240 Tasting Notes

drank Dark Chocolate Dream by Teajo Teas
240 tasting notes

Finally getting back to my tea after a combination of moving, planning/decorating for a Christmas party (I know it’s not thanksgiving yet but with my schedule no one is going to be at my new place until that party, so it’s justified ;) ), and working nearly 3 hours away from home.

Made this one with a lot of leaf, possibly over three teaspoons for the cup of water, added a cup of warm milk/sugar and it’s a tasty morning latte. As my dog lays on my feet and the snow comes down out my windows, I think we are settling into the new place just fine.


Busy busy, you have been!

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After opening up the Aged Oolong Sampler Group buy courtesy of LiquidProust, I looked around and sadly realized that I didn’t have an appropriate way to measure small amounts of liquid so I looked at the rest of the pile that has been patiently waiting for me to complete my move an have a day off. This one jumped up an down and said “Pick me!”.

The dry “leaf” (balls?) smell AMAZING. I get vanilla an bread out of it Brewed with boiling water with one ball for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. The brewed liquid is a light amber brown. I get faint vanilla as the scent. This is quite tasty. I get a bread like taste with a tickling of cinnamon.

Funny story about this tea, while I was waiting for it to come, my mom went into a spice shop and asked the guy for “French Toast Tea” stating that her daughter was very excited to try some an that she wanted to get some for me.


Boiling 2 min, 30 sec 12 OZ / 350 ML

This sounds so delicious. And your mom is awesome! What did the employee say? S/he probably thought, “huh?!”


He offered to google it! He wanted to help her get what I wanted. They settled on a cinnamon chai, haha.

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Didn’t know where to start with the What-Cha group buy (via the great Liquid Proust) box so I reached in, eyes closed, and this one came out.

The packaging recommends 176F so I brought my kettle to a boil and let it cool for around 3 minutes (really need to consider getting a temperature controlled kettle!). I put 3 of the pearls in my gaiwan and stepped for 3 minutes. It was a little astringent for me, it was tasty but I got distracted and didn’t pay attention to the exact flavor, other than fruit. That’s a good enough reason for a 2nd steep! It’s very light. It reminds me of a white tea. I can’t really place the fruit flavor but I have never had an apricot that I can remember.




Sounds good! It’s still definitely not as exact as a temperature controlled kettle, but I sometimes add a Tablespoon or two of cold water to bring the temperature down. That way you don’t have to wait and risk forgetting about it like I do.

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I think this is the one I received in my secret pumpkin gift from Flyawaybirdie. It doesn’t say 2nd flush on the package but this is the only one that came up when I typed in the name of the tea.

I boiled my water and waited around 2 minutes to try to obtain the 180F suggested by Flyawaybirdie. There was a note included with these stating, “I know you haven’t been feeling blacks lately. Hopefully these can change your mind”. Flyawaybirdie has given me hope for plain blacks. While this definitely tastes like a black, there is something tasty lurking in the cup. I don’t even have to sweeten it! Thanks for giving me the chance to try this :)


3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Maple Delight by Tealeaves
240 tasting notes

A big shout out to the wonderful Nicole who organized the group buy that allowed me to get this and a few other tasty sounding teas I will be getting to soon.

I love the smell of this dry leaf. There is no question that there is maple flavor and black tea and only that in this tin. The brewed liquid certainly smells like black tea. I’m a little stuffy this morning so am having a harder time finding the maple in the scent. The first sips make me think that this needs more leaf than what was suggested on the tin. The addition of sweetener coaxes out more flavor.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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drank Nostalgia by Liquid Proust Teas
240 tasting notes

First tea in the gaiwan. It is strange to use a mere 4 ounces of water and then that amount doesn’t fit in the cup! I like that using this piece of brewing equipment makes me slow down and appreciate the tea. On the flip side, I am quickly realizing that I like to drink a lot more tea at a time!

The first steep was 2 minutes and tasty.
The second steep was 3 minutes and had more astringency.

I didn’t get farther than that because I forgot I had to leave to get to a car appointment!


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drank Organic Honeybush by Butiki Teas
240 tasting notes

Grossly oversteeped this but you can’t tell. Gotta love a tea that’s forgiving!

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drank Organic Bai Mu Dan by Butiki Teas
240 tasting notes

This is yummy with not much astringency. It’s sweet and dainty with almost a honey taste.


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drank Jade Citrus Mint by Teavana
240 tasting notes

The leaf smells good with some lemon standing out with just a hint of mint. 1 tsp in a tea bag in 8 oz of boiling water. The brewed liquid does not smell as nice as the leaf did. I get green tea and a tad of mint out of this, it’s pleasant.

Thank you to TeaNTeas for the chance to try this.


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This small town girl is back home and loving it. The weather is cooler and the view is prettier! I am getting ready to start the adult chapter of my life which is terrifying!

I am happy to have found Steepster. It gave me a hobby that I could devote as much or little time as I could during school and I believe that it will continue to help grow that hobby as I now have more time to explore.

I still consider myself newbie to the world of tea. I am still in the process of trying just about everything but have come across a few favorites. So far the only thing I don’t care for is coconut.


1-49: Never getting again. Couldn’t drink the cup.
50-59: Finished the cup, but won’t get again.
60-79: Buy once in a while.
80-89: Will get more as soon as I run out.
90-100: Must not run out.





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