Official *What did you get in the mail today?* Thread!!!

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Cavocorax said

I got an awesome package from Courtney with Nina’s Paris tea and a fancy sample of WP tea that I was really interested in, AND my tentacle mug from DAVIDs came with the cotton candy rooibos sample – it’s cold steeping right now. :)

Yesterday I picked up my TTC order which had 5 samples (4 blacks and 1 oolong) and they threw in a couple extras because they’re absolute sweethearts.

And on Friday I got Thor, Loki and Kaylee teas from Adagio! It’s been a pretty great few days and I still have tea from my Whispering Pines order coming this week! (Also RiverTea/Lupicia tea to rescue from Sil’s place!)

Ost said

Is the cotton candy tea from DAVIDsTEA really sweet? Was thinking about buying some when it comes out.

yyz said

Enjoy them!

Cavocorax said

I haven’t tried it yet because it’s still steeping, but I think it’ll be really sweet based on the ingredients:

Green rooibos, sprinkles (sugar, salt, artificial flavouring, red3, blue1) mango (mango, sugar, citric acid, sulfur dioxide) brittle (sugar,hazelnut, invert sugar) natural & artificial flavouring. Contains hazelnut and sulfites.

Cavocorax said

Thanks! :) I plan to savour them!

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carol who said

I got my samples from Yogi! I have a feeling I won’t be drinking them too soon because I have so many other teas that are so good.

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Arshness said

I got my tea swaps from Mandy and Cameron B. Yay! I’m sitting here with Jasmine pearls and Della Terra Pineapple Upside Down Tea. :)

Everything smells amazing. I can’t wait to try them all. YEE ^^

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I got my samples of 15 different assams from Teabox in the Darjeeling District in West Bengal today!!! They were very generous and sent 3 fancy samples with them: Castleton Muscatel Darjeeling, Jungpana Black 2014 Darjeeling and Doomni Silver Needle 2014 Assam. Those seem like mighty intimidating teas for the beginner taster!! 18 samples…what’s a girl to do? :)

Ost said


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Myssy said

My David’s tins came last night

Yay!!! Mine too… Do you like them?

Myssy said

I do! I can’t get around to putting tea in them until this weekend though. Can someone explain to me please why Every. Single. Time. someone goes to the trouble of writing “FRAGILE” on a box it was always comes to me all beat up and with holes? My tins were ok but the box was a mess. Same thing with the box my Yixing pot came in. Most of the (MANY) other boxes I get have no fragile warning on them and they get here in good shape. Does the post service take “fragile” as a dare or something?? WTH?

Hahah! Yes I hear ya!!!

Actually I remember reading somewhere where someone did a test with boxes marked fragile/priority/freight/etc with sensors inside to measure how roughly they were handled and found the ones marked fragile/priority actually did take more of a beating than the regular first class/etc boxes. I think they said it’s because those usually get hand sorted and the people doing the sorting tend to actually physically throw them around alot more. Which is not encouraging in the least. x.x

Myssy said

I totally believe that.

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So…got my teaware order from DAVIDsTEA…

This is the box you get when you order 50 tins and teaware:

They obviously didn’t have a davidstea box large enough to put that in, so they used one of their Sencha supplier’s box, lol.

Yes, t’was the size of my kitchen table…even my cat Wizz was like, «what the hell, woman???»

I got funny looks at the post office…again.

But I don’t care, let them think I’m crazy!

And I love my new teaware, what a bargain that was!

apt said

how much were those????, holy shit…

Lol… The tins are $2,50 each. I REALLY need to organize stuff, that’s why it was time to invest in storage instead of tea!!!

The teaware was such a bargain, I got all four mugs for $29!!!

Myssy said

That is a CUTE kitty…

Will you wash the tins out and store the tea directly in them, or will you store them in plastic bags inside the tins?

I’m curious because I wonder how long they need to air dry out after you wash them to avoid the risk of mold.

Mandy said

Wow what do you do with 50 oz of one tea?

Thanks MzPriss, he’s mommy’s baby :-)

Christina, I don’t really “wash” them, I just take a damp cloth and wipe the inside. Then I put them in the oven for 30 min at 200F to make sure they are perfectly dry.

Those are all for straight teas so I won’t be using bags, just put them directly in.

Lol, mandy, what exactly do you mean? Those are 50 empty tins, it’s only for a portion of my stash, each tin will contain at least 2oz of tea so that’s more like100oz of tea :-)

Katiek said

Oh that cat is too handsome! What a great pic.

Arshness said

So envy. Wow.
Those are great. :D I wish I could have dropped some money on that sale but Steam Summer Sale has wiped me out haha. >_

Katiek, the cat is my approval radar, he inspects thoroughly every tea parcel that comes in :-)

Arshness, maybe you’ll be able to take advantage of the next big DAVIDsTEA sale, they don’t do that very often, but they make it count!!

Wow! This is crazy awesome!! No wonder they didn’t have black tins available! :P haha.. and your cat is so adorable^.^

Mandy said

Oooh that makes so much more since. I thought it was 50 of the stackable tins with 1 oz of tea in them!

apt said

Mandy…. if I had my way with some sites (cough cough Yunnan Sourcing, Taiwan Tea Crafts, Origin Tea…) I’d easily be coming out with >50oz of tea.

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boychik said

Love the cat, love the catch of the day. i got myself those bubble cups *3 and matching teapot. And Octopus, and Whales ….

Those bubble cups are so pretty and I love that DT’s infuser fits in them.

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My order from Hapatite came in the mail with extra goodies to sample! :D

I also exchanged some teas with TeaTiff and received the ones she sent in the mail PLUS she added a few Harney & Sons samples to try out -Thank you! I’ve been wanting to try more H&S (mind melding).

Tea always makes studying more bearable…I feel like I’ve been studying for so long that when I’m finished, I’ll steap my tea in tears of joy…
Opening the mailbox to tea is always a good thing. -Thank you!!

Ost said

Sounds like an awesome day for mail!

Yay! I am glad it arrived safely.

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I received a really cute package from Charissa. She sent a bunch of her new Gong Fu Tea Shop teas to sample! Thank you!

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I got my Butiki prize, Red Queen Cupcake (which smells awesome), along with four samples that feel like they were hand picked for me!

Ooh can’t wait to read your review on it. This one sounds pretty yummy!

Ost said

Oo nice!

apt said

I was really impressed with the way she chose the samples. She included 3 other TW teas (2 blacks and and aged oolong) with my prize. I’m definitely going to place an order with her sometime.

:D Can’t wait to read your note on the tea.

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