Mom's Apple Pie

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Green Tea
Apple Pieces, Artificial Flavouring, Cinnamon, Green Tea
Brown Sugar, Butter, Cinnamon, Green Apple, Pastries, Spices, Vanilla, Apple, Sweet
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185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 45 sec 19 oz / 563 ml

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It’s like going home

This tea will bring you right back to your childhood. Thanks to the spicy aroma of cinnamon, the sweet smell of apples baking in the oven and the fresh green tea blend. Don’t remember that last part? Okay, so we added the green tea. It’s a great way to bring all the nostalgic flavour of mom’s dessert right to your mug. So wherever you go, you’ve got the warm memories…but not the calories. Mom would approve.

Ingredients: Green tea, apple pieces, cinnamon, natural and artificial flavouring.

About DAVIDsTEA View company

DavidsTea is a Canadian specialty tea and tea accessory retailer based in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest Canadian-based specialty tea boutique in the country, with its first store having opened in 2008.

179 Tasting Notes

1598 tasting notes

And another sipdown! I’m so excited for all the new teas that it’s easy to work on moving some of the old!

This one was ok, but not my favourite. (73)


Holy wow! 73?


I’ve been making room! I was actually at 73 last week but VariaTEA bumped me up to 80. I’m so impatient for my new orders though… I guess the Amoda box might be the first delivery. Same with you?


Probably, unless the iHerb stuff gets here first. :D Then Verdant, then all my stuff with MissB, then Teavivre. Haha. MissB sure enabled me a lot. I both appreciate and fear her influence.


Hahaha. Well at least you guys could split orders. Splitting 2-way is pretty easy to manage and still saves you guys a bit. :)


Oh but none of it is split. I just added things on to orders she was already placing. I’m getting 4×2oz of teas, plus 3 from Mandala. I think that’s it.


At least the ones I sent you were sample sizes so they shouldn’t be too hard to sipdown if you were determined enough to do so. And MissB is really quite the tea enabler – I placed a Red Tea Leaf order partly due to her influence.


Heh. I love being an enabler! :) Only one package is in Blaine ready for pickup, and zero have arrived at my house yet (like one from Europe I’m chomping at the bit for…) As soon as I have them, I’ll definitely be enabling a bit more. ;)


VariaTEA – yeah the ones you sent me were the perfect size! I think I’ve tried/finished most of them by now! :O (Except a few of the larger teavana ones)

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464 tasting notes


Currently enjoying this with the entire family. We added spiced rum t it and I think it enhances the flavor.


Sounds good, I’ll have to mention that to my mom, she got 50g of it to try and share with me :)


Thumbs up for rum

Lariel of Lórien

Spiced rum? I think there’s a holiday drink in there.


lol. This tasted a lot like spiked hot apple cider.

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1220 tasting notes

Finishing this…I threw out some less than savory in age/smell teas in the meantime…oh yeah and then found my hot water heater soaked the floor of my pantry. Of course after I get an illicit pet. And before I need to take a shower, but I can probably wash my hair in cold water and be okay for the time being. It looks to just be a pipe leaking so I can catch water in it since I’m hardly ever not here, and then they can come when illicit bird and I are off in Tennessee.

Thankfully it’s still hot enough. That cleanup was a hot mess. I ended up having to take out recycling and trash.

Of course now that this is the end of my sample from Kittenna, I’m starting to like it! I wonder if it’s because I most likely used a far lower water temperature…not that I’m very certain what I did before, but I actually do get apple pie and not just cinnamon apple. There’s just the faintest note that is reminiscent of pie crust, just a little buttery. I’m really liking the apple flavor especially right now.

I wonder also if this has to do with how my tastes have shifted for fall? Apple is perfect right now, when I had it in April not so much.

Okay I want more. Here I am so happy I removed this from my spreadsheet and I keep sipping and sipping and not wanting this to be the last cup I possibly ever have of this tea.

Have a never ending corgi chase gif:


ok, now I really feel dizzy!


I like watching the one in the background to the left…he wants nothing to do with the two running and his face cracks me up…can you tell I’ve watched this a few too many times?

Daisy Chubb

I was looking for a gif for my blog post since I have no time to blog! yoink

Daisy Chubb

thanks momo you the best! Hope your little bird friend gets comfy soon :3


Yeah, I can understand why, it’s kind of hypnotic! I’ve watch again, I see what you mean about the funny face in the background, he’s like the grumpy old dog!


Haha you’re welcome :P He gets very comfy when I sit and talk to him. When they’re really content, they grind their beaks so after I gave him his seeds again and got him to drink some water, he was doing so while I talked to him. SO CUTE.


Haha, illicit bird…

If you want more of this, I can totally sent more…. I have plenty left, and it’s definitely not a favourite :P


*I can totally SEND more. Oops.


Yay! I will take more, because I realized this morning it’s online only so telling my boyfriend to get an ounce would be useless.


I love how much the back corgi leans as he rounds the bend


Yes! I was thinking that about the back corgi, too! I expected him to just tip over at any moment like a motorcycle wiping out. momo, so cute that Seb’s getting more comfortable. =)

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6106 tasting notes

The cinnamon/apple aroma from this tea is a fair bit more powerful than that from Hot Toboggan, although I’m not really getting any crust aroma… but the flavour is a different story. Immediately upon sipping, I tasted pie crust, followed by cinnamon… and just a bit of apple. Whaa?? The apple is so prominent in the aroma, where could it possibly have gone in the flavour?! It does seem to come out a bit later, but it’s really not as strong as I would have liked. There’s also a bit of astringency in this one. By far, this one reads more like an unsweetened apple cider, as I remarked before, than apple pie.

Given the choice, I think I’d choose Hot Toboggan, as my cup of that is gentler and more appley, and I think there’s potential to brew it a bit stronger. However, if I still have some of this around when we make it back into fall/winter weather, I’ll brew it up and sweeten it instead of using cider powder + apple juice :)

ETA: Third infusion would have been more successful on the same day, and with attention paid to steeping time. That said, not bad.

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I tried this cold brewed, and it turned out pretty good


you’re right about the apple let down in this one…you’d expect burst of apple, and you get a diluted taste of it!


Ooh, tigress_al, I might have to try that! I ended up having a partial cup of both this one and Hot Toboggan left over last night (as in, I was too full to drink them), so I left them to cool on my nightstand. I ended up with a dry throat at sometime during the night and gulped both down and they were quite good! (I have done this in the past with other teas and they weren’t so good, but I needed moisture more than flavour at the time!)

TheTeaFairy – it’s disappointing, isn’t it.


Your update made me laugh. :) This change is gonna be hard to get used to!


I knowwwwww, and I still may not be successful. I should have considered anonymity a little bit more when I started out on here. On the plus side, I’m going to take lots of tea when I go visit, and hopefully leave some behind!


The name change confused the heck out of me for a second XD


I warn you it will change again. I’m just not sure what to… Likewise pic/bio will be redone. I just panicked… :P


Oh I completely understand what you’re doing. I have two identities online myself, one RL people are allowed to know (this one) and one they absolutely aren’t which I use on LJ. That’s why I won’t tell people my proper LJ account but use a gateway account which they can add, and I can then contact them with the real one. Not very practical but I feel better about it.


Yeah. I’m not even concerned about most RL people, just my family.

At least you can lock your LJ… I was freaking out last night about whether I should delete my account on here or something. Decided that was overreacting though, but for a while I had no info on here at all, and a the first random pic I found on my HD that wasn’t identifying.


But your pic still shows here by your comments!
What is LJ anyway?


Yeah, it’s because your cache hasn’t been refreshed, or something. Probably for the best it lingers for a bit so everyone isn’t so confused! LJ is LiveJournal. Not as popular as it used to be.


Ah okay thank ya!


No, it isn’t, unfortunately. They’ve made some fairly bad business decisions in recent years and a lot of people have left in protest and gone to InsaneJournal instead, or Dreamwidth. I have an account with Dreamwidth and mirror all my posts there, but I’m not very good at remembering to check it. LJ is still my internet home, and likely will be for many years to come. :)

Dylan Oxford

Man, I used to have a live journal. I wrote moody poetry there when I was a teenager.


Yeah, my old LJ is filled with things I’d rather forget! The life of an undergrad… (yeah, i wasn’t even a teenager. Lame!)

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15131 tasting notes

SIPDOWN! Thanks again raritea for this sample. I had a good time with this tea and my chest is telling me i should take a break from tea for a few hours lol so I may try some water and/or decaf for a bit and see if that feels any better lol

This is a pretty decent tea…so i’m sure it’s on the discontinue list lol either way, it was good to have and try!


Wow, Sil! I need to run to the potty just from reading about all your sip downs today! LOL! I am jealous!


hahaha yeah i usually only get to be tea drinking productive on the weekend. but working from home today = it’s like a weekend! I’m anxious to figure out my cupboard before i run away to china for two very long weeks…..long as the trip isn’t cancelled lol


Yep of course it’s on the discontinued list ARGH DAVIDS WHY

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1473 tasting notes

It’s official, I’m never buying premade tea in-store from DAVIDsTEA again. This was supposed to be the tea of the day, but they hadn’t received their shipment of it yet. The girl tried to sell me on Sencha Pear, telling me they tasted quite similar (they don’t) and my other option was the Decaffinator, which…blegh. No thanks. So I opted to pay full price, well, fullish since I had my travel press with me, to get a cup of Mom’s Apple Pie. I waited a minute or so after it was given back to me to press the leaves to the bottom. When it was finally cool enough for me to take a sip, I nearly spat it out. The leaves were very obviously scorched. To the point that I couldn’t drink it. So essentially I paid $2 for a round of nausea. Grrrrr. I keep telling myself, stick to the herbals and blacks in store, they do nothing but burn greens and whites. Blegh. I might take advantage of the $1 tea of the day special until it’s gone, but I’m not paying $2 for a cup there again unless desperate.

In other news, I bought a harvest tin of this beautiful little tea. So it ain’t all bad! And some Southern Belle to try at home.

Daisy Chubb

Amen to that sista.
The Mom’s Apple Pie is especially bad there o_o but the tins are so cute, eh? :D


So cute! I need to try the carrot cake before committing to a tin, and I already have a tin of pumpkin chai (though I might get one anyway), but I am in love! I do appreciate that the cost of a regular tin of MAP is $15, and that’s the price of the harvest tin.

Daisy Chubb

Yeah I’m also appreciative of the cost! Why not get the tin if you would get a regular one anyways? Hooray for cuteness.
Ditto on the trying of the carrot cake first, although it sounds amazing for sure! If it had a cream cheese icing flavour instead of plain icing I probably would have bought it on the spot regardless haha


wait, can you try it first?? I don’t see carrot cake on the shelf behind the counter… only in the massive tins on the display shelf!


Carrot cake is available October 1st. It’s the October tea of the month.


I just bought myself a tin of this too! Can’t wait to dig into it.

I have a stainless steel Bodum press, which is basically identical to the DT one except for the steel. I don’t really have luck making black/green teas with the press because they do seem to go really bitter on me. Does it usually work for you?

Daisy Chubb

I have the same problem Jessie, I just stick to easy never-bitter teas for my press because I haven’t been able to not oversteep them haha


I’ve had success with blacks and oolongs. I am eyeing the Aladdin Essential Infuser, ( if only because I can throw it into my bag and go. Maybe not. Dunno.


DaisyChubb: Yeah, it’s easiest to stick with herbals and honeybush at work etc. anyway. The press was kind of too good to be true!

Aisling: the Aladdin definitely looks interesting, and I’ve considered it too. Yet another tea gadget on my list!


okokok. if the tea tastes bad, let them know!! Their customer service is wonderful! and as long as having green or black teas in press mugs go, i usually just ask them to put it in a teasac which they will be more than willing to do, so i can stop resteeping it. I absolutely hate oversteeped green tea, so i make sure :) )

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818 tasting notes

This was an “almost” sipdown, since I still have a little leaf, but not enough for a cup. Fortunately, I just ordered more, so it’s all good! I’ve been kind of on an ordering binge because there are all these great fall teas out from different companies, and I want to get some before they’re gone. I also justify this binge by saying that fall is my favorite season of flavors, and I’ll be drinking these well into winter. It may take me that long, honestly!

This tea really surprised me. I don’t love green teas as much as I want to. I really like genmaicha, but that’s pretty much where it ends. This tea really tastes like baked apples, so it’s kind of cheating, but I still get the benefit of less caffeine, and all the other benefits green tea is touted for, I suppose. I’m really looking forward to having more of this around, as well as more pumpkin chai, sugar and spice, and all the other teas from other companies I ordered. ;D Yay for Fall!


I was so surprised with this when I tasted in store. It was so good that I had to buy 50 grams! I also am on an ordering binge. Della Terra needs to stop releasing a couple new teas every week plus the percentage off sales. It is killing me.

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1792 tasting notes

Trying so hard to resist the temptation, I caved in, stopped in at a David’s, and grabbed a bit of all the fall teas except Pumpkin Chai.

Apple is hit or miss for me, so I wasn’t expect much, quite frankly. But this is green apple to the tenth power, people! Of course with a dash of cinnamon.

The steeped tea kind of smells like an apple Jolly Rancher, but a little more natural. As for the taste, it’s extremely apple-y. The cinnamon isn’t as strong as I’d like it. No pastry notes and I’m halfway through the cup.

And I’m inching my way toward the bottom, the cinnamon sediment is perking up the remainder of the cup. I’m also getting a touch of that pastry note others are talking about. Maybe if I steeped this a little longer, I’ll get even more of these two flavours, but for the first time, I wanted to make sure the base wouldn’t go astringent city on me.

EDIT: The second steep is quite a bit weaker. Much less apple than I was expecting. The cinnamon is still hanging in there but the pastry is practically gone.

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709 tasting notes

Revisiting this in an attempt to clear out some more tea. There is still enough left for 3 or 4 cups of tea, which is sort of annoying because I’m still not super fond. I steeped it at a lower temp this time which helped cut the green tea flavour, but this still isn’t right for me. It is shockingly like an apple pie, but the green tea is blechy and the hint of cinnamon is just not quite right. There is an aftertaste to the sip which I don’t appreciate and actually find hard to describe. It’s almost plasticky or chemically? It almost acts like pie crust taste, but then there is something off about it. I think this one is at it’s best while hot and if I can’t drink it within 15 minutes or so, I should just stay away. Oh well, at least it’ll be over soon! : )

Tina S.

I used mine up by making applesauce with it. It didn’t do much for me as a tea either.


I just placed an order for this… hopefully my taste buds have a different opinion than yours!


I really liked Mom’s Apple Pie. But it was definately a hot drink not a cold one.

Daniel Scott

Huh, I adored Mom’s Apple Pie, so I’m always surprised by people who dislike it. I barely taste green tea in it, admittedly, but that’s generally a good thing for me.


@Daniel – Trust me, green tea taste is not my friend. I frequently seem to feel nauseous after drinking green tea, so I rarely try it (even inblends).
@Krystaleyn – I had no idea there was stock of it left?? It was a fall tea, wasn’t it? I saw a harvest tin in the boxing day sale at my local DT a few months back, but haven’t seen it since.


Well, I was able to order it off the website (50g), so I’m assuming there was some left! Pretty sure it’s not available in my home store anymore though. Just felt like trying it, although I know I won’t likely be able to restock if I do. The real reason I placed an online order was to get some Swampwater, though, as apparently it is also back in stock, and given how fast Cherry Blossom sold out last time…!

Kay Kanada

I’m actually not surprised that there’s some Mom’s Apple Pie left seeing as how it was not a crowd pleaser…

Daniel Scott

@Uniquity & Kay – I thought it actually sold out at most physical locations a while ago, and is mostly only available online now? I know it sold out in my city weeks ago.


What I was using was from the fall when it came out. It got relegated to the back of the shelf pretty quickly. : )

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470 tasting notes

I’ve been feeling kind of blarghy today and woke up with a fever—just my luck, right after finally getting healthy. Today is definitely a “comfort food” day but I’m nauseous so no actual food for me. I was hoping that I’d have something to approximate a pastry in my cupboard, and this sample from Krystaleyn immediately caught my eye. Pie in tea!? Yes please!

This smells phenomenal. Like… well, pie! The apples, the spices, even the flaky crust… I could just imagine that I was smelling pie fresh from the oven. The flavor, sadly, didn’t follow through because it was like drinking warm water with a little cinnamon. I used more leaf than I usually do too, since I’ve found DT blends can be a bit on the weaker side if brewed “regularly.” However, this tea smelled too good to give up on. For the second steep I upped the water temp a little and used a lot less water, basically making it double-strength like you would a chai. Into the cup went honey, cinnamon, a spoonful of caramel vanilla ice cream, and a bit of cookie butter (to imitate the crust). OH MY GOD. It’s heaven. Heaven! Just what I needed to brighten a crummy day, and it tastes just like pie now. However, I’m going to refrain from actually rating this since I adore what I ended up with but this tea took a lot of cajoling to be tasty.


Feel better!

Daisy Chubb

Ohh what is cookie butter? I want cookie butter!


@Bonnie: Thank you! I seem to get perpetually sick once a year, usually in the winter, but it was so mild this year that I’m getting hit now.

@Daisy: Cookie Butter is basically peanut butter made out of cookies. So it’s cookies you can spread on toast! And it’s even more delicious than you’d imagine. I think it’s only at Trader Joe’s, I’ve never seen it anywhere else.


This one wasn’t my favourite, but I’m glad you found a way to enjoy it! Also, get better soon, I am currently nursing a nasty sore throat and feel awful. Shouldn’t be on here but miss all my Steepster friends :(


Get better both of you. :D

Dylan Oxford

I’ve actually never had the Trader Joe’s version (I live inconveniently distanced from a Trader Joe’s), but I inhaled a jar of the Biscoff version. Which Amazon will display for you, here:


Cookie butter aka speculoos spread… it’s Belgian! I once saw a version by Lotus in a Shoprite. But the best in my mind is the speculoos from the Wafels & Dinges truck in NYC (they have it as a topping for their waffles, and sell jars). I will have to stock up before I leave NY!


I’ve walked by the waffles truck many times but never gotten anything… I think I’m going to have to next time I see them!


You must, their waffles are AMAZING!

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