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Fluffy, light, and soft, like flowers on the mountain air. There is a loud floral overtone, even fruity. It tastes of aromatic perfume, with an undertone of dark wood, reaching down into the soil for a hint of spices that lingers on after the fruit-flowery finish. This is owed, purportedly, to Darjeeling being it’s original land. The most lovely amber hue, it shines brightly in glass. Similarly, the leaves are mostly unbroken and have a pleasing, autumnal shade to them in glass.

While obviously of the Chinese tree species, it inherits a slightly malty, mostly woody sweetness, characteristic of Chinese tea. True to form, this Wu long tea must be brewed at Wu long temperature. Heat will immediately bring out an overwhelming astringent mouth-feel and flowery taste. So, this delicate tea requires a delicate heat. Not boiled.

Unusually, I brew this tea in a teapot, rather than a gaiwan, and for about 3 minutes. Twice, or three times. Longer steeping seems to favor the hint of spices. The normal amount of leaf is sufficient. Altogether a worthwhile and elegant tea.

Flavors: Dark Wood, Floral, Fruit Tree Flowers, Perfume, Spices

3 min, 0 sec

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drank Cafe Latte by ESP Emporium
50 tasting notes

From the Not my Cup TTB

Cheap black tea base with a hint of coffee and vanilla.

Flavors: Coffee, Vanilla

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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drank White Grape by ESP Emporium
207 tasting notes

I got a small packet of this from Liquid Prost during his experimental box sale. Thanks!

For some reason I was totally brain farting and didn’t think of it as a white tea with grape flavoring, so I was opening the package and was like ‘OH! This is white tea, it’s been awhile since I’ve had white tea’. Yeah.
The dry leaf is very grapey smelling, but I wouldn’t really describe it like fresh grapes. At first I was reminded of kool-aid, or watered down grape juice. It’s not super sweet smelling like raisins though. The smell becomes a little fresher when the tea is brewed, but only in the way that it’s less artificial.

The brewed liquor starts out a vibrant pale green. So lovely to see, and if you let it brew a bit longer it becomes yellow-green. The flavor/scent of the brewed liquor is like that of japanese muscat gummies, or Grape Hi – Chew candies. The base was a smooth white tea, which I can’t really say much about honestly. The swallow was not drying and creamy. I liked it better when the tea was cooler, the flavoring and the base really shines through when it’s warm to lukewarm, versus when it’s still fresh and hot.

I liked it, but not enough to purchase again.

Liquid Proust

Cold brew this tea 8 hours overnight in the fridge :)

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drank Flower Power by ESP Emporium
88 tasting notes

The dry leaf of this smells like those indescribable fruit flavored lip glosses from Claire’s, there is something in this combo that is very juvenile to me, but super enjoyable. Makes me think of being a teeny-bop exploring candy flavored perfumes for the first time! The scent translates relatively well into the brew, but a little more florist’s shop creep[s into the flavor. I definitely can still taste “fruit”, which is almost melon-flavored candy-esque, but the florals bump up their presence compared to the scent . I don’t get anything tart, which I would expect from something with gooseberry and pomegranate in it. It’s pretty darned good, to be honest, and the base is unobtrusive and surprisingly smooth for such a cheap tea from such a big company. So far I’m impressed and looking forward to trying more of their blends.
Thanks so much LiquidProust for providing me with a healthy sample of this, I shall enjoy drinking it down!

Flavors: Flowers, Fruity, Melon

175 °F / 79 °C 1 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 6 OZ / 177 ML

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drank Summer Kiss by ESP Emporium
394 tasting notes

Talk about weird… I bought this because it had bamboo in it with no expectations of tasting good. I was partially right. The blend actually works, but I am not sure that I like the taste of bamboo :/
This defiantly taste better than it smells though which is good


I’m not a fan of bamboo either. Something about it reminds me of cellar or something.


I’m excited to try it. I was intrigued by the bamboo as well. Thanks for the sample!

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I decided I wanted something strong to drink so I grabbed this and dropped what was probably too much in my baby teapot. The first two steeps at 205f for 20s was entirely too strong for me… I ended up with 200f for 10s and it taste much smoother. I’m still a noob when it comes to pu’erh but I can tell that this isn’t the best but it also isn’t pu’er trash. I’m guessing it would be smoother with a smaller amount in the pot. Thankfully I have a 12 cup set so I was able to brew out 8 different timing on number of brew for this and found that after the 3rd brew it was enjoyable. I might just like more mellow style of shou though, I will soon find out as I explore more pu’erh.

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drank Punch by ESP Emporium
394 tasting notes

Cold steeped over night, drank about 1/2 gallon of this already.
I’m eating chocolate mint truffles from Christmas (I had over 10 pounds okay) while I drink this and it’s a fun time :)
Don’t brew this hot unless you’re sacrificing the liquid…

My guess is that children would think this is kool-aid if there was half pound of sugar added, then again any tea with half a pound of sugar becomes kool-aid…

Anyways, nice cold batch.


Ten pounds of truffles? (Eyes rolling ecstatically back in head.)

Liquid Proust

Christmas was a good day… what can I say?

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Green oolong and green tea mix with exotic fruits? Count me in!
While it doesn’t brew nicely hot, it does provide a nice cold beverage with a taste that very people would be able to identify. That taste is quite unique because to me it’s a fruit that Big Bird from Sesame Street would eat… whatever that taste like.
In regards to rating, I’ve just had too many teas like this that are a bit better.

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drank Cloud Catcher by ESP Emporium
215 tasting notes

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drank Spicy Chai by ESP Emporium
394 tasting notes

I brewed this for a friend and I by putting 8g into a french press to make a strong chai. I’m unsure how to rate this because I didn’t find it to be good but she insisted that it was great.
Knowing that I have to superior tongue it doesn’t matter :P
The sweet orange mate in ESPs chai collections wins the prize after trying all four (I’m not sure why they included a orange mate in a chai collection though…)

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One of my favorite blend. A regular rotation in my tea cabinet.

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it has a sweet, but musky/funky smell. It’s okay, but I would not buy again.

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drank Macabeo by ESP Emporium
394 tasting notes

That is what I said when I first tried this tea. The first time I drank this was hot, which may not be the best way to drink this tea, and my tastebuds were greeted with a familiar taste of wine. The grape flavor is less fresh grape than an aged grape, if that makes sense. This tea is actually quite nice and better than the White Grape that Teas Etc makes- it’s less dry and the proportion of green to white tea on this blend is much nicer. I am looking forward to cold steeping a few gallons of this in the summer.

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drank White Grape by ESP Emporium
1843 tasting notes

Dry, this smells lovely and sweet grapey; steeped, it holds up nicely as well. Even unsweetened, it has a sticky, lip-smacking sweetness and fruit punch short of flavor.

Thanks, Liquid Proust. After a weekend of heavy housework, which made me only moderately sore, yesterday, I bent down to adjust a sock and pinched a nerve so badly it’s been 36 hours of winching, ouching, and wallowing on a heating pad. Out here in the backyard, this was spring in a cup: a lovely something to get my mind off my miz’ries. (It would have been so much better if I had messed up my hip doing something daring—rock climbing…hauling my canoe off Elk River…playing soccer with my church kids…but a sock? Good grief.)

Liquid Proust

Glad you liked it. I also have the macabeo tea which taste similar to wine.


Culinary Teas has(had? haven’t shopped there for a while) a very tasty and reasonably priced Canadian Ice Wine tea that’s also very grapey.

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drank White Grape by ESP Emporium
394 tasting notes

Grape teas make me think the way parents go bout tricking a child to take medicine by using a flavored one. Thankful this tea did not have that sort of flavor which surprised me!
I brewed this tea hot the first time and decided then that it was a pleasant tea that should be cold. Then I started brewing it cold and realized that the white tea has a decent bitterness to it that doesn’t mix so well with the fruity notes of grape in this tea. As a grape tea it gets my thumbs up, but the white tea that is used needs a little bit of adjustment.

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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I threw this tea into my french press to make my brother a cup of tea hoping he’d like it. I forgot that 32 ounces of hot tea isn’t an ideal amount for anyone in one sitting so I was able to sample it the first time I brewed it (which I’ve drank multiple times now).
I find this tea to have a strong yerba mate taste but without the strong bitterness. The orange taste is quite a nice addition to this tea. This is a better fruit blended yerb mate, however don’t expect a ‘sweet’ cup when drinking this- it might have a sweetness to it but the yerba mate keeps its integrity with each sip.

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drank green chai by ESP Emporium
394 tasting notes

Green tea that has been converted to chai does not work… Dry spicy vegetable taste is not my kind of liquid.

1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Very subtle tea with a wonderful dry pear taste that is expected of a pear fruit. I enjoy the mellowness and this teas ability to mix with other teas. It may be weak and somewhat dry but I enjoy this as a spring or winter tea when I’m in need of something mellow with a fruity kick.

4 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Lomi-Lomi (Aloe Vera) by ESP Emporium
708 tasting notes

Earthy. Woodsy. Ever so slightly fruity. Not for me.
Thanks for the sample though, The Cookie Lady! I tried! D:

Flavors: Dirt, Earth, Fruity, Wood


Ooo. I looked this one up and found it at a Canadian shop. Definitely some ingredients I’d like. Thanks for the note, even though you didn’t like it.


Yeah, well I am picky :P
So you can’t trust me too much haha!
I have like a tsp left of it, if you want we could swap and I could send you the rest of this one!


Thanks for the offer, but I’m not swapping right now. I have too many samples! :)


Okay (:

The Cookie Lady

Thanks for trying!! :)


Anything for you, The Cookie Lady! :P

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drank Wellness by ESP Emporium
199 tasting notes

I liked this so much more than I expected to! I bought it because of the abnormal ingredients…carrot, beet, eucalyptus….it all sounded so good until I opened the bag and ONLY smelled tangerine. That made me very sad, as I am generally not super fond of orangey-flavored teas. However, the eucalyptus and lemongrass really came through and made the tangerine just a minor background flavor. I definitely won’t have a problem drinking this for the rest of cold season :)

Flavors: Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Tart


Aha I have yet to try this. XD I was so curious when you told me the ingredients. So weird!

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drank Pomegranate/Grape by ESP Emporium
1732 tasting notes

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This tea is wonderful and full of flavor, it is rich and has a pleasant notes of honey. This is one of my favorite black teas. The leaves are spiraled and it has a nice amount of golden buds. The tea is decently priced !

I used the 2 grams of tea leaves to 6 oz of water recommendation. My pitcher on my tea maker reads in metric so I calculated the conversion to be 0.01127g (tea)/ mL. So for each scale mark on my pitcher I calculated the following:

500mL water = 5.64 g tea leaves
750mL water = 8.45 g tea leaves
1000ml water = 11.27 g tea leaves
1200ml water = 13.52 g tea leaves

I use a scale that can read to the nearest 100th of a gram or 10 milligrams.

Setting the temperature to 190F and time 1:30 min, I was able to get good flavor and 4 infusions out of my brew.

Flavors: Caramel, Honey, Smooth

190 °F / 87 °C 1 min, 30 sec 5 g 17 OZ / 500 ML

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drank Winter Solstice by ESP Emporium
1438 tasting notes

I think it was Azzrian who gave me this sample. Thanks!!

A basic fruity tea with some vanilla thrown in. Not particularly memorable but I finished the cup just fine and it was smoother than I expected. Maybe I’ll cold brew the last little bit.

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drank Green Menthos by ESP Emporium
427 tasting notes

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