Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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LuckyMe said

Today I receive a giant 1 lbs bag of Numi Organic White Rose tea from Amazon. I wasn’t keen on buying this much tea but this was the only size it came in. I knew it would be a lot, but holy crap, this is a TON of tea. Even if I emptied out every tea canister I had, I still couldn’t store all of it.

If anyone is interested in this tea, let me know and I can sell or swap with you.

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yyz said

Samples from Nina’s thanks Laurent I am looking forward to trying them!

Christina said

I was wondering about this! I asked Laurent for samples too and haven’t received them yet – I noticed that others were getting theirs a few weeks ago, but I guess he sent them out in stages.

yyz said

I think that must be how they’re doing it. Mine were post dated on the third of June. I’ve never had anything but first class dealings with Nina. If you received a response to your request I suspect you will receive them sometime in the future.

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darby select said

DavidsTea!!!! Couldn’t resist ordering 250g of Shooting Starfruit for the summer. Don’t think it’ll last past June! LOL
Also got 50g of Hot Mama, Mango Fruit Punch and Sangria

Hopefully today my Teavana will arrive with about 1lb of Raspberry Riot Lemonade…again for summer iced teas.

I made Shooting Starfruit for my daughter last night, and it smelled amazing.

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Amaryllis said

Got my yezitea 3 samples free plus shipping order. Jin jun mei black tea , Jin pin black tea, and tie gaun yin oolong which was a mixup – I requested a white peony master grade – but can’t really complain. It was a free sample after all.

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Ubacat said

Got my Yunnan Sourcing order today. Sorry MzPriss. I know we were planning on a splitting one in the future but couldn’t wait. I mostly got 25g size and that’s big enough for me. What am I going to do with those big 350g cakes??!! I don’t plan on hoarding them so the smaller size is okay for now…at least until I hit one I really really must have in the large cake size.

Just wanted to add that Yunnan Sourcing threw in a gigantic sample (25g or could be more) of Long Mei Yunnan Green Tea of Zhenyuan Spring 2014. It’s been a wonderful experience buying from them!

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No tea, but a year’s worth of hand soap from the Bath and Body semi annual sale.

Ubacat said

Homemade soap is such a treat. I’ve always ordered from Chagrin Valley Soaps but their shipping is getting too high to Canada.

I did that in person yesterday at the mall! Only spent $20 whew!

Hmm… How long is the sale going on? I might have to check this put for myself !

It’s online too, usually a week or less. I found an online code for an additional 20% off so still got great deals despite shipping. It arrived super fast too. Ordered Saturday, arrived Tuesday.

Mandy said

Just left BBW with 5 body washes (I use them as hand soap too) a cologne for my man, and a 3 wick at 71% savings. I love the semi annual and am already thinking of buying more haha. I’m addicted to BBW

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Sil select said

MISSB sent me surprise tea! and omg my cupboard just tried to run away from me so i couldn’t add to it… but omg YAY! so excited for these!

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MzPriss said

I got a fully awesome package from TeaTiff – I’m excited!

Yay it made it!

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I received my H&S order today! Indian Nimbu, Queen Catherine, Golden Monkey and Nahorhabi Assam! Looking forward to the morning cup.

Awesome order TeaTiff :-)

My recent H&S also included Indian Nimbu and Queen Catherine, both excellent.

Have a nice morning cup tomorrow!

boychik said

Enjoy the teas. Have you decided on a morning cup?

No decision yet:) They all smell so good. I will probably go with the assam, or maybe just one of each:)

I vote for one of each :-)

boychik said

I have Nahorhabi every morning. Every morning I have a dilemma what to drink and I settle on Assam:)

MzPriss said

The Golden Monkey is in my tea pantheon.

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I received my (another) Whispering Pines Tea Company order! It’s gorgeous and it made me very happy :D

My free sample was Yunnan Dian Hong Classic 58.

Yay! WP orders make me soooo happy! I too have one (yes, another ) on the way.

Enjoy :-)

Haha, there’s something about them that just makes you want to order MORE from them. But no more for me for a while… until BF probably ;D

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