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  • “I made cups of this for the boy and I this morning. I was excited to try it, since this was my first tea from Dammann Freres. I like the name of this tea, as Easter is by far my favorite holiday....” Read full tasting note
  • “Sip down! Final verdict on this tea is that I am a fan. Maybe not enough to restock as a permanent member of my collection, but something I would for sure stock off and on. Thanks again...” Read full tasting note
  • “hmmmm, i don’t get the chocolate really but my sister was like “super marachino city!” and i was all AWWW cuz i basically bought it for her. she loves teas with flowers and rose petals in...” Read full tasting note
  • “This is one sweet confection! It smells a bit like one of those Easter baskets my parents would prepare when we were young—a melange of fragrances. The black tea seems to be a foundation for the...” Read full tasting note

From Dammann Freres

“Easter Tea” flavored black tea

Delicate fragrances and sweet notes characterize this delicious blend : black teas flavoured with vanilla, maraschino, chocolate and naranquilla. Flower petals as finishing touches.

Brewing time: 4 to 5 minutes

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17 Tasting Notes

358 tasting notes

I made cups of this for the boy and I this morning. I was excited to try it, since this was my first tea from Dammann Freres. I like the name of this tea, as Easter is by far my favorite holiday. There is nothing better than getting a colorful basket full of goodies on a sunny spring day! The dry leaves smell wonderful – extremely sweet and fruity with just a hint of champagne or white wine. Maybe the alcoholic smell that I’m noticing is from the maraschino? Whatever it is, it smells wonderful, although a little strong. The flavor is chocolatey and malty with a heavy fruity aftertaste. With a little milk and sweetener, this becomes a creamy cup with flavors of vanilla and maraschino. I am glad that this tea came out so nice, I was a little put off at first from all of the heady aromas from the dry leaves. A big thank you to Shelley_Lorraine for this wonderful sample! The fiancee is loving this tea also and already asking when we can get more – anyone know where to purchase Dammann Freres online or in the US??

-Dry blend has small black tea leaves and twigs with pink and yellow rose petals and small blue petals.
-Dry leaves smell overwhelmingly sweet and fruity with a hint of champagne or white wine. Tea liquor aroma is malty with sweet floral and fruit notes.
-Tea liquor is a cloudy dark brown color.
-Chocolate malty flavor and finish with a heavy fruity aftertaste.
-Best with milk and sweetener.
-Very good tea. A decadent and creamy cup with a light flavor of maraschino and chocolate vanilla.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

another one I need to taste from Dammann Frères

Josie Jade

It was very good, Ysaurella! I need to try more from Dammann Freres :)


Sorry.. You tried online? http://www.dammann.fr/


Oooh. I’ve never peeked at the site before. It’s so fancy looking! (Runs away and hides)


You only need a smidgeon of French. I think some have English words in there too, I can’t remember exactly.


Cavocorax, the shipping is over 20 bucks, that’s when I abandoned the cart. Maybe once you move here we can split an order.


Haha. It’s not so much the french that scares me – more the chandeliers and fancy graphics and everything that screams THIS TEA IS TOO FANCY FOR YOU. :P


Love it.

Josie Jade

I found this website for the US – they have the option to buy loose tea in the tin, the muslin sachets, or a refill of the loose tea, which seems to be the best price! I don’t know what the shipping is, and they don’t have a ton of the flavors, but it’s in English and pretty reasonably priced! :)



Dammann has an english version of their website, normally using a browser in English automatically drives you on the English version

Josie Jade

Oh good to know, Ysaurella. I will have to explore their site a little more! :)

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12426 tasting notes

Sip down! Final verdict on this tea is that I am a fan. Maybe not enough to restock as a permanent member of my collection, but something I would for sure stock off and on. Thanks again shmiracles for letting me try this one!

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783 tasting notes

hmmmm, i don’t get the chocolate really but my sister was like “super marachino city!” and i was all AWWW cuz i basically bought it for her. she loves teas with flowers and rose petals in them.

also, dry in the canister, it definitely smell like wine to me. it’s a very true and strong wine smell. almost like a turned wine, like a white wine that has sat opened in the fridge too long. i certainly like it more than i expected to.

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259 tasting notes

This is one sweet confection! It smells a bit like one of those Easter baskets my parents would prepare when we were young—a melange of fragrances. The black tea seems to be a foundation for the candied fruity florals. This tea is a bit like the Easter Bunny on steroids of sweetness.

I am absolutely loving these Dammann Frères teas, but it is getting a bit cloying. They are so delicious and maybe I’m at the point today where I’m craving the smokiness of a Lapsang Souchang. I think I need to bring them out sparingly and not try to dash through them so quickly. I’m bedazzled by the wonder of it all!


I know just how you feel! Sometimes getting a slew of teas in, it’s hard to do them all justice with a fresh palate when you want to try everything…this morning has been like that for me!

All of these have sounded so good. My shopping list is expanding at an alarming rate!


Yes, this is an embarrassment of riches. I should really go and chasten and purify myself by an evening repast of rooibos (which I don’t like much).


You are going to have a Scarlet T on you too :) :) :) (see tea vow of chastity thread)


This sounds amazing – will add it to shopping list anon! And can I tell you how much I love the Scarlet T concept? Steepster should make shirts ;)


Woah, that’s quick. They’ve arrived already!??!

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361 tasting notes

I got the most amazing mystery box from shmiracles. Seriously, if she ever offers to send you a box, don’t miss the opportunity! There are some 20+ teas all indivually wrapped in foil pouches. It took me about 10 minutes of sifting to decide where to begin. I chose this one.

It was described as chocolaty and maraschino cherry. I totally got the cherry, a little chocolate. The fun thing about the mystery box is you get a bunch of teas that you probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. A great chance to expand the horizons! This tea was perfect example of that. And I really liked it. Probably not a keep stocked on the shelf tea, but a tea I would happily drink if offered.

Thanks shmiracles!


i seriously LOVE putting boxes together! it’s kinda weird how much.i think i just like an excuse to man-handle my tea. hah.
this was one of those teas that i got for my sister, but ended up liking definitely more than i thought i would. so i feel the same way you do about it :)


swaps are so much fun. I just wish i had better bags! i am totally jealous of yours shmiracles and tastybrews!


The three of you have sent me boxes that give me that amazing reaction of pure unadulterated tea joy :)


Oh and I second the bag comment! Seems like there’s nothing similar available to us Canadians! Not reasonably priced at least!

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1112 tasting notes

I made some of this to take to class tonight (thank you Doulton!). I used my new Liquid Solution travel tumbler, and…the brew basket is the worst! Leaves floating in my tea! I had to restrain it with my fine mesh strainer, and put it back in the tumbler. This will not bode well for keeping my tea hot, methinks.

I did take a little sip and I unfortunately did not use enough leaf. I taste some sweet, yummy flavors, but they are too faint. My tea is weak to boot. Oy – tea fail! I will update this log later once I drink my tea during my three hour class…stay tuned!

EDIT: When I started sipping my tea in class – it tasted like Scotch and water! How strange is that?! It was also lukewarm. I hate my travel tea tumbler – it does not keep things warm very long, the brew basket is a joke, and it is also so unpleasant to drink from with all the plastic :( I think I am going to host a giveaway on discussions since it was only used once. The tumbler and a few teas…

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Oh I hate bad tea tumblers! My favorite one is the one from Teas Etc. It’s not the prettiest, but it works the best for me.


I’ll have to check that one out! There is also one at my local tea store that looks promising. I goy the one I did because I had a gift certificate to another local store. I should have done my research first :(


I am ordering the Joemo XL that was the Steepster Select a couple of weeks ago. The reviews are just too good to pass up. My current tumbler just doesn’t keep my tea hot for very long AT ALL!

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4843 tasting notes

Can anyone tell me a bit about naranquilla?

Anyways… this tasting note is made possible because Doulton was so wonderful and sent a sampling of this tea to me.

The black tea is very smooth tasting and does not interfere with the flavors. The vanilla is sweet and creamy, and the chocolate is so yummy in this blend, and although it isn’t strong, I think that for this particular blend, it’s just the right amount (because, ordinarily, more chocolate is better) I can taste a hint of the marachino, and there is also a fruitiness to this tea that I guess I must attribute to the naranquilla because I don’t know what that is!

A very nice tea – would be a delightful dessert tea (or even a substitution for dessert!)

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I think it’s supposed to be a peachy flavor. I am curious too because I have a generous Doulton sample of this as well, but haven’t tried it yet. :)

May I ask – did you have this one with any additions? From your tasting do you think it might be good with milk? I ask because I have it sitting in my at work tea drawer which are all teas that I have without milk, but I’m thinking maybe it should go home where I have teas with milk…


It would be nice with milk but, I am drinking it without milk. I added a small amount of agave nectar to it to help bring out some of the flavors, just a tiny drizzle though, because it has a very nice sweetness on its own.


And… yeah, I can kind of taste like a peach-note. It’s sort of like candied peaches though. Like a peaches with almonds type of flavor, but sweeter.


Thanks! I think I’m going to take it home and have it with a little milk and maybe a touch of sugar :)

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2201 tasting notes

Sipdown, 165. Thanks to Shmiracles for this sample!

Got back, exhausted, from DC, and wanted a nice comforting tea. I asked for a sample of this from Shmiracles because even though I dislike cherry-flavored things, I trust Dammann to blend it right. Nevertheless, I was a bit hesitant to try this for a while.

Well I drank one cup of it, and then immediately decided: I want to have another cup. So I brewed up the rest of the package. There is certainly cherry in here but it is not CHERRY to me. This is actually one of those blends where I can’t quite suss out all the flavors. They are just there, and well blended, and I want to keep drinking. I do taste a flavor that reminds me of the Melange du Cherubins that I had a while ago… Dammann’s chocolate flavor. It is perhaps not the most chocolatey of chocolate flavors, but it is pleasant and nutty and slightly cookie-ish to me. So all in all, quite a tasty blend to me.

The boyfriend’s nose says (knowing nothing previously about the tea): smells like flowers… then chocolate… and maybe some fruit. Haha, I am training his nose at least, even if he doesn’t drink the tea!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

i’d say my opinion is similar to yours. i liked it more than i thought i would. which is a positive outcome i’d say. also i mostly got it for my sister. put a rose petal in it and she’ll drink it. haha

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514 tasting notes

I just samples a whole bunch of teas (all from my mystery swap with Shmiracles). As I have a bunch to log now, my notes will be brief.

The dry leaves of this one smell like champagne. I’m really not so into champagne or most alcoholic beverages really. I do pretend to like them when the occasion calls for it or if I really just need the after affect (^^) but that’s about it. I brewed this one tea up anyway, hoping it might taste different than it smells. Oh, sure it does. It tastes like, like, well I don’t really know. Fruity, sure, but the rest? Something in there tastes nasty. Is that the chocolate or the bluebonnets? It doesn’t taste like either, its just a strange flavor mixed in with the fruity. But on the brighter side, it didn’t taste like alcohol (^o^)

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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1792 tasting notes

Holy doodles, another instance where I’m not writing about a tea until I’m already sipping it down. This brings me down to 49! I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a number that low.

What a unique, fruity blend. Cherry and vanilla are in the forefront but there’s more to it than that, and I suspect it’s the naranjilla. Never had the pleasure of trying one but it looks awesome, and it’s supposed to taste like a cross between rhubarb and lime according to Wikipedia. Now that’s my kind of fruit!

Although I don’t detect rhubarb- and lime-like notes in here, this has a sparkly, lively fruity vibe going on. My mom is enjoying the last of this with me and when I just commented on the sparkly vibe, she said that she does get a rosé wine impression from this. I imagine this would have been great cold brewed.

Would I take the plunge and order a full amount? Not really sure. It’s interesting but I don’t know how often I’d reach for this.

Evol Ving Ness

And 49! wow!


wow go you! my fabulous swedish chef!

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