I am supposed to be asleep right now. :// I must drink too much tea late in the evening, although it doesn’t usually keep me up at night.

I tasted this tea many, many blue moons ago, and I was positive I had posted a public review on Upton’s website. At the very least, I was sure I typed a personal rating (private) of this tea years ago. I’ve purchased so much tea from them, that maybe that had to limit some of my ratings; or, because it is out of stock, perhaps any public review is gone. At any rate, I can’t find it so I’ll do my best. :))

To aid in my review, I have pasted my comments for what is this tea, from Amy Oh’s review of #TT51-a slightly differnt Formosa Keemun.

2 days ago: WOW…….This one takes me back at least 8 yrs, and it was $2 cheaper, so not really a huge price increase. Anywho, without giving a full review (and I really do remember this one), I thought it was really good. I must have used more leaf, because I remember a fuller falavor.(

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