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From The NecessiTeas

If you love warm bread pudding then this is the blend for you! This is a blend of black tea and natural rum, raisin and custard flavors topped off with raisins but without all the calories!

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4 Tasting Notes

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This is very good and the smell is delicious. The rum raisin aroma is the pervasive one. I was hoping, a bit, that this tea would be very similar to my beloved “Brioche” from the American Tea House, but it is more like rum raisin and Brioche is much more cake-y.

The NecessiTeas and I have a troubled relationship: we are in a repetition compulsion that goes like so: I make an order of $90 or $45 dollars and pay them promptly via Pay Pal. Three weeks later I call them and nobody answers. I then send a plaintive email and get a response that my package is in the mail. Package arrives shortly thereafter, always post-marked one day after my bewildered email. I honestly do not have a dysfunctional relationship with any other tea company.

So…anticipating that this would be a problem, I placed a reorder for this tea a week before my first order arrived. It’s nice that they offer sample packs for $2.00 but I really feel as if ordering from them is a huge imposition for them. I feel like some sort of tea mendicant who is as annoying to them as a panhandler. It’s too bad that their tea is so good.

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I have a similar problem w/ another company (who’s teas are also amazing). I haven’t had as good of luck w/ the NecessiTeas as you have. I’m only 1 for 2.


If you look up the NecissiTeas, you will find that they are hoping to be on the Ellen show and have sent gift teas to Oprah, so they seem to be enterprising ladies who know how to promote themselves. If they wrote on their web site that “Your order will take 3-4 weeks to be fulfilled” it would not bother me at all. I would know what to expect. So many tea companies have spoiled me with their accurate and swift customer service.


You shouldn’t be bribed w/ accurate and swift customer service, that should just be the way companies fuction.


Amen Cofftea! I think that this has killed any desire for me to go through this company for tea. And shame on them for trying to market and expand their product without getting the basics of customer service right in the first place.


Ditto Cofftea and Rabs!! Boo on NecessiTea’s c/s!


Cofftea, I understand that things happen with people and occasional delays occur. If I were running a one woman tea business, however, I would have a friend or two who would have access to my costumer information and who would be able to send out an email: “So sorry your order will be delayed—there has been a death or a birth or an illness in the family”. I would understand that completely. And I don’t want all companies to be so very big and ultra-efficient that the smaller companies are run out of business. But it strikes me that this company is looking for celebrity clients and not the everyday folks who are not on TV.


Thankfully I don’t have as good of luck w/ this company. It’s my own fault- but I frustrate myself by ordering from the company I mentioned because their teas are SO FLIPPIN AMAZING!


I have to agree with you about the customer service at NecessiTeas. I would never dream of making a customer wait SO LONG for their tea without so much as an emailed apology. I understand that the lady just had a baby… but you know what… if that’s the case, then maybe they should indicate it on the website that there will be a delay. I know it’s hard to be a new mom… it’s real hard. It’s also real hard to have a business… and the most important thing with any young business is to make customers happy. It would be one thing if it were just one person or even just two people who have experienced these kinds of issues with NecessiTeas, but, it’s not just one or two people…it seems to be their entire base of customers!


Things do come up, but there’s also conflict resolution. Actually, a company that has shown good conflict resoluton has higher marks than companies w/ me than those that never need it in some ways.


After tasting the cinnamon bear tea, and seeing their carrot cake tisane – I do think that they resell teas (rather than blend their own)… Now, I just need to find who makes this one, because I love it too.


Maybe send a copy of the discussion on tea merchants http://steepster.com/discuss/533-advice-for-tea-merchants including some of these remarks/suggestions with a nice cover letter to this company?


Lauren: that is a good idea. I really enjoy the couple of teas that I’ve tasted of theirs thus far (especially this one!) and it’s a shame that I am so jaded by the customer service. I realize that I only ordered samples… but that is certainly no way to start off a relationship with a customer. If an order is going to be delayed, it really isn’t that difficult or time consuming to sit down and compose an email to let the customer know.


Looks like the rootbeer and carrot cake are here (possibly an alternate source) – http://www.favatea.com/store/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=5&cat=Rooibos+Teas

I don’t see the bread pudding.


The carrot cake is also at Tea Guys. Tea Guys has spectacular customer service too, I might add. I get the orders within 3 days, and they always send a free sample.


Doulton, I went looking for this thread again because I just have to say I think I’m pretty much done with The NecessiTeas for exactly the reasons you mentioned. The last 3 orders I placed I had to inquire about a couple of weeks after placing them when there was no indication anything had shipped. Each time, they were out of something I’d ordered and had to credit me back for that product (which was obviously available for purchase on the web site or I wouldn’t have clicked it in the first place). So among other things their inventory management seems off as well. I don’t love their teas in general, though I liked a few of them enough to order full sized tins. But to me it’s just not worth the trouble anymore to order from them. Three strikes and all.

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4833 tasting notes

My order from NecessiTeas finally came! This is the first tea I’m trying from NecessiTeas, and I’m glad it’s a good one.

As a fan of bread pudding, I find the aroma of this tea to be irresistible. So yummy.

I can taste the rum – Nice! The rum really accentuates the raisin flavor of this blend, which is a good thing as I find that very often with raisin flavored blends, the raisin flavor can be somewhat indistinguishable. The custard and cream flavor adds a sweet smoothness to the tea. YUM!

A very pleasant tasting tea. I like that the flavors are strong. This yum factor almost makes up for the long wait I had for the order… if the other teas I’ve ordered are as good, I’ll be willing to place another order in the future.

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I suspect that this blend would be amazing “latte” style, so the next time I make this tea I will froth up some milk and see how well it fairs.


Ohh, that sounds delicious!


pssst what else did you get?


I’ll have to try this one on my next order. I should be getting my first order tomorrow or monday. I ordered it two weeks ago, wrote on wednesday to inquire what the status of my order was and the owner wrote back to say it was shipped and apologized for the delay…she had just had a baby! So that’s what caused the long wait :)


AmazonV: I also got the root beer rooibos, pineapple upside down cake, and coco la ven.


My two tins of root beer float arrived today, i can’t wait to see your notes on the others, i’m a little afraid of some of the flavors sounding great and tasting weak or not like they sound


This particular tea has a very strong flavor. And, the leaves are good for two infusions with the second one just a bit softer than the first – but still quite lovely.


Hmm, I’m expecting a load o’ samples from them as well. Ordered on March 26. Should I worry?


I ordered my samples (that I received in this afternoon’s post) on March 21. So, I should think that yours are on their way…


I ordered mine on the 26th as well, Morgana, and she said they had been shipped so we should be getting them soon :)


I put in and paid for an order on March 15 and received it on April 9th, after sending a prodding email.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

Now I’m craving bread pudding! Tealogs have been making me want to eat certain things lately. I’m still wanting BBQ from that tealog. lol

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953 tasting notes

I can’t believe I even ordered this, since the thought of bread pudding makes me make a yucky face. I don’t like puddings in general on consistency grounds, but the idea of bread pudding is just gross to me. Of all the things one would make a pudding out of, why bread? When I was in college I lived in a co-op and one night a week I was the main dinner cook for something like 140 people. Bread pudding was pretty regularly something the menu planner had decided I should make and during the whole process of preparing the bread I kept asking myself why?

So it was only for the sake of completeness that I ordered a sample of this. And I say for the second time today, it works surprisingly well. Who would have thunk it? Probably the main reason it works, for me anyway, is it doesn’t really taste like bread pudding. It tastes like the ingredient profile that goes into bread pudding, but without the main objectionable ingredient: bread.

In the packet, the blend smells mostly of raisins and rum. Steeping makes the custard come out to join the other two flavors in the aroma and I’m glad that I can also smell a sort of full bodied sweetness that is the black tea. Liquor color is black tea against my white cup; looks a lot like the Coco La Ven sample’s liquor.

It’s nice. It’s not as interesting as the Coco La Ven, but it is well blended and flavorful. There are no sore thumbs sticking out here, none of the bitter rum flavor that plagued some of the Necessiteas greens that contained rum flavoring. It’s a raisin, cream and rum flavor with a solid base that supports it well.

As I close in on the last of my Necessiteas samples, I’m drawing the following conclusion: they’re best at rooibos, followed by black tea, followed by white tea, followed by oolong, followed by green tea. There are clunkers in each of the categories except rooibos, but for the most part, their black tea blends are worth trying.

ETA: I am at the end after all. I do have a weird mystery tea sample in my possession, but I can’t identify it. It came without a label, and it appears to be black tea. It isn’t Cafe Latte, because I ordered that and they refunded my money because they said they didn’t have any. All of my other ordered samples have been accounted for. At first I thought it might be Cinnamon Bear, but it can’t be — the cinnamon isn’t nearly as strong as the tasting notes here describe. So it will remain a mystery. Which is too bad. It isn’t as good as the Coco La Ven or this, but it was ok.

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Oh man, I love bread pudding. Gonna have to put this on my list.


I’m so curious about this blend! Great review!


You’re making my mouth water just reading this. :D


Wow, so many bread pudding fans! Amazing. The mere thought of it makes me shudder. Lol.

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714 tasting notes

Steep Information:
Amount: 2 tsp
Water: 500ml at 212°F
Tool: Breville One-Touch Tea Maker BTM800XL
Steep Time: 5 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: sweet, custard
Steeped Tea Smell: toasted custard
Flavor: raisin, bakey
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: toasty, sweet
Liquor: translucent dark red-brown

not getting bread pudding from the taste. much more raisin. not bad though

Rating: 2/4 leaves

Blog: http://amazonv.blogspot.com/2013/09/the-necessiteas-loose-leaf-black-tea.html

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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