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Not on the website yet, but its the same as last years, a blend of different sized trees from Jingmai, same trees as the 2008 maocha.

Perfect example of puerh je ne sais quois. It has young floral character but balanced with a depth of flavour helping keep it in the neutral zone. Soft and welcoming, lacking the sweet juice of the 2008 but I can taste some of the elements of the fruitiness that the older sheng has.

Really quite nice, I love it when tea has that something you cant put your finger on, but like.

Also i noticed different flavours being extracted when brewing at different temps, the joy of drinking blended tea. It is less forgiving than the 2008 though, as to be expected from the younger leaf.

edit* Warning – creates earworms of a well known 80s midnight star track

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its back in stock. I am so happy.

This is, for me, the kind of time when the puerh gods are at peace & the flavour planets align. The huigan combines in my throat, mouth & head to form a wondrous taste. I mean seriously, this stuff has returning fruit game.

This is a perfect example of how sheng can taste once in the mouth, and then transform into something else a few minutes later. It is really soft & juicy, forgiving, even a hint of smoke or tobacco (and I hate that profile usually) but balanced in such a way it makes them all work.

I am grateful to a bad pasty for sharing a sample with me in the first place, and I would also like to thank the fact it was out of stock when I went to buy some after said sample, which caused a great low that made this high even higher -

I emailed Glen a couple of weeks ago saying how much I liked it and he informed me they have bought more and its in stock again.

Delicious stuff.


Tempted, but confused. Don’t see this on the website.


its not been put up yet – you can email CLT and just do a paypal transfer.


its 45c/g abouts. They do it in a nice clay pot but I asked for a larger amount without the pot


Woosh, there goes my money. Was this shipped from China or the US?


DELETEless than a minute ago
Yeah, I know.. re: cost. its a lovely tea though. it was from Yunnan. that was a week or two back though, not sure if they are in the US or not. Defo get a sample and try it, I think its great, sometimes it has attained that perfect moment status. such a nice huigan & soft feel


Thanks, I’ll shoot them a message now :)


Disappointed because I was in talks with Glen at Crimson Lotus to purchase some of this after finding out about it here. Glen said I could do a custom order and asked if I wanted the tea in a clay pot or a pu-erh wrapper only. I replied and said just the tea, but he never responded. I gave it a couple weeks and wrote again, asking if the tea is still available by custom order. Again, no response. I saw CL is active on instagram so I sent a msg through that in case there was a problem with my email going through. No response to my message there either. Thought I’d really enjoy this because you gave my favorite raw pu-erh (Bana Tea Mengsung Secret Garden) a 100 score and figured we might have similar taste. Oh well.

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Taste wise, it has that lovely freshness I associate with the premium YS anxi’s. It really tastes clean, lovely & green. There is a slight citrus-y brightness as well as the perfumed guan yin, but both of these are melded into a variant taste, it has a nice balance with the freshness, which seems its almost trying for high-mountain style, like an anxi but standing on its tip-toes. :)

Really nice tea, but not sure if it deserves the ‘imperial AAA grade’ as there is varying sized balls, lots of broken hacked small pieces. The picture on the website & here is true to how it comes, which is a complete difference to the solid, same-sized imperial TGY, for example.

I would still recommend though, its a really nice brew.

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Lovely tea. But very tame compared to the other wild tea that terre de cierre used to do (the wild kunlu)
Good huigan, juicy but no bitterness. But also no strength in any of it. Next time I’ll try forcing the flavour. Perfect for someone trying wild puerh for the first time.


Also steepster on my phone doesn’t allow me to score or scroll down my review so it’s short. But it’s a good tea! It needs to be pushed and I only have one more session, will explore


Strange name: zhengyan. That means “true cliff” which is exclusively used for Wuyi yancha. Is there a reason why they chose this name?


Hmm. Not sure – I am writing on my phone from memory so maybe I made a mistake and am writing zhengyan because I’ve had a few before (and yes, as you say, wuyi yanchas)

Im googling and can’t find it so maybe my mistake


Could have been “zheng shan”, which is commonly used for pu’ers.


It’s zhenyuan which I still can’t seem to Google. I push the rest of the sample then re-review & delete this one when I’m at a PC


Nice! I actually enjoy deciphering language and geography, so I wanted to take a stab at this one. :) The Zhenyuan that comes to mind is within Simao and encompasses a portion the Ailao and Wuliang mountains.

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Second review because I am not merry this time & I can really taste the ginger flower.

The brew is thick, with stem ginger sweet hints, but leaning towards the nice sour. I do like this one, a bit dessert-y, cloudy & slightly spicy. Dry sour apricots behind the ginger-bitter-leaf. There is a leaf taste but it isnt as forward as other teas, nice balance if you like snappy astringent sheng with strong energy on the tongue, which lingers as a sour.

Also if you like it a bit different, like ginger desserts, sour or astringent as it has that vibe. It sometimes seems thin, when in fact its thick (that be the ginger I think)

Nice and different, ginger spicy on the stomach. An interesting tea, floral & grassy without being vegetal at all.

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Basically loads of Fenghuang, jade oolong & sheng puerh.

90+ is godly

80-90 is something i would buy again.

60-80 ok, but probably more bland or basic in their flavour.

0-60 something tastes wrong with this one.

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