334 Tasting Notes

drank Dawn by The Simple Leaf
334 tasting notes

This is another sample from Kristin.

The dry leaf almost smells like dark chocolate. At first I assumed it was a flavored tea sample for Liz. But when I looked it up, it was clear that it was not. So, that’s a pretty neat trick for dry leaves.

The wet leaves have that sharp, roasted, almost citrus-y aroma too them that many darker oolongs have, in spite of this being a black tea on the listing.

It tastes more like an oolong than a black tea, as well. No astringency at all and the kind of roasted notes that have a sweetness to them. The way sugars caramelize in roasted garlic or grilled vegetables. Not that this tastes like either garlic or vegetables! It just has that same kind of sweetness to the roasted flavor.

It reminds me of Barley tea, is what it does. Except not that subtle.

At any rate, this is a good, soft black tea if you prefer to ease into your morning, rather than yesterday’s one-two punch with the mountain malt.

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This is another sample from Kristin, for which I am grateful. :-)

I do not drink a lot of black tea, much less very many breakfast blends. So I can’t do too much with this tea comparatively. I can say that after the 3 minute steep, this cup is on the brink of being just a bit too astringent ~ but not quite. It is a big, bold, wake you up cup of tea, which as far as I understand it, is what breakfast blends are all about.

If nothing else, it goes perfectly with today’s dreary weather.

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drank Copper Knot Hongcha by Teavana
334 tasting notes

I had this iced, today, because we were in the mall and made the mistake of giving this absurdly over-priced company our business. I guess it beats going to Star$ for Tazo tea-bags.

They were out of the black dragon pearls so I had to settle for the hongcha. As with almost all to-go iced tea, it was over-watered down. Their shop is so loud I had no hope of shouting to her not to put all that much ice in it, I just didn’t want it to be too hot to drink.

A perfectly fine cuppa. I’m just fuming about what we spent on 6oz of chai.


That’s too bad. I LOVE the black dragon pearls. Probably the only think I’d buy there anymore.

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I was missing the old stand-by, so I made a pot today. I’m nearly out of it, and I will probably let it stay barren until the autumn. Summers here are so brutal I don’t foresee wanting pu-erh (or lapsang suchoung for that matter). I’ll probably spend the summer drinking iced barley water. It is only mid-April and I’m already mowing the lawn every 3 or 4 days.

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The thing about this tea, given that it is a black tea, is that it is very un-British. At least very un-British-during-Imperial-expansion-discovering-tea-and-wanting-it-black-as-coffee kind of thing. This tea is soft spoken and open. It is not a tightly clenched fist of islander paranoia and aggression that needs honey and lemon to be remotely civil.

This is a post-colonial, rural, quiet, taking a break from a day’s labor kind of tea for those who maybe are a bit over the usual rustic green teas.

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Apparently I’m drinking this. Liz got a sample from Kristin and shared a cup with me.

I can’t taste the slightest hint of orange, here. But for me, that’s a good thing.

This is a pretty good oolong to be getting used in a flavored tea.


You know, I thought it was better oolong than it should be too. Tasty. Just, y’know, not what was advertised…. so odd.


Yeah, so it took me a while to get the pun. I have no excuse. Except the whole morning thing. I kept thinking that they were just using orange as a verb, as in “we will make you slim with the power of ORANGE

Jim Marks

Is that… a verb in that sentence?


I was rephrasing for clarity!

Jade Teapot

Thanks for the feedback. I will try to think of a new name to not give the wrong impression. I was wanting an Oolong with a slight orange (not too much hence the name) I also shoot for not using the name flavored as an apology for selling a low quality tea to start with.

Jim Marks

Ah. it was presented to me as a flavored tea, so I went tasting it as if it were. It was definitely a very good oolong.

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grumble dog up at 3am grumble sore in mouth from b12 deficiency grumble work frustrating grumble guess I’ll drink white tea.

Jim Marks

Our multis have plenty of it, I’m just lousy about taking them. Next year I’ll know to be more disciplined about it.

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