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Dinosara said

So on Ravelry (another community I frequent), there is a tradition on the “Flash Your Stash” thread to pull out your (yarn) stash and photograph it each year. I think it would be fun to have something like that for Steepster! After all, how many people are trying to get their stash under control? It would be a somewhat sobering reminder of how much tea you really have.

I last posted in this thread two years ago (, and I have since moved my tea stash from one office to another. I also have far less samples than I once did (but far more tins!)

Here’s the whole stash:
Most teas in the plastic cubby, but “overflow” of mostly resealable bags (Verdant, Teavivre) off to the side.
First drawer, samples and small bags:
Second drawer, small tins (50g or less, mostly Lupicia and Dammann Frères):
Third drawer, large tins with smaller tins on top (mostly DF & Harney):
Fourth drawer, large tins (mostly Fauchon):

Nice! I’ll try to take a picture of my stash later today. I’m nervous to see it all set out together. :\

All the Fauchon… So jelly!

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It’s interesting how many of the people in this thread aren’t active anymore.

Dinosara said

It makes me sad looking back on it, partly because I miss people and partly because I feel like I’m not as active as I used to be. And this thread doesn’t even include all the people that were super active when I first joined, but had become inactive by the time this thread was created!

I wonder if people eventually find a set of teas that they love and don’t feel the need to post reviews of them over and over again or if they just move on to other things. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Uniquity said

There is always a fairly vocal group of Steepsterites who join and are very passionate and active for a few months or a year (maybe two) and then disappear. I think it happens all over the internet and even the real world, really. After 3.5 years, I still check Steepster a couple times a day but rarely post. There’s not as much to say at a certain point, hah. :)

Dr Jim said

This doesn’t just happen in the tea world. I have a tendency to get really excited about something – totally immersed – for one to five years, but after a while I just feel like I’ve sucked all the juice out of that particular item and just move on. I’m in my sixties, so the list is long. At the moment, I’m losing interest in golf in favor of model airplanes.

I’ve drunk tea for over 40 years, but only discovered fine tea about two years ago. I suspect that I’ll never go back to Salada, but I can imagine the point where I have my 10 or 20 favorite teas and feel no need to converse with other about them. I’m obviously not there yet!

I was active on Ravelry (a knitting and crochet website/forum) for a good 5 years and I’m rarely on it anymore. I don’t knit quite as much as I did then.

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Soo my stash is much more haphazard than most of these, but I bit the bullet and took some pictures. Most of what I bought last weekend is still in bags on the floor so won’t show up here. And the cookbook pictures are because my husband said, “Hey you could turn that into a tea cabinet” – but then where would the cookbooks go?

Anyway, enjoy my mess!

Ost said

Wow, that’s crazy! I love seeing everyone’s stashes! Thanks for sharing! :D

carol who said

I love it! I do have to say that I am always relieved to see people who have so much more than I do. :) I only have about 30 plus swaps at this time. I don’t have many friends who are into tea and they are excited about having 6 teas. I feel ridiculous about the quantity that I have and now I can let out an sigh of relief and feel normal (at least normal for a Steepsterite!)

Wow, that is an incredible amount of tea. Your taste buds must be happy campers! :]

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Ok…. 6 months after joining this board after finding Lupicia teas, and here’s mine… My samples are in the Pokemon tin… good thing I’m only exploring black teas!! I haven’t even opened the Goomtee Estate Darjeeling yet because I’m not sure I’ll like it!

Gotta catch em all!

TheKesser said

Are those magnetic chalkboard labels?

They’re sticky chalkboard labels from amazon….got the pen there as well. They’ve actually worked out quite well, considering I’d never used them before. :) That way I can reuse the tins as my tea taste changes. I just wrote on the black tins with the marker…it works just fine that way too!

Cavocorax said

I love that idea! I like being able to swap my teas out easily and re-use the tins!

I really like the look of the chalkboard labels! Plus you have really nice penmanship – reminds me of the font that the LUSH store uses on their products.

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SarsyPie said

This is the greatest thread ever! I started at page 1 and looked at every pic that was still available. Got lots of great ideas. Now I am off to look for some countertop shelves on Amazon. Maybe I’ll post a pic when I get organized! :)

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Now I want to get my stash neat, labeled and organized! I have everything separated into 4 bins/drawers by type already, but inside the bins is a mess.

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22 Fancy Rectangle Chalkboard Sticker Variety Pack – Chalkboard Labels in 4 Sizes and Chalk Ink Marker 6mm Chalk White (1 Pack) For the containers I used these: Tea Tins Wide — Set of 3 Hope that helps!

(You can tell I have amazon prime!)

That helps a lot! Do you feel that the tins keep the tea fresh?

I guess a better question would be, are they airtight?

They screw shut, so I’d guess that’d be pretty tight…. Better than the bags they came in, but you can still keep them in a ziplock in the container if you live in moistville. The containers helped me get the tea from above the stove to a lower drawer, so I know it’ll be better off now. You can always order 3 and if you don’t like them, use them for other things…

ONE more question: of the 4 sticker sizes, which one did you use on the tins?

DIY chalkboard labels.. if you are the crafty type

Madametj, I used all the sticker sizes…. I just used the biggest on the biggest tins, the smallest on the small tins and the middle on the middle tins… If you look at the pic you’ll notice they’re not all the same size. I’m ok with that…. Makes it a bit wabisabi. The link for the AllyDrew ones look more uniform for those who want that “Martha Stewart” look…. I don’t mind that much, as evidenced by the fact that on the black Harney tins I didn’t even use a label! :)

Thanks for answering all my questions!! :) :)

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I love this thread so much, I’ve decided to share with you guys also.

This is only a premiss, but that’s what “project reorganization” looks like so far…

The inspiration came from Dexter who started the same project. I loved the idea of coloured tins so much, I’ve decided to do the same.

This corner armoire is ENTIRELY dedicated to tea…the doors are closed cause well, it’s still messy down there :-0

What you see is only part of the flavoured tea, which is not the most tea I own. I have way more straight teas, that’s phase 2, will have a lot more work to do on that second phase!

SarsyPie said

Very nice!

That being said, I think someone may need to join me in Teahab soon! :p

Are you talking about moi???
Lol, dunno what you are talking about ;-)

Dexter said

I think lots of us need to be in Teahab!!

Again, what are you talking about???

SarsyPie said

I think you know exactly what we are talking about.

At least I won’t be lonely. :p

I’m seeing a great business opportunity here. A retirement home based around tea. We could have weekly tea swaps, high tea every day, organization parties.

Lol, Sarsonator, you.are.not.alone. ;-)

Marzipan, in that retirement home, we could play cards and use tea as a currency for bets!

boychik said

I’m in. Where should i signup?

Dexter said

Retirement home?!? I’m going to have to keep working until I’m 90 to support my tea habit….

Haha! Well said Dexter!

SarsyPie said

OMG! We can play Tea Texas Hold’em in the retirement home! Or what about Tea Bingo? The winner can have a nice first flush tea!

We can have early-morning tea, and mid-morning tea, and lunch tea…. You get the idea!

boychik said

Dexter, lets hope all anti oxidants in tea will help us not to forget about drinking tea when/if we turn 90 years young

Dexter said

:)) The Golden Moon news letter that I got today says that black tea reduces blood pressure and they were quoting a medical study that was published…. Lets hope that’s true!!!

Cavocorax said

That is genius! I want to play Tea Bingo!
Sencha! Anyone have sencha?
Darjeeling 2nd flush. (Careful ladies, 2nd flush, not first)
Silver Needle


MzPriss said

Tea Bingo = Tingo or Teango?

And y’all can’t see my stash yet, because it looks shameful. My project for this weekend is to get a hold of it. Which I’m fixin’ to do.

No fair, I posted my mess!

Dexter said

MzPriss – before and after pics could be fun…. Let us see all your hard work ;)

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MzPriss said

@Marzipan – oh girl. Really, yours looks orderly compared to mine. It’s so so sad.

@Dexter – I will do it, but I’m warning y’all SAD! Zero organization and piles, PILES I tell you!

But can someone tell me how to get one of the photo sharing deals and how they work – and which one is best? Because, I’m barely capable of e-mail. I’m honestly surprised I can even do my blog.

I use, it’s free.

MzPriss said

@Marzipan – than you – I will look into it

I like flickr cause it’s clean and your picture is add free when you share it.

Oh, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to PM me :-)

MzPriss said

OK this is going to be organize tea weekend and also – shengs! And thank you TheTeaFairy – I might do that if I get stuck.

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Skysamurai said

All these posts makes me want to buy more tea

MzPriss said

MORE tea!

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