16 Tasting Notes

drank Earl Grey by Twinings
16 tasting notes

I got this from a friend of mine as a present, and it’s an Earl Grey so I have set quite high expectations for this one! Let’s sip! Wohoo!

The dry leaves look very produced. I don’t know whether this is the same exact tea they put in the bagged version of this (I’m not too sure if that exists though!). It typically looks like the tea leaves you would expect from bag, with here and there a longer leaf.

The scent, ladies and gentleman! The scent! Oh my gosh! Great. When I first opened the box I was like, meh, alright this is the thousand year old scent that was trapped for eternity in the box. Never have I been so wrong in my life! The scent remains even after I picked a few grams out of the box. Very intense scent! It’s obviously bergamot-scent as you would expect from an Earl Grey.

I steeped 5 grams in 300ml for about 2 minutes. The end result (as can be seen in the photos I’ve taken) is quite good. It’s about 60-70% dark. As the first sip goes down, I feel no dryness, no bitterness. It goes down slowly, mostly due to its very strong scent.

Bottom line: Great Earl Grey. Re-buying should I run out of the 3.56oz/100grams I have. :-)

Photos available here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127882037@N04/sets/72157648318765629/

Flavors: Bergamot, Citrus

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 5 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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I bought 3 blooming balls while I was in Brno, CZ. Let’s see how this goes.

Well I steeped this 3 times already, didn’t really taste good. The official description says it is a white tea, but to be honest it tastes like water! I have no idea why this happened. On the other side, the blooming is great! I’m absolutely in love with the blooming movements. :-)

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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I got a 20g sample from my father, so I had to try it as soon as I got it, let’s see!

First infusion was quite very nice! Enjoyed a bit of bitterness, and a hype from the caffeine! I find it a bit too ‘heavy’ (as in caffeine) for a darjeeling tea.

Second infusion was even better! No more caffeine hype though. It was a lot lighter as I expected, but it had a slightly different taste. I believe I tasted some chocolateness there.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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Had to give it to try when I saw it in the supermarket. If not for the tea, then for the nice metal box. :-) Tasting notes follow:
The scent of it is like real gunpowder. I don’t really find it great, to be honest.
Taste: Well, strange, but it’s not that bad. You can feel that its a green tea, and it’s quite a mild one, but it has some strange (bad?) aftertaste. Aside from that, it’s good.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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Great! I got my eyes stuck on this one when I visited the local supermarket. It’s a pretty decent Earl Grey, whose citrus flavor pretty much gives a kick to it. It might be a sign of addiction, but I didn’t get any coffein hype from it. I would recommend this tea for afternoons, right before a darjeeling.

Flavors: Bergamot, Citrus, Earl Grey

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec 3 g 8 OZ / 250 ML

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My first oolong tea! A pretty good adventure, definitely trying other oolongs after this!

185 °F / 85 °C 2 min, 15 sec 2 g 250 OZ / 7393 ML

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Great tea! I got a sample when I bought my new glass pot in Berlin, and I have to say that this was amazing. The caramel kicked in at the end, which is reasonable. You can feel the fruits all the way though!

Flavors: Caramel, Red Fruits

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec 4 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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drank Earl Grey by Pickwick
16 tasting notes

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drank Zen Chai by Teekanne
16 tasting notes

This is the one tea that made me realize green teas are actually good! Perfect taste and scent. You will for sure be able to smell cacti, the ‘greeniness’. Conclusion: it is a great tea for quite a favourable price.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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drank Irish Cream by Teakanne
16 tasting notes

I never drank Irish Cream teas before, but this one is amazing. I love its scent, its taste. The only thing that bothers me is that it is not available in loose leafs.

Flavors: Cream, Irish Cream

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 3 g 10 OZ / 300 ML

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I work for Red Hat, where I work on the Linux Kernel and Virtualization things. I also drink a lot of tea there. All kinds of tea. Good and bad. Loose leaf and bagged.


San Francisco, CA // Szeged, Hungary



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