Yu Lu Yan Cha Black

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Black Tea
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Typical Preparation
Use 11 oz / 318 ml of water
Set water temperature to 205 °F / 96 °C
Use 5 g of tea
Steep for 1 min, 45 sec
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“Sipdown #28!! I had my tea count figured out, but more tea arrived in the form of an awesome trade, & I have to factor it in, so I’ll get back to you on that. I shared this tea with a 30...” Read full tasting note
“i’m back. I was really excited to be able to come home after work and sit, drink tea, organise my cupboard and catch up… however after 3 hours of sleep, followed by an 11 hour work day to come...” Read full tasting note
“December 1, 2012 Yu Lu Yan Cha Tea arrived as a present to me. I should be considering others, but couldn’t resist the temptation! My main concentration was on taste and scent (which is what I...” Read full tasting note
“So I wanted to do more sipdowns today but after looking through the choices I had only one cup left of, none caught my fancy. This, however, has been on my mind for the past few days, especially...” Read full tasting note


This incredible, limited offering tea has never before been tasted in China or the west. Our most trusted pu’er advisor, Wang Yanxin, knows that we like unique teas, and has an outstanding offer from us to finance any experimental projects that she wants to spearhead in the world of pu’er. Her first experiment has yielded a completely new kind of black tea that we think combines the best chocolatey notes of Laoshan Black with the crisp texture and honey aftertaste of Jin Jun Mei.

Wang Yanxin has a good farmer friend in Xinyang village, famous for its Xinyang Maojian green tea. Her friend was lamenting to her this autumn that her family would not have enough tea to sell this year. Xinyang Maojian uses buds only, and the spring season didn’t yield as many buds as usual. They picked plenty of bud and leaf clumps, and fresh young leaves, but had no incentive to process them as a green tea. Wang Yanxin had the idea of crafting a black tea. She bought the entire remainder of her friend’s harvest to help them out, ensuring that they have enough money to invest for next year’s crop.

Next, she had the fresh leaves air-shipped to her shop in Qingdao, and took them up to Laoshan. In Laoshan village, she and her friends started experimenting with roasting. They lost a lot of the crop before they got it just perfect, but eventually, this hand roasted black tea from Wang Yanxin found the perfect balance of chocolate notes, honey, and a perfect smoothness. Closest to a Jin Jun Mei in profile, this tea is great cause for excitement, showing that the world of tea is still young with room for innovation everywhere.

The name Yu Lu Yan Cha Black comes from the ancient names of Henan and Shandong province. Yu is Henan, and Lu is Hsandong. To commemorate this landmark cooperative tea producing effort, Yu Lu is added to the tea name. Yan is the first part of Wang Yanxin’s name to honor her innovation in creating this new tea.

We are pleased to offer the 20 pounds of this harvest that Wang Yanxin perfected, and pleased to finance the experiment through buying up the results. If this tea is enjoyed as much as we enjoyed tasted it with Wang Yanxin, then we will surely convince her to partner with her friend in Henan for a spring harvest.

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