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1 tsp Lapsang Souchong (Silk Road)
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
hearty splash of homemade strawberry syrup

I’m not sure what to think of this. It’s not horrible, but it’s not exactly tasty either? The spice of the pepper flakes goes great with the smoky lapsang, and the strawberry both heightens the fire and dulls the burn (how is that even possible?!), but strawberry with smoke? It’s like bacon dipped in strawberry jam at breakfast, only not, because bacon dipped in jam is amazeballs, but lapsang with strawberry? not so much. The strawberry’s sweetness makes the smoke stick too much, which is weird because I mix lapsang and maple syrup allll the time and it doesn’t do that? Hmm.

I can easily finish this cup, but I’m not sure I’d do the combo again. red pepper + lapsang + maple? totally! strawberry’s just….odd..


I’m sorry that I steered you wrong with my suggestion of strawberry syrup. You never know unless you try though so now you got to have a unique taste experience (even if it is not the most pleasant :P)


Ceylon Star, have you tried strawberry-hazelnut puerh yet? I think I need to start a list for you.

Bear With Me

no I haven’t OMGsrsly, but it sounds pretty fabulous! haha

Bear With Me

might need to try mixing something up when i’m done this cup (I’m too wired to sleep anyway, so caffeine is moot)


Tomorrow when I get home from work I’m going to work on parcelling out tea samples for everyone.


OMGsrsly, is your plan to send all your tea away to others to get your cupboard under control?



I’ll need to stop by a dollar store and get more baggies, too. Hmm… I see some erranding before work, then work, then home to deal tea. :D

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1060 tasting notes

From the Here’s Hoping Traveling Tea Box #2

I’m guessing this is from Kimlovestea. If I’m wrong let me know!

One of the bags in the tea box is labeled Kim’s Homemade Chai. I immediately put it in the pile of teas I wanted to try because I love the idea of homemade chai. Adding all the spices you love, using a heavy hand with some and a light touch with other… just the thought of it makes me smile. I have promised myself that we if ever finish our kitchen renovation (ugh.) that I will spend some time in my kitchen perfecting my own homemade chai. Until then I’m happy to sample lots of different chais including Kim’s.

The first thing I like about this tea is that the base tea is strong and really tasty. It has a kick, and I’m glad I chose this for my morning tea. It’s not a cinnamon heavy chai. I do get some heat at the back of my throat making me think there is ginger in the mix. Nice. I added some honey and milk to my cup, and now I’m just enjoying. It’s a robust, sweet, spicy chai that is hitting all the right notes this morning.

Well done Kim!!!


Always fun when a kitchen-counter blending experiment turns out wonderfully well—makes me feel, well, competent!


Same here. Now I just need kitchen counters! :)

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2207 tasting notes

I’ve been MIA for a long time, and to be honest I don’t know whether that’s (quite) over. I’ve had a lot on in the last year, I guess. I’ve moved into my own flat (and I’m very much enjoying living with absolutely no-one, let me tell you), but getting to that point was a 9-month thriller with more ups and downs than the average rollercoaster. I came out of it feeling pretty rough. Then there’s my job, which I dislike intensely, but still haven’t managed to change. All that kind of took a backseat while I was moving, because I felt like I had enough on right at that moment. Maybe next year I’ll be able to focus on improving things there. Other, mostly random, shit has happened along the way. I’m not going to bore you with it.

What it all adds up to is that I haven’t even opened my tea cupboard since I took ownership of my flat back in…May? I put the tea in there, closed the door, and haven’t even looked at it again since. For a while, I didn’t even feel the loss. I’ve still been drinking tea, but mostly just bagged black (Twinings English Breakfast or Everyday) that I keep in a different cupboard (because it shouldn’t be in with the proper stuff, am I right?) I’ve also been drinking those few that I have left at work, although generally I’ve stuck to one until it’s gone (since the beginning of the year, I think I’ve only drank Pekoe Orange Blossom Oolong, Pekoe Japanese Cherry, Bluebird Rhubarb and Custard, and a few Teavivre samples?) It got to the point where I would actually feel anxious about finishing a tin or bag, because then I’d have to find something else to drink, and that’s a very, very odd thing to feel anxious about. Particularly when you love tea like I do. I think it’s somehow all tied up with how I feel about work, like maybe I’m projecting my anxiety about/dislike of my job, onto the tea. Don’t know. Don’t really want to know.

Today was one of those days, except that, for the first time in ages, it didn’t feel so bad. I picked out a tea with no great enthusiasm, but by the end of the cup I was feeling enthusiastic again. Maybe because I liked it when I didn’t expect to? But it’s not like that’s never happened before. Then I came back on here, and I read some of your notes, and in some ways it felt like emerging from a dense fog.

I think I’m almost back.

I think I might look in the tea cupboard this evening. I might even actually buy some tea this weekend.

This is fucking fantastic.

Unless it’s just an illusion. Then it’s not.

Evol Ving Ness

I am going with the fucking fantastic possibility. Here’s hoping.

Roswell Strange

Gotta agree with Evol! :)


I totally understand! Tea is a repeating serial obsession for me. I drop in and out of it. When I’m in, I’m very very in. When I’m not, I look at the notes steepster sends me about new followers and feel guilty for not being around. Hope you’re back!


Hope the return to tea is also a return to EVERYTHING getting better and better!

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1789 tasting notes

Laoshan Black /Verdant & Herbal Infusions Orange Cream Lapacho

I heard LB was great wit HI’s Cacao but I was out so I thought I’d try lapacho. The TL:DR is that it SMELT amazing but tasted barky. I just don’t like lapacho I guess. If you did, you might like this mix?


LOL that’s funny. I really just want it to have vanilla..then i’d be back to loving it.


I’m happy to see the LB Cacao mix is catching on haha.


yeah but i need a better supplier! haha thinking of maybe trying tisano…


If HI didn’t make Strawberry Cream Cacao I would exclusively switch over to Tisano in a heartbeat.

I could see this combo being a bit strange due to the base, for sure.


I was hoping for a chocolate orange tea because OMG that would be great. I just never get enough chocolate orange! If I like lapacho more, it might have worked great!


Oh god, YES! A cacao orange tea needs to be made. Maybe we’d finally get our liquidated Terry’s chocolate orange.


Cacao Orange omg. A replacement for L’Automne.


Mmmmm…. I just want more L’Automne!

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8565 tasting notes

Tea 102: Regions of The Tea World – Lump Post…

I don’t have the energy to write out a post for each of the three weeks of class that I’ve had, and I’m kind of dying on the inside right now because of the events that took place during class tonight (the third week of class) so instead here’s a lumped together jumble of notes from each week…

Tea 102: Week One (CHINA)
- Teas: Pai Mu Tan, Silver Needle, Dragonwell, Light Oolong, Keemun, LS, and Pu’erh
- Great class for this week! Got to talk in depth about yixing and gaiwans!
- Sadly, the teas came late (the day before Week Two’s class)…
- So, the cuppings weren’t done on time…
- Overall, pretty tasty! I liked pretty well everything except the Dragonwell
- LS tasted a little weak, not sure why…

Tea 102: Week Two (JAPAN)
- Teas: Sencha, Gyokuro, Matcha, Hojicha, Genmaicha
- Sencha was the most disappointing of the five teas, but none were bad
- In particular, I quite liked the Genmaicha and Gyokuro! Very fresh!
- Matcha was very lumpy/chalky, but not a bad flavour
- Going through the Japanese tea history makes me want a new tattoo
- An “Ichigo Ichei” tattoo!

Tea 102: Week Three (INDIA/SRI LANKA)
- Sri Lankan Teas (that I had): Kandy, Dimbula, Nuwara Eliya, Rahuna, Uva
- Indian Teas (that I had): 1st Flush Darjeeling, 2nd Flush Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri
- This week was a MESS
- 1/3 the Sri Lankan teas were not included in my package
- And one of the Indian teas was missing as well
- So couldn’t do cuppings for those teas
- Because of freezing rain, there were frequent outtages ALL day as well
- I literally finished the cuppings ten minutes BEFORE class started
- From Sri Lanka, my favourites were Kandy and Uva; a sweeter, less harsh profile = yum!
- I loved getting to try the different regions
- Odds are I’ve had ‘em before but not known the specific regions I was drinking
- As a lot of Ceylonese teas are JUST called “Ceylon”
- Indian cuppings were nothing new: obvs the Assam wasn’t my favourite
- Did probably the MOST unproffesional thing I’ve ever done in class though
- I ACCIDENTALLY sent a link to a tumblr post to the whole class
- The link said “I need to know how many donuts you can fit on your erect penis”
- And then my connection immediately cut out…
- So… fuck!
- How do you recover from that!?
- Anyway; I missed class almost all of class, and fuck my life.
- So that’s how this week went…

Here’s the infamous post that’s caused the headache…


I may be done drinking tea tonight; switching to alcohol to numb the pain…


At least it wasn’t a picture?

Roswell Strange

True – I hadn’t thought about that. Would’ve been much worse though.


omajghsagfhasfhaskjhfas i feel for you…that is 100% the kind of thing that would happen to me too tho…on the bright side, maybe your classmates will enjoy the link, like, “wow #same, i’m curious as well…”

Roswell Strange

I’m the youngest in my class by about ten years (in some cases a LOT more) so I don’t know if this sort of humor will apply to them. But crossing my fingers…


It totally applies to me. I even opened the link at work and sat there giggling. :D I’m certainly >10 years older than you!

Evol Ving Ness

Hilarious. As this is clearly tied to tea, it should be fine.


Lmao. Oops.

Roswell Strange

Kyle, the coworker I originally sent the link to, wont let me live this down. Every time I see him at work he snickers and asks me slyly “So, how many donuts can you hold on your erect penis?”. This horrible mistake will live on in infamy.

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