practically. Luckily they do it well. Once steeped the aroma has transformed into a sweet milk chocolate. This, again, is pretty standard Dammann…I imagine the apricot is waiting for me in the taste.

Mmm…it was! I get the fruity apricot followed by creamy vanilla and a muted chocolate. As the liquor has cooled the apricot is more evident in the scent as well. I like this! It’s probably my second favorite after the Venice Christmas one. I’ll keep this on the reorder list for sure…

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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2201 tasting notes

Dammann advent calendar, day 19. I skipped 18 because I am not drinnking rooibos anymore, so it will have to get passed on to another person. Thankfully there has only been one rooibos tea in the advent calendar so far!

So I drank this tea without knowing what was in it at all… and wow were my taste buds off! To me it was very hazelnutty, which is not an ingredient at all. I didn’t really get fruitiness from the apricot or orange. Makes me want to have it again to properly wrap my head around it. Weird!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

no drinking rooibos because it’s bothering you? or just cause. :)


Yeah screw rooibos. I hate that stuff, lol.


No rooibos because when I drink it my throat gets scratchy and it feels like I am allergic to it. Also I almost never actually like the flavor. But mostly the former.

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4847 tasting notes

YUM! I think I want to move to France and live next door to the family Dammann. (And in this fantasy of mine, they invite me to tea every day)

I seriously have not yet encountered a tea from them that I do not like.

I need to thank Doulton for this experience – thank you! This tea is incroyable!

Noël à Vienne translates into Christmas is coming. I can taste a bit of christmas in this cup – there is a certain “baked” flavor to the tea that reminds me of the apricot cookies my grandma would make at christmas time. And of course, there is the chocolate. It is a bit more delicate than I would like (but then, I’m a chocoholic, so more chocolate is always better). There is also a light touch of citrus and a pleasantly creamy character to it. This is SO GOOD!

Thank you again Doulton!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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776 tasting notes

okay! this is one of my top picks from the noel teas.
but duh chocolate and apricot of course it is.

i’m watching documentaries still.
yesterday i finished “56 up” and today i’m watching “into the Abyss”. i could easily watch all of Werner Herzog’s documentaries multiple times. i plan to watch all the ones available on netflix before the new year starts hah.

and what-the-hell how did i even end up crocheting and knitting again? i knew the super basics a long time ago, and this week i taught myself granny squares and the purl stitch and i’m getting used to doing them smoother.
oh wait
i know how that happened
it’s all your fault you amazing jerks.
i’m having fun!


at least i think i’m having fun? i’m also sorta a perfectionist which kinda can make me anxious, so, yup i’ve made an almost-full-scarf and unraveled it all already two times to re-start. hah. it’s my style of things and stuff. but yes i’m having fun.


i should say i’m perfectionisty, but also indecisive. which leads to a long trail of unfinished things and countless re-dos. (huh. maybe i WILL try to finish that dance degree after all.)


sorry sister, i drank BOTH tea bags of this one mwahaha
i stole it from the sample box and i’m not sharing, just this once.

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358 tasting notes

Merry Christmas everybody.

This ended up being my Christmas tea – Dammann has a lot of Christmas teas, many of them smelling (and their descriptions sounding) very tempting, but this was the winner for me. Christmas in Vienna, why not?

For me the notes here are chocolate, apricot jam and tangerine (?). Vanilla as well, and the chocolate is kinda of liquorish, making me think of hazelnut liqueur as well. Both the base and flavouring are a bit weaker than I hoped for, but on the other hand being a milder flavoured tea, it is also a very pleasant christmas to serve anybody. Very nice

For some reason this tea sort of (unfairly maybe) came off to me as being the ugly stepsister of Thé du Loup. I love the wolf tea, I think the stepsister would be prettier without the comparison, if only I had not been reminded of it!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 15 sec

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1481 tasting notes

Another oversteep. In my defense, it’s a one cup tea bag, and therefore I had to steep it the ‘normal’ way. Yea, that’s my excuse.

I thought this would be horribly bitter by the time I got to it, yet it’s still really smooth and gentle. It’s kinda meh on it’s own, and turns into subtle dark chocolate yumminess with some Truvia. Not getting the orange really, other than perhaps if I think about it.. I wish I had more than the advent calendar sample to play with this a bit more.

Boiling 8 min or more

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6627 tasting notes

Advent Calendar Day Nineteen

So, I’ve had a really, really long and awful day. Without getting too much into detail now because I’m insanely tired/exhausted, I haven’t gotten more than a hours worth of sleep in what’s coming up on two straight days now I spent the majority of the day in the emergency room and then, following that, the dentist’s office. I’ll probably write about it in greater detail tomorrow or in a few more days when I’m feeling better; but rest assured that I’m fine now. Just a little shaken and worn out…

One of the very few and far between moments of pleasantness during the day was in the few hours in between being discharged from the hospital and heading to the dentist’s office. I was on some pretty good painkillers; and finally managed to get around to drinking some tea. So, everything was on track to pick up.

It was good tea too! I’m sure the pain meds didn’t help in regard to mental clarity/focus when it comes to picking up on tea flavours/specific tasting notes – but honestly at this point in the day I could have cared less about that. I just know the tea was smooth and sweet, and tasted like honey, apricot, and good chocolate and that was more than exceeded the expectations I had for the day or the tea. Really, anything hot would have been comforting enough to suffice.

So yeah – this tea was a life saver today, at least in regard to my mental health.


Wow you’ve had a rough week. All my hugs to you!!!


I think you need a day off for yourself.


Feel better!!


hope whatever it is clears up! that’s what tea should be in situations like that — a comfort. <3


That sounds so scary. I hope you’re able to get some rest now that things have calmed down!

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1765 tasting notes

My mom always dreamt of going to Vienna, and imagines how wonderful Christmas is over there. The poor thing has rarely done any travelling in her life yet has worked so hard, and I feel like a total jerk for having the privilege of visiting years ago, just after Christmas on top of that. As a consolation, I suggested that we try this tea this morning. Kind of the next best thing? Maybe we’ll go next Christmas and I can be her tour guide. Parenthetically, it just seems like once I moved back from Europe, which was a much shorter stint than expected to begin with, grad school ate up all my time and didn’t allow me to travel, and I’ve spent how long looking for a job, so now that I’m starting one, it’s like, gee, heaven forbid I take any time off to travel over the next how many years because I need to work work work to make money to make up for all the time wasted on academia. Sigh.

Anyway, this isn’t as flavourful as I thought, and I doubt it’s because it is older. All my other DF teas are still fine. The dry leaf is chocolate and apricot. The apricot didn’t really show up to the party in my mug, however. Aww. Maybe a little orange, a warm nutty note, and a touch of chocolate but they’re all rather muddled. It’s just so thin and watered down compared to DF’s other offerings. At least there is no unwanted astringency or fake flavours, which you’d never get with a DF blend, regardless.

Maybe I should try to use more leaf for this one next time. FWIW, I used the traditional 3g per Nordic mug with water that’s been freshly boiled then cooled for a few minutes. That tends to work perfectly with the others.

Evol Ving Ness

Mothers and daughters are so complicated. Really really complicated. Maybe that is just the way it is.

Going to Vienna together—-what a brilliant idea! I wish I had had the opportunity to do that with my mother when I was mature enough and she was healthy enough to appreciate our time together. Something for you both to plan towards. I hope it works out. Does that mean that you are participating in the not-buying-tea-savings- plan? :)

That’s the thing with our world now: time and money. Such a challenge to be lucky enough to have the two together.

As for education, I don’t think it is ever a waste. Even when one is paying paying paying for it forever. It is simply difficult to imagine a decent future without a serious investment in education. Really. However, I understand the yoke around the neck of it all.

Now, is there any tea shopping to plan for in Vienna, or will you both be taking a side trip to Paris to stock up?


Hahaha. Sounds like your cynicism kinda matches mine. I like working in the university, and I do believe that everyone should have a chance, but… I’m going to be paying for the rest of my life because I can’t find a job that pays enough for me to actually pay off the loans. MEH. Meh, I say! (That being said, I don’t really regret it. Only a little.)


Evil, I’m really sorry that things didn’t work out better for you and your mom. I wish you could have had such an opportunity. But of course, if we ever do go to Vienna, a stop in Paris is a must! I stupidly never made it there when I used to live in Europe and now I wished I took advantage of being there to travel more for much cheaper.

Not sure how much Vienna has to offer when it comes to tea, but I’m sure there are interesting tea shops there too.

Education isn’t a waste depending on how you look at it, the context, the type of education, aspects of the experience, etc. Loved my undergrad experience. Totally worth the time and money, but can’t say the same about my grad experience, but then again, it’s due to several factors there. Don’t want to bore you with that story, Evol haha. OMG is right in that I am cynical about the whole thing but anyone who knows the backstory, personally knows the people involved, and saw how I gave up my life for it, etc, 100% understand the cynicism.

I hope something better will come your way job-wise, OMG. Hopefully the temp work will turn into something permanent? Or at least connect you to people who can help you land a position that is both interesting and well-paying.


Thank you. :) And I hope your employment situation goes most swimmingly in the new year.

Evol Ving Ness

Thank you. Ah well, life. What to do?

Paris, yes! You must go to Paris. I hope the planning gears are already in motion.

I can totally understand cynicism and bitterness about higher education. Totally, and totally. No need to explain.

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972 tasting notes

Dammann Frères Advent Calendar – December 19th

Ooh, this one sounds quite delicious by the description. I must say, I think this whole concept of different Christmas flavors for different cities is quite interesting. I admit, most of them (this one included) I wouldn’t know enough about to assign them holiday flavors. This sachet was almost all black tea leaves with a few stray pieces of citrus peel. Dry scent was sweet and chocolaty with vanilla and orange.

This is actually quite yummy! I agree with Dinosara that it tastes like there’s hazelnut in here even though it’s not listed. The other main flavors I get are creamy chocolate, vanilla, orange, and apricot. There’s also a strong sense of whipped cream that goes along well with the vanilla. I could see this being delicious with cream and sugar! :)

Flavors: Apricot, Chocolate, Cream, Hazelnut, Orange, Sweet, Vanilla

165 °F / 73 °C 4 min, 0 sec 8 OZ / 236 ML

That sounds delicious!

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