The Earl's Garden

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Black Tea
Blue Cornflowers, Calendula Petals, Ceylon Black Tea, Strawberry
Bergamot, Smooth, Berries, Earl Grey, Floral, Fruity, Rose, Strawberry, Berry, Astringent, Perfume, Lemon, Earth, Sweet, Citrus, Bitter
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200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec 13 oz / 372 ml

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Berry Bounty
When he wasn’t in China discovering secret tea recipes, Britain’s second Earl Grey lived at Howick Hall in England, just like his ancestors had done since 1319. And also like his ancestors, he was a keen gardener and outdoorsman. This tea would no doubt have suited him, with the characteristic black tea and bergamot highlighted by strawberries, raspberries and essence of black currant.

Ingrendients: Black Ceylon tea, strawberries, blue cornflowers, calendula petals, natural and artificial bergamot and strawberry flavouring.

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186 Tasting Notes

1220 tasting notes

It’s being held hostage in my travel mug. I can’t get the top to open and I can’t get it to ACTUALLY open either. Cries. I managed a sweet few sips out of it because it leaks…time to find a new mug.

Anyone got any good options that DEFINITELY don’t leak if you follow directions? Followed the directions on this one to vacuum seal it and instead it locked up the entire mechanism. So one that is leak proof and doesn’t do that is all I want in life right now.

OKAY so I just finally got the mug open…with a hammer. Saved the tea of course, it was still somewhat hot! But somehow a lot of tea went through the infuser so it was not very tasty. I figured I’d add some coconut milk creamer, so I gave it a quick whirl in the microwave to make up for the heat loss and I am sipping happy.

It’s a bit stronger than I normally drink it, to the point it’s hard to get any berry notes. Thanks to the time it took to finally drink it, the bergamot is a lot stronger and the black tea is probably slightly oversteeped. No problems though. I think for the time being I’ll switch back to the smaller travel mug I got from Teavana until I find something I like better again.

Hesper June

Oh no! What a tease your thermos is!


I did get it free but I expect something slightly less taunting, especially coming from a car company!


Love my JoeMo XL!


Timolinos are great, and I recently got a… Contigo(?) mug from Costco that appears to work quite well as well. I’m very impressed, and it was 1/3 of the cost (no infuser basket though).

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1112 tasting notes

Love this one in the hot weather. Juicy berries, citrus, and a good, strong tea base to keep your energy from flagging. I give it a shortish, slightly cooler than boiling steep to keep the bitterness at bay, and add sugar on my first steep. What I like about this one is that you can get a great second steep, then drink cool, fruity, lightly tea flavored steeps all day!

This one has to be good iced!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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871 tasting notes

Made this one as a cold brew. Brewed for about 8 hours.

I think I prefer this one as a hot brew vs a cold brew. There is more strawberry, raspberry taste as a cold brew. However, the artificial tasting bergamot when it is hot is quite amplified when cold. I feel like it is leaving an oily residue on the top of my mouth. I am done my sample of this. I most likely won’t purchase again, but if I do have it, I think I will have it hot.


i can’t do this one anymore… i used to like it, not so much now though.

Terri HarpLady

Artificial flavors = yuck!

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709 tasting notes

To be fair, my stash of this is getting on in age (1 year? 1.5?)but today’s cuppa was just not great. There was no bergamot, and only a light hint of fruit to mask the black tea that went bitter despite only being steeped 2.5-3 minutes. I am thinking that a slightly lower temperature or a bit less leaf than the recommended 1 tsp. might help things, but I’m disappointed that it needs help at all. I am guessing that my evaluation of this today reflects the changes that my tea tastes have undergone over the past year and a half or so. I went through my tea shelves yesterday and am trying to use up some of my older teas, many of which just aren’t my favourites anymore.

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

Sad :( I love this one by Davids

Sandra Brassard

I love that tea so much… So sorry it was bitter for you…I steep mine for 6min and it’s always delightful☺

Sandra Brassard

I love your rating system!


Thanks, Sandra. Now if only I could get as good a grip on my tea stash as my rating system! : )

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513 tasting notes

I had this as a tea to go when I stopped in at dT this afternoon. I should also report that I looked at the glass nordic mug, and the glass was disappointingly thin. Similar to the glass used for the perfect glass mug (which I own), I’m scared of breaking it because it just feels so thin and delicate.

Anyway, this tea. All I can say is that what i tasted was a generic earl grey and a muddled fruit pudddle where all the flavours jumbled into one rather unremarkable mess. I have a feeling that it could have been better, but I don’t think I’ll be revisitting it anytime soon. Not with teas like the tea merchant’s french earl grey and Paris in my collection.


I agree! I had it a long time ago, it was the very first cup to go I had from them. I was not familiar with their teas at that point and the chick suggested it so I thought ok. It was too much Earl and not enough of his garden in my opinion.


Sorry about this one. :( Did you pick up anything else?


Yeah, his garden was remarkably lacking. And the earl was all befuddled and not even very early. And Courtney, I got myself a sample package of alpine punch. I didn’t like it when I had it tonight, but it was great as a latte. But I’ve never made a latte at home so we’ll see LOL.


Sorry you didn’t feel this one…
i’ve had my glass perfect mug for almost 3 years now and you,re right it does seem fragile and thin, but I tell you that borosilicate glass is pretty resistant, I’m not super careful with it, I even put it in the dishwasher, it never broke (so far…maybe I was just lucky?) I bought a ceramic nordic mug a few weeks ago and I really like it.


Oh, well that gives me hope! I might bust out my glass perfect mug after work today, then.

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1569 tasting notes

Whee more iPad fun times! I take back everything negative I ever said about them being oversized glorified iPods.

The Earl’s Garden is a surprise, and a not bad one at that. If I didn’t read the description, I would have only guessed that there were strawberries in here. Maybe some raspberries, but black currants? No dice.

The berries complement the bergamot very nicely. Actually, it tastes more like lemon creme than bergamot, especially when I added some coconut almond milk. I’d imagine that this would make a decent cold brew.

The base are belong to astringency though.


iPads are awesome! I got mine late last year and at first thought, why did I spend money on essentially a larger version of my iPhone? But I love it! So much more convenient than a laptop!! And it’s great for steepster!!


Seriously! Still getting over the fact I took the plunge. But they’re so much lighter than a laptop! It’s purpose makes so much sense now haha.


I love my iPad. Don’t even bother with the laptop anymore. I take this thing EVERYWHERE. And I do everything on it, including reading books. Flashlight? iPad. Book? iPad. Games? iPad. Notes? iPad. Mirror? Alright, you get it.


I got one in the fall to do 500+ pages of reading every week. I LOVE it. Use it for lab work, as well. If I need it on the bench I just put it into a big ziptop bag. :) Of course, the games are fun too.


I bought mine because I hate laptops. Now of course I’d love to get a mini someday just to make like easier for when I’m commuting….iPad regular is great for home and travel though…and I don’t really NEED a mini…used to use my phone on the commutes, could go back to that heh


Ditto! And I’m with Sil. I would love a mini as a “take along”.


That’s funny because compared to my laptop, this is so tiny and compact, and will now be my take along device, so a mini doesn’t interest me. But I guess once you’ve had an iPad for a while, the mini starts to look tempting.


We love ours too. I want a mini now.

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767 tasting notes

holy crap strawberry!
the smell is almost too too sweet!
i bet this will be an amazing summer tea. which is not really what i was expecting at all, but i sure am kinda thrilled by it.
but more importantly…. LOOK!!!

and bonus! the samples Davids sent me are Copabanana, Pom Tango, and Coconut Oolong! yay the exact new samples i need :) i will try all the teaz!


Fancy! So many timolinos!!!


One for each type of tea?


i will say that the timolinos work so well at keeping the tea hot that i can make tea at home at 8:00am and then drink them throughout the day always still warm, sometimes even still too hot to sip. i am using the black and green for black and green tea. haven’t assigned a plan to the white and purple yet….

to explain, when we go to the movies or whatnot, i tend to bring tea for my partner-in-crime (cuz everyone loves tea!), and over the weeks i’d find myself wishing i had more than 2 thermoses more and more often. go on a hike? not enough tea. go to the movies? not enough tea. go on a long car ride? not enough tea.
and then the purple one came out! AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! i just couldn’t resist. basically i don’t use cups anymore. i only use timolinos.


I can totally relate to using timolinos instead of cups (as well as taking it with you to whatever you may be doing). I prefer the french-press travel mug I have for around the house and I no longer have many unfinished mugs around.
I often wished they were just a bit bigger but having more than one really fixes that problem, good thinking! :)


yes teatails! because it doesn’t get cold i don’t abandon the half finished pot or mug like i used to ALWAYS do. good thermoses definitely help me enjoy my tea more. for realzors.

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4846 tasting notes


I was excited to try this variation of Earl Grey (as I am to try any variation of Earl Grey! I love me some Bergamot!) This is truly a unique combination … bergamot with strawberry and black currant! Yummy!

The black tea is fairly mild with this tea, which in most cases, I prefer it to be a little more aggressive in taste but, with so much going on here – bergamot, strawberry, black currant – I really wanted to taste each of these notes too, so I didn’t mind the softer approach by the black tea.

The flavoring is interesting, there is almost a ‘wine-like’ quality to it, and I found this to be very intriguing. A really nice Earl Grey twist!


I liked this one too!

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6770 tasting notes

This is another tea that DaisyChubb sent my way! Thanks so much!

This smells neat…gentle fruit! I actually started my day with this one so it’s sort of a back-log…I had 2 cups…the first one with cooler water…warm not hot. The cooler of the two attempts I could taste the fruit more and not as much EG. It was juicy and pleasing. The 2nd Cup I did the RIGHT WAY with HOT water! The EG was strong and teh bergamot and various berry fruits were neat! This was a nice surprise twist on Earl Grey!

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2187 tasting notes

This is another tea from my swap with DaisyChubb! Be prepared to see a bunch of notes on teas from that swap, heh.

I wanted to try this one because of the Earl Grey + red fruits (basically) flavoring, which would be similar to the bergamot, red fruits and jasmine tea I brought back from Argentina (minus the jasmine, of course). I read some reviews so I’m not expecting much bergamot flavor, but I did get a bright hit of it in the scent of the dried leaf along with a decent amount of berries. Right after brewing the tea smelled like black tea, berries and bergamot in that order, but after cooling a bit the berries take over. A lot of strawberry, a hint of raspberry and black currant.

The first sip on this was incredibly bitter! So disappointing. Remember that I’m very sensative to bitterness in teas, and someone else had problems with bitterness, so I should have known better than to brew it at boiling, I guess. Beyond the bitterness I can taste that it is very, powerfully fruity. Even without the bitterness this doesn’t seem like quite the right flavoring for me. The black tea base also errs on that side of whatever black that I really don’t like the taste of (and often that’s where the bitterness is coming from).

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

I haven’t had this in a while, but I remember loving it – Mostly because I enver got any bergamot taste. Must re-visit. I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it though! : (


Yeah, I think it mostly has to do with my bad reaction to whatever that particular type of black tea is. I only encounter it occasionally, but when I do, uck!


Dont worry, I find this one bitter no matter how short a steep, so its not all of davids black teas, but def this one!!

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